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EMMON: Suh - s-sorry …

LIRI: It’s all right, baby, you’re not doing anything wrong. Sometimes our feelings get too big inside, and they … they just sort of leak out our eyes.

EMMON: An’ … my nu-nose …

LIRI: Yes.



Emerald licks Emmon’s face.

EMMON: Ahh - hahaha! It .. tickles!
11 7748

Out your nose, too. Pg 1234

11 thoughts on “Out your nose, too. Pg 1234

  1. When you’re out of Kleenex….

  2. A great big Lion smooch! So curte! Mama Emerald doesn’t want to see Emmon sad, even though they are only there to steal her babies.

    Hmm. And now part of me wants Emerald to assume they are all leaving with the giants, her and the cubs and Lendya and her family. I just think it would be funny. The empathy between the giants and animals is pretty amazing. Not just like Keltan befriending an attacking dragon, but also the little things. Anyone else remember when Liri gently shooed away a wild rhino?

    1. I remember! (Raises hand, bounces in seat…)

    2. Oooh, and the owls, when they were hiding in the barn before they got married – Keltan held an entire discussion with them about the mice in the barn!

  3. These last two strips make me very happy! Emmon had it pretty rough before being taken in. He deserves all the happiness! (And kitty kisses)

  4. A mate once visited a lion refuge in Africa. Was introduced to a lioness.
    After a few moments, the lioness started licking his face.
    The guide pulled him back and shooed the cat away.
    It was not affection.. it was tasting to see if yummy.
    Lions use their tongues to remove flesh, to get to the yummy blood and stuff under it.

    1. Oh for sure, but they also use their tongues to groom each other and show affection to their own kind. And these cats are a lot more domesticated, the moon tribe had been breeding them for generations.

      But yeah, it they wanted to they could probably take your skin off with good lickin.

      1. I’m betting Emmon’s skin can take anything Emerald’s tongue can dish out. He *is* a giant, even if a (haha!) little one.

  5. @Phoebe
    Oh? Which page was it on, please? I can’t remember.

  6. @Reservist
    Page 39 of the 2015 archive, just before Liri & Keltan are married. Also in that area is Keltan expressing extreme remorse about killing a donkey, which takes on a different light if he could communicate with it as easily as with another human, which seems to be the case.

    1. That gets me wondering, did the Daisy the donkey ask him to help end her suffering? At this point is seems like she would have had to.

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