Mission Accomplished – Page 1154

TRANSCRIPT: ZONA: Yes, Zonn is alive, and very well, indeed.  And he will fight for Erogenia when we call.  You’ll all hear that story in full soon. But the word and the order is this:  It is time for all of us to go back home, and quickly. This mission is over. The War is about to begin in earnest. 

8 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished – Page 1154

  1. “Because if the war doesn’t begin in earnest, it will begin in Kivalia.”

    (I can *never* resist that joke. Too much Grouch Marx as kid, I suppose.)

    1. “Oh, I’m sick of messages from the Front! Don’t we ever get any messages from the Side?”


      Warm regards,

      1. We do, actually, but we get more messages from the Back.

        Oh, wait, we *are* the Back. We just talk to ourselves a lot.

  2. “The word is given.”
    Finish it! Finish the quote!
    “Warp speed.”
    And that’s what they need right now.

  3. Zona: “This mission is over.”

    John: “NOTHING IS OVER!! NOTHING!! You just don’t turn it off!!”

  4. I’m not sure the plot can thicken any more; it’s pretty thick already.

    Btw, Jed, I like that you can see Zona has been in battle thanks to the bruise peaking out under her top. 🙂

    1. A keen eye, you have, Lora.

      1. Indeed. There’s also the twisted reflection in Mentl’s belt bucket, but it’s fainter. But the splash of red indicate Pontagar being reflected.

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