We hope you find it clear … Page 1281

8 thoughts on “We hope you find it clear … Page 1281

  1. More willful books! Fascinating. Is there a link with The Book?
    I, for one, plan to read on and find out with glee.
    (Also, Ipola’s remark on Zona is a very nice touch.)

    1. jd,
      The Giant books are not Siderean artifacts like The Book, I will just put that out. As Ipola noted, it’s just that the particular spellcraft was not documented elsewhere. It’s also the reason why it was never altered to create other kinds of giants or giant-sized Urtts, for instance. The makers of the time were extremely careful that Shuach should never get his ugly flaming mitts on it. 🙂

      Warm regards,

    2. More likely a “reveal” spell when the right hands touch the book, think about in Harry Potter when he got the map of Hogwarts from the twins.

  2. Damn, so much in these books! There’s a certain unicorn with wings that would rejoice at that situation. 🙂

    On another point, Ipola looks so much more like her daughter Tula here. Maybe even moreso than in the past.
    Say, anybody to please remind me of who Tula’s father is or was?

    1. Tula’s full name is Tula Uthic Ipola. King Uthic of the Wolf Tribe is her proper biological father, as well as being a very active part of her childhood and current life. They have a very good relationship. That is why Zona’s nickname for her sister is “Wolf Cub.”
      And yeah, the resemblance is very much on purpose and comes into play in the comic from time to time, as when Zonn was flabbergasted at first meeting with Tula.
      Warm regards,


  3. Books with spells on them! What fun! 😀 And a really good way to ensure the information within them can’t fall into the wrong hands.

  4. Could Liri be a Giant and a Magic user? You would have to be both to read the books in the Giganteum. which would explain why Ipola and Tula couldn’t read them.

  5. Interesting, … the last part, about *reading* the books. Books humans cannot read, but Giants can, … hmmmmmm! Giants’ eyes are larger,and may thus be able to focus longer wavelengths, in the infrared. That would change the ability to read a book that’s written half in visible, and half in an infrared reflecting script. As simple as that???? Why bother with codes, when the physical characteristics of Giants can make the text private?

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