Or Something – Page 1113

TRANSCRIPT:   TULA: Mother. IPOLA: Tula. IPOLA: So - what …? TULA: I think that they’re voting now.   IPOLA: Did they ask you to leave, as well? TULA: No.  But Zona and I decided it would be best not to even appear to try to influence things. IPOLA: Mentl?   TULA: He went off with Zona.  I think they’re just taking a walk. TULA:   Or something. IPOLA: Ah.

7 thoughts on “Or Something – Page 1113

  1. i’ve got truly great memories of “something”…

    1. As do all of us, from the kings to the deuces …

  2. … Ooh, those smiles in the last panel.

    (Also, I had to check out the tags. Guess who’s back?)

    I like how Tula says that both Zona and her had sound political thinking. (Indeed, Zona is crafty enough to figure that out on her own.)

    Last, these starry skies are beautiful.

  3. With a stary sky like that? There must be lots of something. This sky is gorgeous!!!!

  4. Well, having the High Queen of Erogenia there during their discussion and voting might feel like she’s trying to pressure/force them into accepting her and her rule.
    It’s better this way. And Tula and Zona left, too, because they know they are not of this tribe.
    I suspect Ipola was allowed to present her arguments and tell about the current situation then asked to leave. Now all she can do is wait for the decision.

    And just need to say this; I like the patchwork, multi-color poncho. 🙂

    And a sidepart on Tula is new.

  5. Alt Text: Oh, they can indeed. Especially if you do it right and after a recovery period go back for seconds. Certainly in my top 3 list of ways to pass time while you’re waiting on or for something else to be completed/happen.

  6. Yes. Beautiful starry skies. BFD. Ipola is a MILF. Or something.

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