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TRANSCRIPT:   PAGE 1166   Kor Lachnis and Gorshash enter.  Kor Lachnis is laughing and clapping   KOR LACHNIS: <HA-HA! It is as I said! The true Erogenian seed survives!  Is she not magnificent, Gorshash? All she needed was a moment’s opportunity and she unchained herself and made a victim of that piece of waste.> PANEL 2   GORSHASH: <Yes, lord - it is as you said, and as I warned - this family is formidable.>   KOR LACHNIS: <Yes, well, formidable or not, she cannot be free.  This has been highly entertaining, Moon Queen, but back into chains thou must go.  Thou art yet my prisoner, and I have plans in which thou must play a part. Let us lock her magickally as well this time, eh, Owner Gorshash?>   PANEL 3 IPOLA: <No.  I will not be chained again, and I will not be made a pawn of anything you plan.  I’ve had just about enough of this place for one day. I will leave - alive or dead, but you will not have any power over me.>   PANEL 4 KOR LACHNIS: <Prattle on!  Thou speak’st as if this were a choice thou could’st make!>   Kor Lachnis aims a bolt at Ipola to paralyze her.     KOR LACHNIS:Thuu Duthracani!   PANEL 5 IPOLA: Eyal! To his surprise, she bats it aside.   PANEL 6 IPOLA Paio! She aims a bolt of moonfire at Kor Lachnis

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  1. Hey, Kor Lachnis. You’ve been asleep, what, a couple hundred years? A millennium? Something like that? Well, there’s something that happens when time passes. Wanna know what it is? Knowledge and techniques advance. Enjoy the show, jackass.

  2. In the last page I was going to say “Kor is around and ready to jump and say : good job!”
    I love that Gorshash got to say, in a subtle manner, “I told you so”.
    And… dun dun dun… She got power! and now I am wondering how it’s possible but, I have to admit I am more worried that she’s ready to die rather than being chained again (which is not surprising, she’s Erogenian AND Ipola)… but this is not good…

  3. The fact that *her* magic of the Moon works here, at all, in Shuach’s lair, will definitely entertain Kor Lachnis.

    Still he is on his home turf. Ipola is under strain right away. Every act of hers feeds him more information.

    Also, she talks to him too much, but its hard to keep the story’s narrative without that.

  4. *Bombinomicon’s voice*: “Oooo ho ho!! Dis is gonna be gud!!”

    Surely KL and G-Lizard did not expect her magic to work in here, though.

    It appears Gorshash has learnt by heart his lesson to always be wary of Erogenians, especially when they are royalty.

  5. I love that “rock on” sign Ipola is making with her right hand, in the last panel.

    I can almost hear “Holy Diver” by Dio playing in the background.

  6. How is Ipola using her Moon magic here? Didn’t Tula have problems using Moon Magic in a Shuach sanctuary, which is what this is?

    1. They’ve had time to figure out how to get around the blockage.

    2. Maybe it was only in that one room? I dunno, time to sit back with some popcorn and see how this plays out.

    3. KOr and Gorshash were convinced as well that her magic won’t work soooo….
      I can’t wait to see what Jed, master of suspense, has in stock for us!

    4. Also, while Tula is undeniably brilliant, so is Ipola, with a couple of decades of extra experience to boot.

    5. She did. Then, she went to her mother, who has that big library she mentioned earlier. Erogenians tend to see problems as obstacles to be overcome, and a mage being deprived of their magic is a noteworthy problem.

    6. [Uhl]:
      It’s not a total surprise. Her ring continued to function inside this temple, which foreshadowed her ability to wield other “non-Shuach” forms of magic.
      Exactly how she manages to not be magically suppressed remains to be told.

      As has been mentioned elsewhere on this thread, “KL” wields magic that, although formidable, is still 3,000-yrs. out-of-date. You can learn a lot of new tricks in 30 centuries, if you’re determined to NOT forget the wisdom of the past, & NOT rest on your laurels.

    7. If I had to guess, I’d say Ipola stashed a bit of magic power in her torc. Which happens to be the one thing Kor didn’t think to take away from her. She can use that magic anywhere, but she cannot “draw more” in The Presumably Evil One’s domain.

  7. who says ipola only know moon magic? we have seen that there is a few different sources of magic in this realm and ipola does keep in contact with lots of varied groups.

    though, almost wonder if this is not related to her having reconnected with the sun tribe? there is references to the moon and sun working together to stop shuach in a few places.

  8. So, in a lot of fantasies, mages and clerics are able to store magic for use in objects like wands, staves, and gems. Perhaps the queen has stored power in her torc? First thing she did getting free was putting hers back on.

  9. I think that Ipola has a stronger connection than even Tula to the Moon goddess. I think it was in a side story? She had a vision from Luna herself who (with permission) used the form of Ipola’s mother to speak to her, and guide her to the tower.

    Ipola is Luna’s CHOSEN if I’m not mistaken.

    That means something. Cause magic is all about meaning. Also it’s late here, and I’m rambling.
    But that being said.


  10. Ooh…! Magick fight! Or will they be so surprised at her ability to use magick they won’t react fast enough to deflect her shot?

    I really, really love the defiance and the way Ipola carry herself. She’s truly a queen.

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