He’s Baaaaack! Page 1262

15 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaack! Page 1262

  1. Ugly SonofaBitch! Can’t be good for the locals.

  2. Ooh, a physical body means he’s much more vulnerable, yaaaaay! (*Results may vary; physical manifestations may also come with a lot more power. Please consult the maximum number of heroes possible when it comes to vanquishing Shuach. Do not operate heavy machinery unless it’s been warded against Shuach’s attacks. Shuach may not be a good idea for most living beings.)

  3. If Shuach can manifest physically, then at some point I’d expect to see physical manifestations of the Earth-&-Moon goddesses, whose combined power banished him some 3 millennia ago.

    1. Or maybe they could root themselves in willing human vessels. The mere notion brings up two sisters who would be PERFECT.

    2. Come to think of it, now I WANT to see our power trio as the avatars of Moon, Earth… and Rock.

  4. Oh. So Schuach took over Kor-Lachnis’ body. Welp. As TF2 Medic would say, “Uh, alright. This is actually very bad!”

    This is going to require some Gate amount of firepower at the same time. :-S

  5. I agree with Reservist that it’s Shuach possessing Kor Lachnis’ body… that little mark on his left temple is a dead give away. Interesting.

  6. Just my $.02. I don’t think it would qualify as “Possessing” Kor Lachnis’ body. I think it is more like a puppet. The difference is while it is a god like being interacting with the world more or less directly, the strings of the puppet can be cut. I think this might be god level misdirection to give some heroes a target to focus on that doesn’t matter while being able to attack from a safe distance. Schuach might not be as confident as he is ALWAYS pretending to be.

  7. I see Shuach has taken over Kor-Lachnis’ body. Honestly not a look that suits him. XD

  8. Kor-Lachnis was stabbed in the back. Why are his teeth all effed up now?

  9. I’m gonna guess all those booms were Urtts who did not “Praise God”

    1. Or simply the sound of T-Rex-like footsteps. Schuach’s few qualities have never been shown to include subtlety.

  10. “Puny god!”

  11. Waitaminnit… “WE”?

    The last two times we saw Shuach that I remember, he said “I” (for the record, that was after Our Heroines thrashed Gorshash and company, right after they escaped their underground lair, page 56 of the 2009 PDF, and when Shuach discussed the attack on Mentl and Zona on Earth with the leader of the Deepings, page 10 of the 2014 PDF).

    What has changed? Off the top of my head, that could be someone taking a very dangerous risk and impersonating Shuach (the leader of the Deepings, possibly?). Or, possessing Kor Lachnis’ corpse has had psychological effects in addition to the physical ones such as what MikeLinPA noted. (Or, naturally, something I won’t ever see coming.)

  12. Kind of surprised the Urrts hadn’t just eaten Kor Lachnis’ body by now.

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