Long Live The King – Page 1296

8 thoughts on “Long Live The King – Page 1296

  1. Well, that is that. At least for now. Next up Pontagar has to prove himself worthy even to those who still doubt him.
    But at least he made it this far.

  2. Yeahhhhh, but Arrogond was under mind control, yes? So, that would mean his actions an decisions were not his own. This resulted in Pontigar being forced to kill his own father. Man, that has got to fuel some righteous rage at whoever (heh) committed the outrageous act. I hope Pontigar goes looking for some vengeful balancing of the cha in this regard.

  3. Regency period. Interesting.

    Still, at least he isn’t as bad as a George.

  4. Next step, to find out whether the wizard is an actual villain, or just another layer of “puppet”.

  5. Oh I’m sure he was a plant, just not sure by who just yet. I’d say a willing one, I believe anyone with a mind powerful enough to control other minds would be a person that wouldn’t be easy to take over. I’m sure the Queen is using some very strong magic to question that guy.

  6. This scene illustrates just how far Pontagar has come. He has a serene expression with no sign of the arrogant smirk he had when we first met him. Humble and grateful.

  7. Part of the problem here is we don’t know whether Arrogand was being mind-controlled or not. Pontagar had no reason to think so when they fought.

    We really need to see the outcome of Naurik’s questioning.

  8. I have little doubt he was influenced by that Naurik’s spell, and was exposed long enough he actually believed in the lies he was told. I think once the questioning is over, Naurik should face Pontagar for punishment! If he doesn’t self-destruct or is killed by the enemy in some way.

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