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  1. The “full reality”. King Tor shows a way with words that I didn’t suspect earlier, and I love it!

    And Zona gets the last word with badass sweetness. She’s such a great character. (Also, I know I said I didn’t care much for the horns in the comments of a previous page, but here and before her face is nothing short of angelic. Beautiful work as always — nay, better than always and that’s saying something, JED.)

  2. Horns on helmets are always a bad thing. Not only is there no archeological evidence for them (unless they’ve found anything since my last binge on shit put out by historians and archeologists who’ve been on digs); instead of the helmet deflecting a blow away, it now catches them and does a damn good job of breaking your neck.

  3. Horns on helmets are always a bad thing. Have yet to see a historian or archeologist post vids saying there’s *any* historical record of them in the first place. All they’ll do is a better job of what that stupid crusader helmet did that ppl like to act is the shit, that got replaced in short order by the sugarloaf helmet. Instead of deflecting a blow, it catches it and makes sure that energy concusses you, or even better, breaks your neck.

  4. Meneh. First post didn’t load for me so I thought the net ate it. Needs an edit button for when shit like this happens

  5. My current headcanon is that the Erogenians (ancient and modern) have long known this, and those horns are the equivalent of breakaway clothing. They LOOK cool, but will shear off at the slightest touch of a weapon.

  6. I like the break away idea. My head just settled on “Why do they have horns on thier helmets?” “Oh, I bet the Bull Tribe supplied the armor.” “Of course the BULL Tribe puts horns on thier helmets. After all, in some breeds of cattle, bulls and cows have horns.”

  7. “*any* historical record of them in the first place”

    Well, there are horned helmets, but they are ceremonial helmets. Definitely not meant for military use,
    even though the metal used is good enough for that.

  8. Normal People? How many Normal People wear a Zona shaped armband?
    Although to be honest, I would wear one too, if I could

  9. Not quite none. There are ceremonial helmets with horns. (Vekso helmets. Waterloo Helmet.). No evidence of any intended for battle use, agreed. But people wear poorly designed stuff all the time.

  10. Yeah, you don’t want to wear a helmet with horns in battle. Really, really, REALLY bad idea. As said it traps the sword instead of deflecting it away from the head and the attacker can use them to break your neck or at least seriously injure you. Ouch!
    In modern times Scandinavia horned helmets are only used for satire and fun, but it’s not like anyone believe vikings had freaking stupid horns on their helmets. (Despite what media likes to portray). *Eye roll*

  11. Horned helmets were to instill fear in your enemy, nothing more. Vikings wore them as badges of honor, having killed the animal they came from (supposedly bare-handed) etc…WWI Germans wore sharp spikes on their helmets, but that actually had a reason for, as a last-ditch weapon. Bayonets made more sense though, stabbing with a knife on your gun was a safer bet than leaning down and running at someone, I for one would dodge and kick them over!

  12. There’s SOME precedent for them- but not as a solid part of the helmet. Some medieval (I think later on?) knights had significant decorative crests, and some could include or be shaped as horns (also eagles, lions, various decorative and animal shapes…)
    These were important to help distinguish knights from each other, much like heraldic emblazons, and were designed to shear or break off easily when struck, attached with, say, wood or pitch, as opposed to being riveted or welded on.
    So on a battlefield commander or royalty, they may be helpful for catching attention, and might be designed to not offer resistance/break off when hit, which makes them fairly safe (though yes, still not as good as a smooth domed helmet. But those don’t look very interesting, do they?)

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