Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Page 1028

12 thoughts on “Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Page 1028

  1. He got carried away… so the slaves weren’t.

  2. Logan Darklighter

    Why am I reminded of Reindhart from the recent Overwatch animated short “Honor and Glory”? Young Reindhart even LOOKS a lot like young Zonn!

    1. Eh, I dunno… You’ve seen one big blond muscular hunka-hunka-burnin’-badguys’-bases, you’ve kinda seen ’em all…

  3. ….Runs in the Family…..

  4. Guy on the far right of the penultimate panel looks like the guy who went fisticuffs with Tethik. A relative?

    1. Yeah, that looks like the Bull Tribe King there, that what I was thinking too….

  5. “Enthusiastic”? Now there’s an understatement!

    1. To be fair, Zona tends to be pretty ‘enthusiastic’ as well. 😉 I’m not surprised Zonn would be that himself. I guess it’s a mild way of putting it.

  6. Yeah, that’s a trick that’s played on everybody. When you get your youth & vigor you learn to do all sorts of fancy & foolish stuff. If you live through that…Hopefully you’ve learned a few lessons along the way & get to strike a balance between emotion & intellect. And maybe even hone your skills on the fancy stuff well enough to make it look *awesome* instead of merely fancy.

  7. Zonn: “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have things to do.”
    Ipola: “Things? What things? You don’t do things!”
    Zonn: “Yes I do, I take enthusiastic walks through the woods.”
    Ipola: “And kill entire villages of enslaving Urrts.”
    Zonn: “VERY enthusiastic walks.”

  8. Ipola did say she was going to geld him if he disobeyed another order. This seems like a pretty large disobedience. My guess is he did this, he freed the people everybody else returned but he didn’t because he wants to keep his boy bits where they were. The others would not have known of that consequence. I mean the reason why Ipola didn’t want to gather them immediately is because she wouldn’t have the resources to support them.

    1. I’m not sure about that. He doesn’t say that they were under orders NOT to engage, just that they weren’t supposed to. I think Ipola, being a wise queen and all, would quite welcome intelligent initiative, and since he was to scout around, I’d guess she didn’t explicitly forbid him to attack since she may have had little idea how numerous the enemies were.

      Then again, we only have his word so maybe he’s embellishing stuff juuuust a little.

      Also, I’d like to point out that we didn’t see Ipola threaten to geld him if he disobeyed. What we saw was Ipola state, privately (again, too wise to say that out loud in front of anyone else), that she would geld him if he came back alive (page 509: ), and tell him never to make her lose face again (page 513: ). Then on the next page, she advised him to sleep with one eye open. Maybe, off-camera, she clarified that comment, but I’d bet she didn’t. (More effective that way.)

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