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Not Dead Yet – Page 1263

10 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet – Page 1263

  1. I loved Vito’s previous design. But this one is alright too. 🙂

  2. I think Mentl’s about to get an update on the Shuach situation.

    1. You think, therefore I am… attentive.

  3. At least he did not wake up in a horse drawn cart…

  4. “Ah. You’re finally awake.” 🙂

  5. Yeah, Vito has a point; Mentl was being pretty stupid there. XD He could at least have made some kind of shield. Magick, remember?

  6. It dawned on me that attack on the village was targeted on the morale and psychology of our intrepid protagonists

  7. Vito reminds me of Santa Clause now.

  8. Apparently, letting someone better trained and qualified simply isn’t sufficiently Macho. You tell ’em Vito.

  9. “Return to sender” by Elvis would have been perfect

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