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  1. Still not sure whether that’s Butik or Kronik there, but apparently, he can (eventually) listen to (hammered out) reason. (Somewhat) good for him (I guess).

    I’m not sure what his point is in saying Cirina is not even *Bull* tribe, since I don’t remember whether the Bull tribe has anything to do with the recent unpleasantness with Arrogond.

    (And I have to admire the dedication of the priests or priestesses who have to have sex with him as part of their duty.)

    Last, I guess Reservist and all our French-speaking siblings love that Butik’s name sounds like the equivalent of “shop”.

  2. By the way, is it normal there’s no character tag for either the red-haired fellow who says “Really?” in the third panel or the blond-haired fellow who makes a valid point about Porcha? (I just noticed there’s no character tag for the blond boy in the previous page either, I assume he’s Granik.)

    I’m leaving this in its own comment so you can delete it after deciding if there’s something to be done about it.

  3. If this is a Fire Tribe incident, why does Butik say “Bull Tribe”?
    Is this a plot twist, or did the Author slip up?

  4. 3rd time trying to post this…
    …if it still doesn’t show, then I’m done with trying.
    If this is a Fire Tribe incident, why does Butik say “Bull Tribe”?
    Is this a plot twist, or did the Author slip up?

    1. The Author had his head elsewhere, obviously, and made a mistake! Thanks for catching it.


      Warm regards,

  5. Cirina looks quite a bit different here. He hair is much lighter in color, and she seems a bit more buxom.

    1. This is the G8F version. She was Victoria 4 before.
      Just roll with it. 🙂

      Warm regards,

  6. To jd above: ‘butik’ is literally the word and spelling for ‘shop’ in Danish. 😉 But I can guarantee that you are saying it wrong.

    And ‘stache guy is still an idiot, who should shut up.

  7. Oh, while I love the lighting on this page, I must say I feel sorry for Cirina and her lower spine; that angle is almost Liefeld worthy, Jed. XD Sorry. (But still better than Liefeld).

  8. And you wouldn’t do the same? ‘stash guy is a prick and needs muzzled I think. Or sent to a corner with the threat of going to bed without his dinner! There’s always one in a crowd, So he’s not a “chad” but a male “Karen” which is worse…

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