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One Less Problem – Page 1309

40 thoughts on “One Less Problem – Page 1309

  1. Ha! That weapon just magicked itself back into his hand. Very nice. ;D

  2. Neurotic giant has a Mjölnir. Woo. 🙂

  3. Called it! What good is a powerful, magical, weapon that could be easily lost in battle? Now he knows he can
    repeat that attack on a group and take them all out in one blow. or focus on the dragon riders, freeing the
    dragons from their slavery.

  4. I. AM. WORTHY!!!

  5. I’ll pass on the obvious pun about how his arm will feel later on.

  6. “I’m still worthy, Mother!”

  7. Mjolner, with spikes.

  8. I burst out laughing when it zipped right back into his hand. The “Well…all right, then.” was *chef’s kiss*.

  9. Yup! We all knew this was the thing. That’s going to be a major force multiplier. Dunno what he’s going to call it but he has to give it a name. Great weapons gotta have a name. Mjolnir would be too easy, how about a naming contest among the readers here. I’d suggest “YOYODYNE” because ‘yoyo’ returns, ‘dyne’ reflects power, and also ‘Buckaroo Banzai’.

  10. A naming contest? Huh let’s go for Artsy. “Spiked Crusty Thing” has too many syllables. How about “Bob”? (Big Obvious Bruiser)

  11. Where the future begins tomorrow.
    Because anything hit by that thing is going to be out for at least 24 hours.

  12. He’ll need a lot of practice to master its flight-and-return properties…

    …good thing he’s in a target-rich environment. *dons sunglasses* BD

  13. Name for a boomerang spike mace?

  14. …I’d say a good name would be “Ouch!”

  15. @Jean. the only problem is, no one who knows why it is called that would get a chance to say it…

  16. With that big of a mace, something simple like “ouch” or “boomer” isn’t enough, how about “The Pain”? or “The Agony?”

  17. @SFCGator:
    I’d like to cast my vote for calling it “SQUISH”, since that’s the sound that Urtts make when they meet.

  18. “Karma”
    Because what goes around, comes around. And because it’s being used as an equalizer.
    Although, considering the setting, probably “Cha”.

  19. Karma sounds good, but if you use “Cha” then how many dad jokes will be told using “Cha-Cha-Cha…” Hey I’m 64, with 4 grand kids, I have a right to tell dad jokes! 😛

  20. Hey, did anyone else notice that the helmet emotes alongside the face under it? Notice how large those eyeholes get in panel 5, or the not-so-subtle squint in panel 4.

  21. Ah yes, Spiderman’s mask as well as Deadpool’s. It’s a way to see emotions on the character’s face when the eye brows are covered. Keltan is now thinking “I’m going to enjoy this!” I don’t blame him, the only ones that can harm him is the mages, and that armor is no doubt with debuffs for that as well. (110% debuff against all magical attacks). And XX% against melee attacks I’m sure. It’s been ages since I’ve played Diablo 2 and Baldor’s gate, but I loved getting the good armor sets!

  22. Not only does it return to the “owner” but it also apparently self cleans. It should be covered with blood after that hit in the page before. LoL

  23. @SeanR
    Eeyup. Exactly. I noticed it too.

  24. The Slayer or The Enemy Slayer. 8) Because they will be quite dead after meeting that weapon.
    We could also simply call it Crusher. The Jägers would approve of that name.

  25. I guess do that again all over the place, dude

  26. I’m just going to chime in with what the group of urtts surrounding him are thinking…. “Oh shit!”
    The weapon is clean because it’s perfectly (magically) smooth, no crevices for the gore to get trapped in and as hard as it’s being thrown, the wind clears it like a Rain-X treated windshield.
    It has spikey bits, so it doesn’t just crush, it pierces as well. Combined with the power and mass behind it, I’m thinking “Pink Mist”….

  27. That or it’s just so badass it drinks the blood of any enemy it kills and stays clean and shiny on the outside. LOL

  28. That says it’s blood-magic, I thought blood-magic was evil? Maybe it was rescued from it’s original owner? But that would mean it was a giant or some other creature that was as big as a giant… (shivers)

  29. Heh, with that thing, Keltan practically qualifies as a siege engine. I’d say call it Shooting Star, since it’s a morningstar that can fly around like that.

    1. Good call, I had forgotten that they were called that, “Shooting Star” is a perfect name for that.

      1. Shooting Star? Meteörlnir? Meteölnir?

  30. @Scarsdale
    You’d be surprised at how many people tell dad jokes/mum jokes even as soon as 18 or 20 years old. 😀

  31. @Reservist
    Heh, oh I know it! I get a belly laugh when I get my youngest so flustered he yell’s out: “Dad! Stop!” LOL! He’s 34 and STILL can’t handle it 😛 Granted some are rather over the top.

  32. Oooooo, that conjures up another name, “Mr. Clean”.

  33. The RSS feed doesn’t seem to be working right—it includes everything *except* the actual comic pages. I thought the comic was still on hold while you worked out your toolchain until I happened to check the homepage!

  34. A self returning weapon is all well and good, until after the battle when you try to go to a nice restaurant to celebrate. Half way through the entrees, a magic mase comes flying through the kitchen.

  35. My name contribution would be Dodsprikt which in giant is death spike

  36. 4 weeks. You OK, JED?

  37. I just zoomed in on his helmet in panel 4, it has dragon wings on it. That armor was made to fight dragons and their riders! I seriously doubt even mages have a prayer against him now.

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