The Whole Truth – Page 1294

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  1. The graphic quality of the upper part of this page is impressive. My first thought was that it was watercolor.

    Also, very interesting that you show, rather than tell. I wonder if Butik, Kronik, Porcha and the rest see the same thing, or if it’s metaphorical. Time may tell.

    1. I like it, why repeat those pages to us, this is to remind us, not re-post those same pages again. Another comic I read is fond of doing “Ok, then this happened…” followed by a frame skip, if you need to be reminded you have to go back. I’m rather OCD about the lore, so it eats up time.

      1. Repeating scenes already seen can be interesting when the point of view varies (not giving examples to avoid spoiling stories, but there’s that Bryan Singer film for instance — if you’ve seen it you know I’m talking about it). Which would, indeed, hardly be the case here since we pretty much saw the scene from his point of view, and he won’t lie at any rate. (Erogenian, plus special truth ritual.)

  2. I really like the fire effect in Porcha’s eyes! 😀 Nicely done, Jed.

    I presume this is Pontagar’s retelling of what happened that morning.

  3. As a brilliant example of this technique, note the Japanese 1950 film Rashomon, in which the same murder is described multiple times by different witnesses.

  4. For anybody who wants to re-read the start of Pontagar’s fight with Arrogond, you can click here:

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