TULA: He’ll live.  He may even fight again, but … there was a lot that was broken.  He can’t walk back.  


GUNTIG: We need to go, all.  Now. 


ZONA: Get your eyes up top, Guntig.  Let us know if anyone is coming. We’ll bug out as soon as we can. 


RANNIK: We don’t have enough strength to carry the dead with us, Zona, not with the wounded, as well.  And a blaze would draw attention. 


YATTA-TA: No! No, you  can’t just leave her here to be –


RANNIK: I’m sorry Yatta-ta, but there’s no time –


YATTA-TA:What? Do you not care -you know what will happen!


ZONA: Yatta-ta, she is my kin! How easy do you think this is for me? But we have to go now!


YATTA-TA: No, no! I … I will stay – no one else needs to – 


MENTL:  Hang on.  Lemme … gimme a minute, okay?


Dig my grave

Dig my grave

Every time you call my name

I hear the angels say

“Dig my grave”

Dig my grave