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  1. As a great man once said: “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”

    1. Was that not Theodore Roosevelt Senior, per chance?

    2. Bugs Bunny when talking to Yosemite Sam

      1. Everything I needed to know in life, I learned from Loony Toons. It’s Duck Season, Shut up Shuttin’ up, and make a left turn in Albuquerque.

  2. Was that a thwack with a rolled up newspaper? Not really something to be condoned but… considering the context, perhaps appropriate?

  3. It took me a while to realise that comments are still here, but you have to click on the title to get them. Can you put something on the home page to tell innocent folks like me? I rarely comment, but I find the comments useful sometimes, to clarify things I may have missed.

  4. Getting some errors on the front-page.

    That said? I think Keltan just tamed a dragon, especialy if the poor fellow has been raised by smackings alone all his life.

  5. The Urttish rider is about to go from “what the Deuce” to “Oh, shit”, I wager.

  6. I love that the facial expression of the Urtt and Ipola are effectively the same. “What the,,,?”

  7. I’m picturing Keltan in the next panel plucking up the Urtt, squishing him, & tossing him far away into the woods, and then soothing & comforting the dragon, reassuring them the nasty Urt won’t hurt them anymore…

  8. Aw, is Keltan about to get a dragon sidekick? Because I’m totally for that! 😀 I also want to know; can giants in general talk with animals/understand them?
    I guess the rider is about to be turned into either smashed urrt or grilled urrt. Or both.
    And: two lines that’s just exclamation marks. That’s funny. 😀 Thanks for another great page, Jed.

  9. Ipola’s face says it all.

    Of course, being me, I have to add that intellectually, I know this is not the best page ever so far. There have been so many superb ones (“Ladies and gentlemen: my girl”, “My Zona — she’s the *strong* one”, “On my father’s soul, friend Benelek” “I think he got the message”, “What if that card… is you?”, to refer to but a few), but this one’s another great.

    Tell you what, let’s compromise and say it’s the best one with Keltan. (Then again, that wedding was so cute…)

    By the way, for those of you who want to archive dive: I haven’t found the chapter list (so far) so I’ve tweaked things a bit and landed on http://barbarianprincess.com/comic/ . Still not as quick as the old chapter list, but workable nonetheless. (JED, I guess by now you know me better than to think this be criticism. I know you’re doing your best and I have nothing to offer for it but my hearfelt thanks.)

  10. Did Keltan just tame the dragon?

  11. Panel 4 – That’s the look of an Urtt in desperate need of a fresh loincloth…..

  12. This is a great and unexpected call back to Keltan chiding the owl about letting the rats over populate the barn (I assume the owl just liked hunting outside more). So glad to see the gentle giants back!

  13. How to train your Dragon!
    1.) Get his attention
    2.) Remove any distracting influences
    3.) Begin kindness
    4.) Maintain attention on both sides, with proper rewards.

  14. KELTAN: “I think I know what might help.”
    ( … winds-up his batting-stance, & lets-fly … )
    ( … the Urtt goes flying high-&-far into the distance, his loose, floppy manner indicating that he’s already dead. Keltan & the Dragon both watch his arc until he vanishes from sight, followed by a soft, distant “Thunk!”, then turn to look at each other … )
    KELTAN: “Feeling better now?”
    ( … the Dragon dips his head in a brief bow & ‘chuffs’ … )
    KELTAN: “So, are we … OK … ?”
    ( … the Dragon does another ‘bow-&-chuff’ — Keltan then ‘bows-&-chuffs’ also, never taking his eyes off the Dragon … )
    ( … the Dragon raises a hind-paw & scratches at what’s left of the saddle, then makes an inquisitive whine. After a moment, Keltan approaches, un-buckles the saddle & lets it fall … )
    ( … After another ‘bow-&-chuff’, the Dragon turns & flies-away, while Keltan turns to tend to Ipola … )

  15. I guess there’s going to be a homerun, one way or another.

  16. how to train your dragon

  17. Keltan just make a dragon cry.

    And the swat on the snout likely just got their attention. It was the big man’s oh-so-disappointed tone that sold it.

    That is possibly even more impressive than the time a woman made a Dalek beg for mercy. https://youtu.be/qNOFxMpgjXI (And yes, the episode that came from was something of a mess. But that moment….)

  18. This page is off-center and has the right-hand ride of the image cut off.

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