Injured Player – Page 1268

6 thoughts on “Injured Player – Page 1268

  1. Hearing about innocent villagers being burned to death has filled you with determination.

  2. Seems Mentl’s luck is holding. Let’s hope Vito can take him beyond the need for Luck!

  3. Damn. All the villagers we had seen identified and named are all goners, then. What a bummer, dude. 🙁

  4. Sounds like Tula is working on a real, “Mentl” case. She needs to consult with Vito.

  5. Based on her information, I’d say Tula really has a “Mentl” case on her hands. She needs a consultation with Vito. Of course, watching an entire village get slaughtered couldn’t be much help. Bad news all around.J

  6. Fine is if you can walk away from a crash landing. Or an explosion. Or Zona hugging you.

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