Naughty Naughty! – Page 1090

TRANSCRIPT: ERLIK: AGH!! - What- MORCAI: Oh dear-dear-dear! Someone's just got caught bein' naughty, yeh?  Looks like Teacher's gonna have to spank you, yeh? ERLIK: Fuck you, creep! MORCAI: Language, Student! Ladies present, yeh?  Heh! Well, one less than a moment ago, but -  

49 thoughts on “Naughty Naughty! – Page 1090

  1. He scares me when he smiles like that

  2. That was no lady! And she wasn’t my wife either….

    1. Of course, Matil was a lady. Not a likeable one, true, but still a lady.
      And quite the looker too. :-3

  3. *Cackles maniacally* Morcai’s back, bitches! And no one is gonna survive threatening HIS lovely ladies!

  4. Ah, someone else with preternatural reflexes. I think I’m glad he’s on the side of the angels.

  5. Now that’s an unnerving smile.

  6. I was hoping this interlude might stabilize our little friend here.

    Not even close.

  7. This old John Parr tune immediately popped into my head. Wonder if it’s in Mentl’s rep?

  8. “Fuck you, creep!”

    “That’s what the trolls are for!”

    1. Ogres, if I may, sibling. I mean, they (or Morcai) might take exception and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

      1. They do sometimes ogre-react to such things.

        1. I ogree with you on that.

        2. Oh gee, a pun thread 🙂

  9. Ooh, I don’t imagine this is a side of “Tom” that Maud and Feeby have seen before. I wonder how they’ll react? >:)

    1. Possibly with disappointment if they feel it was their task to kill Erlik and Matil. Or with gleeful surprise. (Or maybe no surprise. I don’t think they are stupid, and they know Lord Dell is a dangerous man. So someone sent by him won’t be just a cute kid.)

    2. Considering their reasoned and logical response to finding out someone has built traps on their land I doubt they’d react negatively.

  10. Are those magick knives/whatever? Or does Morcai/Tom/whatever have a bit of magick in him that he usually keeps hidden?

    Nice page.

    1. They could just be glinting in the light.

      1. While I agree that it COULD be light glinting, that knife went right through a skull more like it was a crossbow bolt than a hand-thrown knife. So, magic? maybe?

      2. The ‘glint’ really isn’t right for a mere reflection. Too many criss-crossing lines going in different directions. It looks far more like a magick effect on the tips.

  11. Along comes Jones. Smooth talking Jones. Slow walking Jones Along comes long lean lanky Jones.

  12. Daaaaammmmnnnn! Morcai for the win….

  13. There’s a mistake in the transcript, I fear. Morcai’s dialogue should begin with “GRIN”. I mean, it’s large enough to make a sound of its own.

    Also, now we know the poachers’ names! Erlik and Matil (rest in peace). I must confuse Erlik with someone else, but I seem to remember that name from another part of the comic. The tag gives only this page.

    Oh, and Morcai appears to be only slightly less quick than Zona ( ). Then again, he delivers dialogue while catching the arrow, so maybe I’m figuring that out wrong.

    One more thing: I must admit I’m relieved for the girls. It’s more or less a given there will be more Neds as the war goes on, and I was afraid this might be the time for them to fall. Thanks for letting them live, JED.

    Last, I wonder if this is the start of a new arc where Morcai hunts down ogre pelt smugglers — and finds himself embroiled in the bigger picture of the war, of course. (Or maybe that’s just a teaser for later, when “someone” hires Morcai to take out Zona.)

  14. Tom’s smile is horrifying.

  15. Die, medieval Kevin Spacey! DIE!

  16. Am I naughty if I say : yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  17. One of these days, we’re going to have to find a cure for the common stupid.

    It kills more people than the common cold.

  18. Now that’s quick – he must have dropped the knife in his left hand and got ready to catch as he saw the hunter draw and aim, to make that happen. Ever try to make a catch while already holding something? It just doesn’t work, generally speaking.

  19. Eh, at least Morcai is polite. He assumes that the just-deceased woman was a Lady, despite some possible evidence to the contrary, like her most recent life occupation.
    Oh, and not-a-gentleman unsavory bounty hunter guy? Start running now.
    Morcai may decide chasing and playing with you is too time-consuming. He has friends to rescue from a pit.
    So he may just kill you more quickly.

  20. If you fire a crossbow at someone and they CATCH the bolt in midair and start grinning like that, you better start running REALLY FAST.

    1. Especially considering the reload time on a cross-bow, not to mention the extra time for the injured arm.

  21. Oh my… I’ve never seen Morcai so – gleeful, fiendishly delighted o_O

    Poacher, your future looks very short, painful, and inventive.

  22. A timely appearance! I don’t remember his is complexion looking that Joker-ish. The grin finished the effect.

    1. Just too much good troll sex, I guess!

  23. Why run? He’ll just die tired!

  24. I am actually glad to see Mordicai again. He’s my favorite deviant in this series,.. he deserves better than to be ignored,… Thank you for bringing him back.

  25. Hows the saying go, sometimes its not a good man your after, but a bad man whos on your side

    1. I’m more than a bit inclined to give him a lot of slack on that account. (And a wide berth.) Recall, he had an *interesting* childhood. And he’s very protective. And not a little crazy.

      I just have a hard time calling him evil…

  26. Eric. I don’t think he swings that way. I’d be running now if I were you…

  27. Is Morcai wearing pajamas?

  28. Best move would be to simply push him into his own pit. I am sure the girls would like to meet him up close and personal.

    1. He who lives by the pit will die in the pit, as Thrasu once remarked.

  29. Best move would be to just push him into his own pit. I am sure the girls would like to meet him up close and in person.

  30. 1 – Calisto has the best suggestion on how to deal with our Animal Rights transgressor
    1a – the girls will be grateful both for the save and for the entertainment
    2 – little nit – in panel 2 the mook looks too calm – his partner just caught a bad case of iron poisoning to the brain and he just looks a wee surprised?

    1. He is shocked in panel 1; in panel two his focus shifts from his partner to whoever he’s facing, and Morcai’s patsy complexion would surprise him, but not shock him.

  31. One small critique – Tom/Morcai’s first panel – the pulling on his tunic from the ties really makes it look like he has added boobs since we last saw him. I think we would have noticed that earlier in the acrobatic outfit.

    1. I think you’re noticed his increased musculature. Evidently sex with ogres is serious exercise.

  32. …You know what I love?

    There are other cgi webcomic artists out there using 3D characters…and JED’s mastery of the slight head tilt, the shift and play of emotions, even the positioning of fingers and hands looks far more natural than anything else. That head position of the baddie in panel 4 is superbly done. It looks like a pro hitman aiming his weapon, cool collected, slight chin tilt outward, slight forehead dip down… It is NOT a static, common, fresh-outta-the-Poser-box head position.

  33. JED TY so much for bring back the sexy beast ladies as well as our favorite human psychopath. They make an interesting Triad indeed.

    The single surviving low empathy low rent assassin/trophy hunter is dead meat and purely unlucky to boot.

    The lucky one is the one already dead.

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