ZONA: When the time came, Kevin had me put my good foot in his hands and just “whoosh!”  sent all three of us flying into the hole in the worlds!

KID1: Wow! He must be strong!

MENTL: Oh yeah.  He’s … legendary in my world.

KID2: Is he as strong as Zonn?

KID1: NO-body is as strong as Zonn!

MENTL: Well, I don’t know, but he’s probably the strongest man in my world.   If “man” even applies to him.

KID3: Who would win in a fight?  If Zonn and him had a fight?

ZONA: Oh – I don’t …

KID2: Zonn can beat anybody!

KID3: He can lift anything!  He kills the big monsters with his bare hands and stuff!

MENTL: Aren’t you forgetting something?

KID3: What?

MENTL: Well … what would they be fighting about?  Zonn’s a really good guy, and so’s Kevin. I think they wouldn’t fight each other.  I think they’d probably team up.

KID3: Ohh … yeah.

ZONA: I don’t know how it goes here yet, but back home we sometimes have contests and we fight for fun.  But Kevin’s not an Erogenian – he’s a different sort of person. I saw him stop a fight and make it all right with everybody just by talking and calming people down.  I think that shows a lot of strength, too. A different kind of strength. I think he would rather not fight at all if you gave him a choice. I think Zonn – well from what I’ve seen my father is kind of like that now, as well.  He’s …

IPOLA: “Hectoring?”  Where did you even learn that word?  You mean “nagging” don’t you?

ZONN: No, no, I don’t.  Besides, I know you don’t like me to say the “N” word unless I’m talking about horses.  But it’s just not that simple, Ipola!