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That’s My Boy – Page 1255

8 thoughts on “That’s My Boy – Page 1255

  1. Great plan, piss off the extremely powerful sorcerer who’s powers you don’t understand…

  2. Well, Gorshash isn’t powerless. Even for mr Michael Levy, aka “Mentl”, he’d be a serious opponent. Maybe even the most serious of all, bar a litteral god.

    1. I think Mentl has more raw power but Gorshash has more training/discipline. I would still love to see them two go at it.

  3. How does Tor’s headband stay on? on Panel one it looks like a Circlet and panel 4 looks like it clamps to the head (That would explain his expression)
    The scary part is Mentl’s mater of fact attitude. “Keep calm and kick an Urt arse.” Love it.

  4. Tor’s headband stays on through artistic license.
    Really, there is a thin leather braid that I just didn’t add this time. Look at his earlier appearances and you can see it.
    And Mentl has been through a lot. I think he’s jumping into it with both feet because he has, in a word, had it with these folks who gassed him, tried to enslave and eat him and who killed good friends of his. Plus they did the same to Zona, and now to Zona’s friends.
    Time to kick ass, indeed.

    Warm regards,


  5. Ipola just said, “that’s my son.” In regards to Mentl. SQUEEE! 😀

  6. And the pride in that look…Brilliant.

  7. Well, well, well. Will they take the time to take a giant or two with them? The giants have proven good at handling dragons.

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