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  1. Wrong? Nothing!
    Tears of joy are not exactly rare, but for him, I would say a very new and first time experience. Good for you, Emmon!

  2. At first I thought he was going to sneeze! Making him allergic to cats would have just been cruel. lol

  3. I don’t mean to argue but just because Emmon is now part of a loving family doesn’t mean there isn’t something “wrong” with him. The trauma the poor kid has been through with his birth family is going to be there for a long time. His being happy now is great but more like another step towards healing internal hurts that are no doubt deep wounds.
    I hope this is a step for Emmon towards better understanding of what love is and what it can mean. But he will need time, probably years, to understand the hurt he suffered before wasn’t his fault and how to live with having been a victim of cruelty.
    Life doesn’t always have easy fixes.

    1. I agree, I think he feels guilty about taking the kits from their mother when his own mother had no say about him being adopted by Keltan and Liri. We can all agree his dad was a piece of human trash but we don’t know about his mom.

  4. He’s just happy to be loved.
    Liri looks like she’s lost weight. Very hot.

    1. Come on dude, have we ever seen a female from Erogenia that wasn’t smoking hot? Or any at all in the comic? Even the half Urtt Gensha was pretty easy on the eyes. Not sure I’d go to bed with that one though. In the morning instead of making her breakfast I might be the breakfast.

      But now that I think about it I can think of one exception, the moon tribe’s high priestess Karna (I think I got her name right) was pretty ugly inside and out. Some senior ladies are very beautiful even if they aren’t sexy any more. That bitch on the other hand, she both looks and acts like she was force fed a lemon everyday of her entire life. Sorry that got so wildly off topic.

      1. Lendya isn’t. She has a great bod, but she isn’t all that pretty.

  5. MarkfromSanBerninATL

    I can attest that the hurts of the cradle are very very difficult to overcome, no matter how early in your life you get accepted by the mother you SHOULD have had. As for Emmon’s mother, well, I seem to remember she didn’t argue for him or fight for him as he was being cast out at the age of FOUR (those panels resonated with me for some reason). She’s a piece of shyte and deserves what she gets she gets where she’s going. Liri, on the other hand, is going to be a wonderful mother, I think. She won’t be perfect, but then, parenthood is a journey, and as long as you’ve tried your best, you can be proud of the love you’ve given and received. Unfortunately, there are those who are so twisted inside that they are proud of their Shuach-like qualities and treat them the same way.

  6. @Shyster
    Well, Eamon’s natural father is but a common Kivalian citizen and national, with all his qualities and flaws.
    He is a product of the society of his time, so to speak.
    It is a sad display, but it is to be expected.

  7. Eamon crying because the kitties like him at first sight breaks my heart. There is something about the unconditional love of an animal that touches you deeply, in an essential part of your soul.

  8. I think she’s damn cute. love the freckles

  9. My favorite version of Liri is still the first me met; Liri was damn hot and cute to boot when she was first introduced to us. 😀 Her new face is very gaunt, which I think is a shame.

  10. Maybe… she does have the extra serious almost angry eyes. Breeding and raising sabre tooth lions might not be all fun and games after all (but at the same time who would want that job?) But I think the freckles make up for it as Kiddeagle said.

    That gets me wondering, is she Moon Tribe or Lion Tribe living with the Moon Tribe?

    1. *sigh* my kingdom for an edit option, or at least more patience to re-read before posting. The above is @Joe Fonbone’s comment.

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