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  1. Poor Pontagar.
    The Geath Fetruan won’t even let him do a Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar!

    Hopefully, this means that Naurik’s Geath Fertuan will be more like the “it’s not a truth serum” guy from Ant-Man and the Wasp.

    1. See explanation below. 🙂
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  2. Okay, you got me wheeze-laughing.

    1. As my wife will tell you, at times I am still just eight years old …


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  3. I hope I’m not annoying you with my frequently questioning Erogenian culture, JED; rest assured that it’s more curiosity and world-building (in my mind) than nitpicking.

    That being said, I can’t help wonder whether Pontagar is giving embarrassing details on purpose when he could just say “Lenthik and I had sex, then talked, then Arrogond arrived and wanted to talk to me alone”. I know he’s been advised to tell the whole truth and I assume that’s also the effect of the Geath Fetruan (nice warping of the word “geas”, by the way!), but even so he has to keep within reasonable relevance, or the retelling could last *weeks*. (“So I took the swords that had been hanging on the wall since the last day of Lenient Justice, an annual celebration where the king of the Fire Tribe listens to any and all supplicants about wrong that may have been done to them, and on that day the petitions were…”)

    Oh, and Cirina is beautifully drawn and written here. Great work as always?

    Last, I can’t help wondering if it’s the redhead or the gray-bearded blond who doesn’t have a character tag. I guess the blond, since he isn’t saying a word.

    1. jd,

      The basics of the Geth Fertuan are that the magick in the potion will cause whoever knowingly tells a lie to die. This leaves a lot of possible leeway for someone to either clam up or basically “take the fifth” which, in Erogenian society is considered as good as a lie when the circumstances are this serious, and everyone knows it. So you do get people volunteering as much as they know, and sometimes too much. Pontagar’s noggin was messed with, and so he still doesn’t completely trust himself. Therefore, he is pretty much just blabbing unfiltered until someone stops him. This is why there is an art to questioning during the Gaeth Fertuan, and priests and priestesses study and practice very diligently to become proficient at sifting through and uncovering the real truths, and cutting off the irrelevant details before the spell wears off.
      “Geath Fertuan” translates to “forced truth”. I have to say I didn’t have “geas” in mind at all. In only one way would I compare myself to the great language expert and world-builder Tolkien, it’s that I will often make a word simply because it sounds the way I think it should. If it sounds cool to my ear, I’ll leave it in. 🙂
      In a departure from form, I still have not named the “blond” actor in panel three, who is the speaker. Butik is Porn Mustache Guy, and Kronik is the name of the older bearded man. If blondie becomes important later, I’ll make sure he has a suitable moniker.
      Warm regards,

      1. Thanks a lot for this beautiful explanation that neatly covers every concern! Excellent world-building.

        About “geath”/”geas”, well, embrace the power of serendipity!

        Thanks for this answer, and for those long years of service to this story and to us fans. Have our love, you deserve it.

  4. Like my Momma said:

    “If you don’t want to hear the answer, don’t ask the question.”

    1. 😀

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  5. “The basics of the Geth Fertuan are that the magick in the potion will cause whoever knowingly tells a lie to die.”
    Couldn’t Naurik take the easy way out and willingly lie so he would die before telling any secrets?

    1. That’s a way out, of course… provided your prisoner is ready to take their own life. Most people who do that are either faithful servants or megalomaniac fools in the face of certain defeat.

      Naurik could do that… but is he brave enough to do so, while he was cowardly enough to be seduced by the Evil Erogenian way?

  6. Let this be the lesson: Never ask a question you don’t want the answer to.

    1. yes but when and how

  7. The irrelevant detail reminds me of some of the scenes involving “fast penta” in the Vorkosigan books by Lois M. Bujold. See especially where Miles evades giving useful information by going off on tangents.

  8. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, at least nobody will be questioning whether the “truth serum” is working or not…

  9. Love the little “smirk” on Cirina’s face in the last panel. Perhaps she is wondering what would cause Lenthik to fart so much?

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