The Inheritance – Page 1280

9 thoughts on “The Inheritance – Page 1280

  1. So, uh, wearing that, would Keltan even be aware he was being attacked if it was by anything less that a dragon?

  2. Considering dragon fire just rolls off him even in a loin cloth I think it would take a tactical nuke for him to notice an attack in that suit. Looks like chest plate and scale armor?

  3. With new-found wealth in the hands of utterly naive novices, they’ll need a financial adviser.
    Eric Hines

  4. *diez of 1d4 snorting-out-loud levels of laughter damage*

  5. Two words: BAD. A$$.

    (Oh, and three words: I love Liri.)

  6. Oh, dear… now Keltan (forgot his surname that the old blind priest mentioned when K and Liri married) has a complete suit of armour…
    What’s next? Complete knightly armament?
    Although… with what they’re going up against, they’ll bloody damn well need one giant knight in armour or two.

  7. Okay, that’s cool. I guess the place have multiple sets in different sizes since the giants keep on growing throughout their lives?

    Also, I can’t quite figure out why the top of that plate armor is lopsided. What would the benefit be from having it lower in one side than the other?

  8. @Lora
    It’s not lopsided. It’s just that Keltan is also wearing some kind of fabric or leather hood spilling over his breast-plate.
    And since said hood is spilling irregularly, it makes the armour look lopsided.

    For a moment, I thought the same.

  9. Hopefully, that armor handles heat better than mundane metal ore, otherwise the dragon fire will have Keltan wearing a coat of molten metal lava.

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