MENTL: Here – have some kishir.  I’ll see what I can do about immobilizing the arm –  but not sure how good my healing magick is, just yet.  I’ll let Tula handle you when she’s got a minute. Nothing personal, just don’t want to do more harm than good. 

Easy, dude.  Chera’s stuff may be a little stronger than you’re used to.  Although, in your case that’s not a bad thing.  

RANNIK: Shouldn’t you be helping the battle, then –  enchanter?

MENTL: Zona’s got it.  It’s been awhile since she could really cut loose like this.  And honestly, I might just get in the way. 


ON ZONA having a perfectly wonderful time butchering Urtts (“This is GREAT!”)


RANNIK: Yes.  Yes, we’ve missed her.  

MENTL: I’ll bet. 

RANNIK: I look …  forward to hearing your story. 


Guntig morphs from hawk to human right next to them. 




GUNTIG: Either help or get out of the way. 

MENTL: Uhh … your patient.