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8 thoughts on “Big Explosion – Page 1260

  1. Whee! I love presents!

  2. For some reason if I try to open this page new I get a white page with the words Hi Jet Pack! All systems go!
    I had this page open rereading the archives and managed to get to latest comic but something may be wrong.

  3. Apparently there was an SSL conflict. I think it’s finally been properly worked out, as the site seems to be functioning normally again! Thanks to Godaddy Tech Support.

    Warm regards,


  4. Well spotted, Tula and Mentl! The urtts have left quite a few nasty surprises I think.

    Also, Jed, the https is working again. 😀 I have been removing the ‘s’ for so long, but today it worked. Any hope the missing pages will now be displaced again?

  5. Lora,
    Check out the “Archives” link at the top! Yes, they are all there now, from the beginning to now, and I am so happy!

    Warm regards

    1. I did check out a ‘few’ pages … and got to bed way too late. 😉
      Had a bit of problems getting to this page again; it wouldn’t load until I had posted a comment on the previous page. No idea why.

  6. @JEDraft:
    Does this mean that the *.PDF files (archived by year) have been removed?
    I was working my way through them, pinpointing pages that were either missing or duplicates.

    1. Nothing’s been removed. They’re still there, and you can use them as well. It’s Christmas, after all! 🙂

      Warm regards,

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