Through A Glass Darkly – Page 1018

11 thoughts on “Through A Glass Darkly – Page 1018

  1. I suppose Shuach was smart enough to realize all he could hope for was to sow seeds of doubt. Not that I think they will grow much among the rocky ground of Zona’s love if I may mix Testaments.

  2. I really can’t read the text at the bottom– but I find myself going, “WHO IS THIS??”

    1. “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

      1. Depends on how good the prior planning is… Shuach’s confidence may exceed his ability. When I served in the Army, we were constantly warned to avoid the 4 P’s (Piss Poor Prior Planning).

  3. Damn If there’s one thing to say about old flaming skull here, is that he likes to pile one plan atop another! Smart, powerful, savage, and patient. Scary opponent, even if he wasn’t immortal.

  4. Charon the Fateless

    We get it, Tzeench; you can’t full us with your flaming skull and false sungodlyness.

  5. So Shuach rides or marks Mentl to find his way back Zona’s world?

  6. But we know the Book brought them here in the first place, and presumably got what it wanted.

    Rejecting the theory that their aims are aligned (which would be really depressing), this begs the question of who is playing whom? Gotta hope that the Book knows what it is doing and is subverting Shuach’s intentions even though he thinks all is in order.

    1. Here’s a question? What can Evil ever gain through destruction of worlds? Would Evil’s goal not be the expansion and growth of worlds? The gain of knowledge and ability to protect societies and peoples, in order to grow the populations that can hate, hurt, and betray each other?

  7. Your link to the next page needs some work. I had to do some copying and pasting to get there.

    1. Many thanks! I was wondering why it had gone so long with no comments. Not sure what happened, but it seems to be fixed now.

      Warm regards,


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