Good Morning! Good Morning! – Page 1109

TRANSCRIPT TORIAN: Does dis one belong to you? GUDIK: Yes, and the other one is yours, Princip.   TORIAN: Hmph! Do you t’ink dis bodes well or ill for our new pat’ togedder? TETHIK: I would say both, Princip.  Last night’s little festivities seem to have had the effect of both raising and lowering some of the tensions betwixt our armies.  Perhaps they needed to fight - but not to kill. TORIAN: None deads? GUDIK:  Not on either side.   Though I think it’s too soon to have them serve directly together. TORIAN: Oh I t’ink we have a long road ahead before dat could happen.  But killin’ Urtts is always good employment for Draconian or T’rasan soldiers.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning! Good Morning! – Page 1109

  1. Oh I LUUUUHV Tethik’s smile in this page. Slightly mocking, naturally, but maybe a hint of hope.

    I’d been overthinking this li’l sequence a bit while washing the dishes, and I was pondering two questions. First, do you think that the brawl of the previous pages was one side against another, or just a free-for-all where a Thrasan sometimes happened to punch a Draconian?

    Second, I was wondering whether our two friends here had been picked for guard duty based on their ability for tolerance? At least not by their lords (or I guess someone would have mentioned it in this page), but maybe by smart captains?

    1. I wonder if he might be getting slightly flirty with Princip Torean.

  2. Why am I now thinking of the bar brawl in The Devil’s Brigade?

    1. @Prairie Son
      Hmm… quite accurate, indeed. 🙂

  3. Royal guards snooring and sleeping off their drink(s) caught redhanded by their respective leaders. I can’t decide if that bodes well or ill for them. 😛
    At least these two can serve together without the risk of starting to fight among themselves. (Probably).

  4. Awww, they’re sort of cute! 😀

  5. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
    I love this page, it’s just… so full of hope…
    Now, back to our evil dudes being all the more evil. It’s been a while since we didn’t see our two bad guys and I am very worried about they’re up to (beside bringing back a whole squad of dragons of course).

  6. Is the page title a reference to the Beatles, or to Singing in the Rain?

  7. Does anyone else have a nerdy curiosity as to the population size and military capability of the various factions in this comic?

    1. I certainly do, though I suspect it will soon get less nerdy and quite relevant to the plot…

  8. Crap! I found this crazy story about a year ago, and never got past the first page. However, I did bookmark it. I finally started reading it about two months ago, sometimes as many as 50 pages in a day. I have to do it at the Library, as I do not have internet at home.
    Now, I’m all caught up, and I have to WAIT for more pages to read. This Sucks! Write faster!j

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