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  1. Keltan, you know little about that weapon, for all anyone knows, if you wish it to return to you it will!
    I wondered when the big guy was going to act, the Urtts may try to swam him, but I doubt any of them
    believe he’s that great of a threat, yet….

  2. Keltan, just pick up some Urtts, or maybe their mounts, and start using THEM as weapons. It’ll be okay! Even if you break that one, there’s plenty of replacement Urtts!

  3. Have you ever thought of making up some of your races for dungeons and dragons or having someone do it for you or create the entire world for others to play in that way? I think it would be extremely cool!

  4. Thrugar,
    “The Three Challenges Of Zona” was actually originally an X-rated “find-your-path” book I did back in the Stone Age. It was self-published and I sold it at gaming cons to adult gamers. It spawned a gaming supplement with monsters and the world and character stats to be used with my own gaming system, and convertible to D20. It would need a lot of conversion now, to say the least. 🙂
    Nonetheless, I don’t play enough now and I’m not current on what system would be best to use. If someone wants to license (VERY reasonably) a new Erogenian gaming supplement that would be fine with me. My email is right up there on the header.
    Warm regards,


  5. Mjolnir, ‘nuff said.

  6. Eh, nevermind. Given the size, ye’ll find it back soon enough, eh. Besides, ye still have yer hands, boyo.

  7. And that’s why you always, ALWAYS have a back-up/secondary weapon.

  8. Maybe just yell at one of the dragons, “FETCH!”

  9. Or just yell really loud “FA SO RAH!” and make ’em go boom? Pop Urrt’s heads?

  10. I’m with Jean on this one…
    …grab that urtt’s right hand, so they can’t let go of the weapon, & use him like a “squishy mallet” to crush other urtts until the arm comes out of the shoulder socket, then replace it with a fresh urtt…
    …then “Rinse & Repeat” until you run out of urtts.

  11. What goes up must come down . . . and that’s a very target rich area.

  12. I agree, I was making a Skyrim joke is all…

  13. I can’t seem to update Feedly to your new rss. Every link that it recognises for Zona only lists through to April 25th and the subsequent postings don’t show up. I have signed up for follow.it, but not sure how that would get recognised in Feedly. What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated, thanks.

  14. Don’t know about anybody else, but I’m impressed as hell with the aim. To hit the Urtt, without hitting the dragon, while flying…

  15. I will think about it for DnD 5e. For me I love the whole genre and think it would make an awesome world to roleplay in. As I am just a player (30+ year player) but a player none the less. The money thing would be something I would have to talk to you offline about. But maybe!?

    Thrugar Steeland
    “The best weapon you have is always with you, its your mind!”

  16. 3000-year old fantasy relics tend to be accurate.

  17. Once it leaves your hand, the faster a weapon travels, the flatter the arc (which makes it easier to be accurate), & the less time the target has for getting out of the way.

  18. Where will it land is what I want to know…

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