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34 thoughts on “Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Page 1040

  1. Nice texturing on that acid burn. Looks like my wrist after I got careless with the fryer at the restaurant back in high school.

  2. I hope Chera has an Epi-pen stashed somewhere under that schmatta.

    1. Seriously, can someone get Zona some benadryl?

  3. Roast tastes-like-chicken! They can feed the whole tribe with that for a while if the meat isn’t poisonous.

  4. I dunno – it looks pretty crisped to me. And yeah, Zonn ain’t gonna have any snarky comments about Zona’s man-choice from here on out.

    1. Yeah, it’s going to be pretty tough to find enough usable hide for even a belt, let alone boots or vest.

  5. And, he didn’t even have to shoot it out of his ass. Impressive. ( * Can’t believe I didn’t think of that crack last page. Sheeesh, I’m slipping. * )

    Should be plenty bar-BQ’d and some tasty tidbits to salvage. I don’t think any of our cast have eaten in several days at this point.

    1. Nice reference to Brave Heart. 🙂

    2. Well done, Mentl…Well done.

  6. Looks like Mentl is not all there. He seems shaken about Zona getting hit. I wonder, though, why did he get the things attention before starting his spell? Was he afraid that it would take too long & someone else would be hit? Something’s not entirely logical about his choices.

    1. He wanted it to chase him away from the others because THUNDER is a very explosive force and lightning jumps between targets.

    2. Or…maybe he IS quoting–because that spell took a lot out of him & he’s ready to collapse?

  7. Introduction to father-in-law. Nice, 10/10.

  8. Wait, was that just a “Magik by Accident” quote?

    1. Where? The one in the gutter is from Robocop 1.

      1. The “May that be a lesson to you” line. It was a line used by one of two ancient wizards in a duel right after he killed the first, and then fell down dead.

  9. Dayum!! Extra Crispy!

  10. It’s been…Thunderstruck!!!

    1. Yeah, I would’ve liked that better. I always preferred AC/DC to Aerosmith, though. Mentl seems to feel differently.

  11. Is it just me… or does Zona’s face seem… strange, in the last panel. if she has suddenly aged.

    1. Mysto, that’s what people in some real hard pain look like when they’re trying not to show it.

      1. I understand that thought, but it looks more to me like her jawline has suddenly swelled up in the render; it just seems like it’s too large for the rest of her face.

  12. More like “LIGHTNING at the end of the tunnel” 🙂

  13. Wonder if yon beastie is gonna be a winfall of freshly cooked meat and resources. Or if it’s simply to cindered to be useful now.

  14. So Zonn’s at a loss for words. I think this tells us that Mentl is definitely at the high end of the local power scale. Good to know.

    1. Considering that even Tula has not called down lightning, I’d have to say yes. Mind you, she’s pretty badass herself, as we saw in her fight against Gorshash!

  15. And now we discover the three younguns she was protecting, and they adopt them… ?
    I can dream, can’t I?

    1. Been reading Swiss Family Robinson, I see… 😀

      1. Not recently. But given it’s a she, it seems at least possible there are eggs or young’ns nearby. And I really want a pet dragon! lol

  16. *sobs* I did an archive dive…7 hours’ worth, and I didn’t even start from the beginning…just from when Tula first joins them…!

    1. I did that recently, too, but managed to stop after a few hours. Archive diving is dangerous; you never know how long it will take.

  17. I love how Zonn immediately chimes in as if to say “Dear god don’t get angry again!”

    1. He could be thinking more like, “Dear gods, don’t let him get angry at ME!”

  18. Well, crap! I binged on the archives and I’m all caught up. Bummer! I must say this is one spectacular webmic. The characters, the plot, the art, the creatures, all perfect. The usage of Rock lyrics as enchantments really blew me away. There were very few tunes I didn’t immediately recognize, but overall it’s been a trip down memory lane. Superior work, Jedraft. Good fortune with your future endeavors.

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