YANORA:  Proceed, darling.  I’m going to sit and have a drink, if no one minds.

THERIK: Your Majesty – I must protest!  This … this illusion may be some Draconian trick.

GUDIK: Therik.

THERIK:  The Church does not approve of this magick, I am sure.  Some power may be trying to deceive you …

GUDIK: Therik.  

THERIK: My lord, I must –

GUDIK: And you just did.  Well done. Now kindly shut up.   

GUDIK: Believe me, no one can counterfeit my mother, not like this.   This is her, in all her insufferable glory.

YANORA: Oh, I love you too, sweet boy.

GUDIK: (pours a wine for himself.)  All right, Tethik. Let us hear it. And for your sake this had better be absolutely everything you say it is.