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  1. Do you have a voice for anyone yet? :D:D

  2. Wow. I was wondering why there were no new pages and suddenly there’s six of them. I think a bug or something kept them from loading. These last few pages have been great to read! 😀

    1. Yeah. I had that issue as well, a few pages back.
      Was stuck on “I Quit” for well over a week, then suddenly Mentl was changing the brand of an imaginary cola.

      Stil getting it, tbh. Having to F5 every visit to see if there’s been any changes.

      1. Yep, just did that and it looks like there’s at least one more page I’ve missed. Couldn’t even see any comments before F5. :/

  3. Liri was so sweet and sad two pages ago, now she’s all *determined*.

    (And really, if I were a general and Keltan or Liri offered their services, the first thing I’d try would be to station them at the rear, bring them a heap of big rocks and tell them to start throwing down. After some time to ensure they know how to do it without hitting our troops, of course. With especially disciplined soldiers, I’d like to try something called the Bowling Night Special, where the troops would split open to leave a path for a giant to run forward with a large rock in their hand, throw said rock upon reaching the front line and run back to get another rock while the troops move together again. If it worked, it might even induce a reflex in the enemy to flinch back when seeing the troops open up.)

  4. I hope it’s something like making Dragons obey them, like puppies.

  5. Giant-sized USO? What does this mean, pray tell?

    1. USO was a troop entertainment service back in World War II if I recall correctly.

  6. USO: United Service Organizations, popularly known as the USO,. Its mission was to provide recreation for on-leave members of the U.S. armed forces and their families.

    1. Thanks, I was wondering as well. That’s definitively something specific to the USA.

  7. @JED: the last two pages appear a tad smaller than the previous ones, which makes it a bit harder to read. From what I was able to find the content area changed from 800*1200 to 620*930. Might just be me, if not maybe check it out?

    1. It’s not just you. It might be just you and me.

      1. No, it was not just either of you. It was me. I uploaded the image from Patreon, and for some unfathomable reason the resolution was changed and I didn’t notice! Not sure what enemy I have that did that, but it’s been fixed.
        Thanks for the heads-up!

        Warm regards,


  8. Thank ye, mate.

  9. Giant sized USO? Maybe a demo of Giant, One on One?

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