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  1. Well that’s not good. Here is hoping she has a hard head. I’ll be disappointed if she loses this fight and goes down from that after all this build up.

  2. Can’t quite tell what’s going on here. The white “staff” appears to be made of Moon energy. How can KL use it against her?

  3. I’d say it was a cheap shot but that’s all he’s got.

  4. Image has #1173

    And Ipola gets taken by surprise, again…

  5. First off, I’d like to state (for all of us, I believe) that I’m relieved for this page, because it means that you’re all right.

    Second, this is a splendid page and the confrontation looks EfriggingPIC.

    Third, Kor Lachnis does not seem goaded into bringing the whole place down on them both. Now there’s a worthy opponent.

    If I may offer criticism (which rarely happens), I would say that if not for the title, it would not be immediately apparent that the mace’s energy double appears behind Ipola. If, say, its handle was shown hidden by Ipola’s head, shoulder or hair in the fourth panel, it would be more obvious to those of little attention such as yours truly. (To be fair to myself, even looking closely at the fourth panel, it’s not apparent, at the point where the mace crosses Ipola’s magic shield, which is in front of which.)

    Again, it’s a minor quibble because I spent a few seconds wondering why Ipola’s shield hadn’t protected her before noticing the title that made it all clear.

  6. I sure hope she’s got someone with a frying pan waiting in the wings, ready to protect her while she’s incapacitated.

    1. ^THIS^

      “All it takes is one asshole getting in a lucky shot.”

  7. Aw shit, shite, and sugar. :-S

  8. So just so I’m sure I am reading this right. Ipola pierces his shield with a lightning bolt but doesn’t finish him and he manages to blindside her with magic mace?

    1. Ipola cast Lightning, and pierced his shield. On Kor’s action tick, he cast Magic Mace, which swung around her shield.

  9. My prediction/hope is, she’s just “playing possum” — acting more hurt than she actually is, in order to lull him into a false sense of security.

    On a separate note …
    … this makes the 2nd time that “KL” has attacked her from behind.
    Perhaps his keynote/theme-song should be “Back Door Man”, by The Doors: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PVpQkcCpUw]

  10. Dramatically, it was necessary for her to lose, since he’s obviously going to end up going up against the main protagonists. She got some licks in, though, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t die, based on the future her we saw in the sidestory with Zona & Mentl’s future daughter. Most likely the villains figure out a way to keep her more securely captive, e.g. locked in enchanted sleep while chained up inside a steel cage or something.

  11. So both gets in a shot, but how serious is each one? Ipola looks like it might be enough to bring her down from her ‘I am the Moon’ state. (Though I hope not).

  12. Ah, page doesn’t load anymore. Might want to look into that.

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