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8 thoughts on “Just a phase – Page 1259

  1. Abomination? Is his singing that bad? And that freak Shuach has no room to talk.

    1. Bad guys tend to get a bit huffy about people who can take them down. “You break the rules! Only I’m allowed to break the rules!”

  2. You god HAS been trying to, without any real success. Mentl has the power and with some careful thinking, could end this quickly. His magic is something far beyond either of the local gods and in time Mentl could be one himself! Perhaps it’s time to meet with the Moon goddess? Or at least with Mentl’s mentor?

  3. Junior Walker and The All Stars. Well, A+ for the sheer breadth of the musical references.

  4. I think it’s time a for a little Blondie.
    “One Way, Or Another”
    Built-in, chase, and, if necessary, escape plan.

  5. Yes, Boris, we know. You are invisible.

  6. Um, the newest page seems to have gone missing? At least I can’t seem to find it anymore.

    1. Seems there to me.

      Warm regards,

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