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TRANSCRIPT:   TULA: For what it’s worth, I think you made a very persuasive case. IPOLA: I am glad the three of you were there to add your voices. TULA: Me too. IPOLA: Zonn’s right.  They’re … an unallied tribe. We can’t hold them to an oath that only some of them took twenty-five or thirty years ago. TULA: We could.  There’s a precedent.   IPOLA: I won’t. TULA: I know. POLA: I … am so glad you are here. So glad you found Mentl, and that you and Zona are well.     TULA: Not half as glad as we are, but yes, I appreciate it. IPOLA: What about the artifact? TULA: The Book?  Mentl has It - or It has him.  It pops in and out when It pleases Itself to do.  We no longer worry about It when It disappears. It always comes back eventually. IPOLA: Ah - until the time It doesn’t. TULA: I try not to think about that. UISSAN: Your Majesty …

15 thoughts on “Think About It – Page 1114

  1. It doesn’t look like Zona and Mentyl got very far on their walk. They’re just outside the door!

    1. Some people have no patience.

    2. Maybe they just came back from their walk.

    3. It was a very short walk. 😉 Then they came back.

    4. Uh – last time I checked, Zona’s hair wasn’t in a braid that went down way past her butt.

      1. It’s rather obvious a few pages later:

        (Any excuse for an archive binge? Me?)

      2. Oops. Last images I remembered didn’t show that braid – bad angles – Zonn’s declaration of love to Ipola back around the 1100-1105 mark.
        Don’t I look like an idiot now. My bad. Carry on.

  2. Ipola, ever the queen. I wonder if and how Tula has forwarded to her the evaluation of the situation by brother Laemul: to wit, that if the book doesn’t come back there won’t be any blessed thing they can do about it. Worse, pre-emptive measures would only hasten the event if anything.

    (The above being true if I’ve understood the good brother right and if I remember it correctly, of course.)

  3. San Bernardino in Atlanta

    I’m now caught up on the story. Wonderful job! Soon as my situation stabilizes, I will definitely be donating again.

  4. LOL those bracers she wears are unmistakable…

  5. There’s a precedent, Tula? What precedent is it, exactly?

    And even so, was it fair to use that precedent? Likewise, would it be fair to hold all of the Sun Clan, numbering several hundreds, maybe thousands (who knows?) persons accountable for an oath taken by only a fraction of them?

    To the latter question, I am firmly convinced that the answer is no.

    1. I think you’re seeing a “Devil’s Advocate” at work, here. She doesn’t want her mother to go down that road, but did want to be sure her mother had seen the gate.
      A mere correction of facts, not an argument on how to proceed.

    2. Hundreds? Thousands?

      Erogenians might be a tad overboard on the whole sex-positive thing, but they aren’t breeding like that. The whole tribe is less than two hundred, including the kids.

  6. SeanR
    Oh? Hmm… probably, yes.

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