Gods Know – Page 1057

10 thoughts on “Gods Know – Page 1057

  1. Ouch. Way to slide that knife between the ribs there.

  2. Good page, shows Zona learning about her father in ways she didn’t want to hear for a long time.

    BTW Am I the only one who couldn’t see the page yesterday?

    1. I couldn’t see it either.

      Seeing Zonn crying in the previous page adds a lot of depth to an otherwise one dimensional character. He’s not just a brawler. He is a father to his people.

      Well done!

    2. I left a message on the FB group page because the screen was nothing but white blankness…

  3. ok, I’m a sobbing wreck (but just having a baby is one part of the explanation so) but this is so beautiful. I love those last pages, the relationship between father and girl, it is wonderfully written. Wow! Well done JED

    1. Arre you expecting a baby, sis? Congratulations and all my wishes of strength, love and peace to you if so! (And even if not, because, well, sister in Zona.)

      1. Actually, just had my new little bundle of joy! And strength, love and peace to you too!

        1. I notice no one ever offers wishes for a decent night’s sleep. Oversight or not trying to achieve the impossible?

        2. Brother, the wishes for a decent night’s sleep are for before the birth. Some times when friends told me they were expecting, I had only three words for them: “Congratulations! Sleep now!”

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