Not That Way – Page 1110

TRANSCRIPT   TETHIK: Rise up, scion of Holy Georg!  Rise up! BEDIK: Mwah?  Oh1 My lord! TETHIK: Yes.  Go clean yourself and become useful.   Unless I miss my guess both you and your lover here have duties this morning. BEDIK: Yes, my lord … MERTEAN: “Lover?”  We ain’t lovers! BEDIK: It’s all right - it’s - he’s - MERTEAN: We ain’t! I ain’t like dat! BEDIK:  He knows! He knows. TETHIK: (grinning)  Do I? MERTEAN: (seeing the Princip) Oh! yer Worship! TORIAN: On about yer duties, den, Spearman. MERTEAN: Aye, yer Worship.  And just to say again, I ain’t like dat - he … he ain’t my lover.   TORIAN: O’ course.

18 thoughts on “Not That Way – Page 1110

  1. I wonder now…
    It’s just the way Torian (eh, I love this name) react… Anyway, fun page.. and lots of interesting things to come (I can only guess by all the innuando going on in this page)

  2. Oh, they are having fun teasing these two hungover guards. Poor Bedik and Mertean. Just wanted to have fun and now they pay the price.

    1. You always pay the price when you rent liquor. Hangovers are just the down payment…

  3. So glad to see this character again! Tethik is one of my favorites. 🙂

  4. Why so defensive? Well, why so eager to say they are homo when they’re not?

    As of now, Draconians might not be as tolerant and open-minded as our tame Erogenians, after all.

    1. I could see the exact same push-back if it was a guy and gal.

      1. Hmm… somehow, I think that too.

        Whatever the gender, I think they wouldn’t have been too keen to show signs of what could be taken as weakness.
        Showing oneself as too overtly friendly to a foreign servicemember who, ’til recently, was an enemy might be frowned upon, as was demonstrated by the Kivalian colleague of Bedik’s.

  5. Is it me, or is princip Torian making quite an effort not to grin too openly?

  6. Ahhh, it’s been so long since Tethik has had any fun. (Of the non-bruising variety, that is. Not counting the one that ended in heartbreak either.)

  7. Woo! I’m finally caught up! I used to read Zona at least 10 years ago when it was first starting out, then due to life changes I lost it. I found it again about a month ago, and have been slowly getting caught back up. This comic is awesome and I’m so glad it’s still going!

    1. Welcome back and congratulations! Now you get to wait with the rest of us. 😛

  8. Why do I keep imagining the Draconian speech as having a French accent… LOL 😉

    1. being French originally (being now proudly a member of the Maple Nation) myself, I thought the same thing… Perhaps the way their speech is accented (is that even a word)? I don’t know.

      1. Yes, accented is a word. Basically, if you can think of it, it’s probably a word in English.

      2. For me it is the cadence/rhythm that JED is using when they are speaking…and yes I think you are right EmmaC…to my ears it does sound like a French accent when I read their dialogue out loud.

        1. I was more thinking to something along a Scottish or Irish accent.

        2. Among other t’ings, the “den” for “then”, “dat” for “that”, and all dat stuff is remindful of de way we French-speaking people mispronounce de ever-loving “th” sound. (If we’re at least a bit wise to it. Den dere are dose who’ll go “ze weazer is beautiful today” and “I’m wild about zat sing”.) I remember reading dat from Gambit’s former fiancée in X-men books from de nineties.

        3. Tiens ! Un(e) autre Français(e) ? 🙂

          ” “den” for “then”, “dat” for “that”,

          It is also quite common amongst American people, at least in common, not-too-formal occasions, form what I can hear.

          Erratum to my previous comment: “thinking about”.

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