Still, It Has A Certain Ring To It – Page 1203

12 thoughts on “Still, It Has A Certain Ring To It – Page 1203

  1. Aw. Tula is telling how afraid she was her mother had died without actually saying the words. It’s sweet. 🙂

    I hope Ipola will put on her old favorite style of circlet; I liked that design.

  2. One More bit of proof that Tula really is the smart one, no intelligent person wants the responsibility.

    1. Actually, an intelligent person would want the responsibility.
      Because otherwise, a stupid person would take it or, at best, it would be an average person who, anyway, would still have the wisdom to get assistance from intelligent people.

      We don’t need intelligent people to shy away from responsibilities. We need them to take charge or, at least, be aware where they are the most efficient.

      1. I could make an entirely logical argument that this is precisely what has happened over the past 70 years: the intelligent people have looked at the horrifying snakepit of politics and said ‘nope rather not thanks’ while the stupid people have said ‘yes please! yes please! yes please!’.

        This explains an awful lot about where we currently are as a species. 🙁

      2. An intelligent person would NOT want the responsibility. Or rather, I should emphasize that an intelligent person would not WANT the responsibility. They might take it if they knew it was the optimal choice, if no one better could be found… but they wouldn’t be happy about it.

    2. @[Calisto], [Reservist],
      In Arthur C. Clarke’s book, “The Fountains of Paradise”, he proposed what he thought might be the ideal cure for “Potomac Fever”. He suggested that the ideal President was someone who was competent, but with too common-sense to WANT the job. As a result, he’d have to be dragged “kicking and screaming” into office, but once there, he’d do his best work, in the hope that he might be released early, for good behavior.

  3. If that energy release was what I think it was, then Gorshash has left our tale. Even a shield for himself would not save him from what happens to the surrounding rock cave. Meanwhile, Tula can breath easy about increased responsibility. The problems with ancient Erogenians are in abeyance. The dragons will be given some interesting ideas to chew on, and lots more besides humans, and our largish friends may not need to bash anyone about after all. Perhaps, most potently, without Gorshash, the Urrts will will not force Ipola into her genocidal oath-keeping effort. Now one wonders what will happen to the Half-Urrt girl still affected by Mentl’s spell all those months ago, and what her part in the remaining story will be.

    We wonders, we does, … yes we does!

    Wellll, … it sounds nice and peaceful, anyway.

    1. Personaly, I’m seeing Gorshash getting up from the ground, covered in soot and glaring like Daffy Duck after getting his bill blown off. Again.

      “Of course you realize… this means genocide…”

      1. @[Archone]:
        If so, then he’s learned nothing.
        He was already “singing that tune” — BEFORE the “Kaboom”.

      2. Yep, pretty much how I see it, too, only missing some more pieces here and there.

  4. Y’sure? Ol’ Shuach re-inflated his carcass once before.

    1. Maybe Schuach will say something along the lines of “You screwed up. Alright, I’ll do it myself. Watch and learn.” when speaking to Gorshy.

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