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Nerdy Girl – Page 1267

4 thoughts on “Nerdy Girl – Page 1267

  1. I’m guesing Dinnek’s presence isn’t so much because Liri poses a threat, but as a standard response to the Moon Tribe going to DefCon 2/BIKINI Red/NATO Amber.

    1. Pretty much. It is a formality, in this instance. Given that Ipola is quite capable of handling arms physically as well as having enough magick to open a can of whoopass on a fire-breathing dragon, it’s mostly for image. Of course it never hurts to have someone watching your back.

  2. Frankly, I’d rather have someone standing back to my back watching what’s behind me.
    Eric Hines

  3. When I heard the speaker stress the word “research”, not knowing yet that it was Ipola, I thought the book had been something Tula had given her to supplement the instructions about sex she had given her in everyone’s favorite sweet giantess.

    Also, “don’t bother getting up!” I know that’s Ipola being courteous as ever, but I can’t help thinking that it may also help not to have to tilt her head back another twenty degrees.

    Last, I love Liri’s sadness about fighting.

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