YANORA: You would already know that if you’d taken the ring I offered you when you left, darling.

GUDIK: I travelled two thousand miles to get away from you, Mother.  I wasn’t about to take a trinket along with me that lets you nag me from Normos, criticizing every bloody little mistake I make, driving me insane …

YANORA: And would it be “nagging” to point out that that was, itself, a mistake that could bring down the whole kingdom?

GUDIK: Oh Thrasu’s arsehole, Mother!

THERIK: Your Majesty!

GUDIK: I’ll confess later.

YANORA: As if anything makes a dent in your brain, anyway.   You’re solid as a rock, completely direct and literal. Anything bothers you, you just chop it out of your way.

GUDIK: I suppose you’d have me weave webs and deceits like you, then?  If I have an enemy I deal with them in the open!

YANORA:  Yes, just like your father. And you have all his other faults, as well.

GUDIK: Oh, so now we’re cataloging faults, are we?  Shall we open the Tome-sized book of your faults and start reciting, Mother?

YANORA: I’m sure it would be amusing, but we haven’t the time.

GUDIK: It would take an age to get through, wouldn’t it?

TETHIK: Gudik, your Majesties!  If I may, perhaps I could answer Gudik’s quite reasonable question and  explain the reason for all this time, effort and use of magick.

IPOLA: Of us all I think you can probably explain it best, my friend.