Kicking Ass – Page 1304

7 thoughts on “Kicking Ass – Page 1304

  1. I expected this guy was going to be there, now Mentl HAS to appear! He’s the only one strong enough to beat this guy!

    1. No. There is another. [/Yoda]

      1. True, but I don’t believe the Queen coming to this battle is a good idea, it’s what this wiggler wants! No I don’t think this guy is actually here and Mentl was able to hurt him when he was just a projection. After Mentl’s training in the “other place” I’m sure he’s be a fair match for even this clowns boss!

  2. Two new pages at once; not bad. 🙂 (There was no new pages when I checked yesterday).
    Now the battle begins. Hopefully Liri’s mission will be succesful to throw a wrench into Gorshash’s plans.

    1. You might need to refresh the page once in a while. It seems on some browsers/ISPs, mine included, you get served a cached version, rather than the updated one.
      Page 1303 was published back on January 12th.

  3. Don’t forget that Tula has beaten him badly before.

    1. True, but he has gained quite a bit of power since then, one thing I know, if you defeat an enemy, if they don’t give up, they do whatever it takes to have a rematch and win. Short of outright killing them of course.

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