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  1. Panel one: uh-oh.
    Panel five: UH-OHHHHH…
    I sure hope you haven’t done a death twist and killed of Mentl here and now. (That would be quite a twist indeed.) I don’t really think he’s dead, but I can’t quite shake the notion that he might be after all…
    Also, a Happy New Year to all, siblings and Storylord!

  2. If so, then it would be limited to this timeline. Remember, we’ve already seen him traveling with a late-teen or older daughter…

    1. Sure, but in that same chapter, he indicated that time travel worked differently from what readers of Harry Potter would expect. (Without giving extra detail about how it worked, since both persons involved presumably knew the necessary information already.)

      So I don’t feel that we can rely on that part to give us meaningful information on the current storyline.

  3. Zoltan makes a surprise visit for the dragons.
    Just a hunch.

    1. It would be a very good one, as I think the Urtts do not know of them yet. On the other side it would spoil the surprise in a later fight. We shall see.

  4. Could we be lucky and the dragons have decided to leave? Keltan’s dragon friend did plan to go home and talk to his mom.

  5. Has your RSS feed stopped working. I haven’t had an update for 5 months.

    Vamonos Vamonos.

  7. @the_eldest:
    An alternate form of the same hunch might be the dragons themselves. Remember that Zoltan spared that one dragon, & sent it back to the rest with new information. Based on that information, the dragons may have spread the word throughout the group, & now they could be bursting out & leaving, either to join the Erogenians or simply to remove themselves from BOTH sides of the conflict.

  8. ACK!!!?!
    Sorry – I just saw that Lora posted basically the same thing, except she did a better job of remembering Keltan’s name.

  9. Rereading periodically helps. 😉

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