IPOLA: Lunadeia …  Mihra Gorshash Tuchar Urr-tatanach nan! Gorshash appears, the stolen ring afloat between his hands IPOLA: Gorshash, Owner of Owners of the Urtt nations.   GORSHASH: Ah – so this is the fruit of my labors to unlock the secret of this artifact … IPOLA: No.  Your efforts have born little fruit, though I must say it is not from lack of trying, nor lack of talent. You seem to have actually unlocked some of the primary barriers set in place around the ring.  This is why I can open this tunnel between us from my end.  I congratulate you.  GORSHASH:  If you were not my enemy, I would accept your congratulations, Ipola Queen.   As it stands, know that my efforts will never cease, and all your knowledge will be mine!  
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Haters Gonna Hate – Page 1201

13 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate – Page 1201

  1. Concerning today’s last panel:
    I refer you to my post on the previous page, & in light of today’s new intel, I must once-again suggest that we employ the #3)__”Secure” option…
    …on accounta’ thissere lizzerd here iz in serious need ov’a heapin’-big face-fulla “KA-BLOOE!!!Y”
    I’m just sayin’.

    1. Stay tuned.


      Warm regards,


  2. I vote for calling back the ring to its owner, otherwise revoke the connection to all other rings.
    Also interesting to see, that the skull in Gorshash’s eye does not show in this “holograph”.

    1. See previous comment. But, as some senior politicians say,
      “Nothing is off the table.”

      Warm regards,

  3. Ah, so time for a little chat, eh?

    And I’d still like to know what happened to Ipola’s circlet after she put it on in the cave. Gorshash only insisted on keeping the ring (which wasn’t on the table as I recall?)

    1. Okay, so as the author I will tell you:

      She took it off during the journey as it became uncomfortable. It’s in the big bag that Keltan was carrying.

      There you go.


      Warm regards,

      1. Nice retcon. 😉 I’ll accept it, even if it’s improper for a queen like Ipola not to show her status. 😛

  4. Well, Gorshy will surely not like it if the ring has a remote-triggered detonation capacity.
    He will not like it if the thing blows up to his face. :-3

    1. Well – who would?

      Stay tuned

      Warm regards,

  5. i absolutely LOVE the dynamic that’s been developing between Queen Ipola and Gorshash Owner of Owners…

    (Been reading faithfully, enjoying it all, but just haven’t had the spoons (units of energy) or forks (units of focus) to spare to post much…)

    1. I totally understand, lovely Jean.
      There’s gonna be a lot more evolution of their relationship coming. Watch this space
      – JED

  6. As much as I like the ‘blows up in his face’ option, I’m also partial to the ‘Mentyl melts his face off with sick riffs’ option.

    1. Or the ring permanently floats around Gorshash and emits a loud noise at 03H00 AM and wakes everyone up.

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