Everything’s Just Fine – Page 1271

4 thoughts on “Everything’s Just Fine – Page 1271

  1. Wait, why did Mora return to Kivalian dress? Last time we saw her she dressed like an Erogenian.
    I hope Darvik doesn’t chicken out; he doesn’t seem like he would, but I understand his reservations.

  2. She came home with a certain number of clothes, much of which was Kivalian, so she’d wear a mix of whatever was clean, I suppose… Plus, she’d be used to wearing Kivalian garments. Hopping straight into a different style can sometimes be uncomfortable simply from the lack of familiarity. And if it’s chilly outside, she might not be acclimated to wearing fewer layers–like how Alaskans can wear teeshirts in 40F weather but a Southern Californian would be bundled up in sweaters….and how a SoCal would be perfectly fine in 80F, but an Alaskan would be sweating half to death.

  3. Also, she appeared to be much more tolerant about Kivalian customs and mores than Darvik was. Possibly father-daughter antagonism, possibly her taste or choice. (Though if she’s come to convince him not to go through with it, the kivalian dress is likely to drive him to actually do it out of annoyance.)

    Darvik has his flaws (who doesn’t? Even Tula has hers), but I sure wouldn’t want him to die. I hope it will go well enough.

  4. @jd:
    Mora’s hesitation in mid-speach reads to me as a hidden agenda that she already knows her dad won’t like.

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