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  1. Beautiful VDSD! Surprised Zona wasn’t completely nude though…

  2. Cue up the the training montage and Rocky music!

  3. You beat me to it XD

  4. Hmm… I still don’t understand the Pepsi vs Coca Cola beef. Keys, anyone?

    1. Reservist,
      It’s down to individual preference of the two major cola products. It was a huge marketing campaign many years ago, each company highlighting taste tests of preference of one formula over the other. I have many friends who will not drink one or the other because they absolutely can tell the difference in taste, and it’s “nasty” or something. To my taste there’s not enough of a difference to matter in my rum&cokes, or my casual consumption. If one is cheaper in the supermarket, guess which one I am going to buy? Basically Vito speaks for me, as in “what the hell difference does it really make?” The reason it’s a joke is because it’s a silly cultural thing that was mainly driven by corporate marketing more than anything else.
      Warm regards,


  5. One cola that I really miss is the short-lived Royal Crown Draft Cola. Man! That stuff was better than any other cola on the market at the time. Too bad it didn’t catch on, although it’s still available in New Zealand of all places. I’m not about to spring for the exorbitant cost of having a case of it shipped to TX though.

  6. I see. Thanks, Jed. 😉

  7. I’m old school myself, we drank RC cola when I was a boy in the late ’60s to mid ’70s as an adult it was Pepsi, once I was married I switched to Dr. Pepper, it was easier on the ulcer LOL. Sad thing is now after all these years I never liked Coke, too much citric acid, it was like drinking flavored grapefruit juice. Pepsi wasn’t much better. And yes, both work well as a parts cleaner… DP only got sticky lol.

  8. I used to only drink coca cola, but as of late i have started drinking pepsi more. Both are good but in their own way. As long as i do not need to drink american cola or pepsi, i am fine. Got to love the swedish food agency for basically banning high fructose corn syrup. Real sugar is so much better in both of them.

  9. I drink what’s available, but I can taste the difference, and have my preferences. Normal Coca Cola makes me pee more. There is difference in Pepsi and Pepsi Max in aluminium can or plastic bottle. When at home and available, my preferred drink is about 60-70% Pepsi Max in a tall glass, some ice cubes for 10-20% more volume, add a small bit of real sugar, and fill up with 20% water.

    Some might know about that Pepsi Challenge thing? Well, for fun I arranged a similar thing about 20 years ago on a Computor LAN event. 8 different cola drinks, 12 choices. Sort by which is which, and what they thought taste better. Quite interesting. Several could pick them well, others failed miserably (including the easy Pepsi Lemon). Normal Coca Cola placed fifth in taste.

  10. Page 1264 doesn’t load the image at all.

  11. It could have been worst…”RC Cola hits the spot, 10 full ounces, that’s a lot…” 🙂

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