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6 thoughts on “The Whole World’s Being Attacked – Page 1264

  1. “Don’t tell them I said that.”

    You could be sure I would tell them. If said goddesses throw hissy fits or pout because they are called/described as imperfect,
    while they indeed, actually are imperfect, then that is their problem to deal with.

    But maturely so. Like the goddesses they are supposed to be.

    Long story short, you want to be called a goddess? You want to be revered and respected? Well own it.

    Yeah, I know. I am not one for white lies. 😛

  2. It’s a joke. Vito’s joking. 🙂
    It’s not a spoiler to say that Luna and Teria are big enough not to take offense at what other beings’ opinion of them is. In creating the Erogenian pantheon I wanted a different relatiionship with the goddesses than the usual, historical, human religion. If you read “The King Is Dead” which I wrote a few years ago and put up as a reward (and you can still read it as a patron on Patreon.com/JEDraft) it recounts how Ipola opened the Tower Of The Moon after her father and brother and sister were killed and became queen. She has a visit with Luna, who uses the form of Ipola’s dead mother Ravonna to basically set her on the path to her throne and the uniting of all Erogenia.
    To quote Luna, speaking to the young Ipola:

    ” … I will not tell you what to do, now. You’re much too grown for that kind of a goddess. But know that I love you, and that I will help my people as a mother sometimes helps her grown children. But: I cannot make your choices for you. We won’t interfere directly anymore, as we did when we cast out Shuach, and locked this tower against today. Your world is now yours, to make of it whatever you can – or can’t. Know that your way is not going to be easy, and that you carry inside of you the seeds of failure as well as the seeds of success and greatness. Go now. Greet your people as a queen, and glory in your moment. You do and will deserve it.”

    Now Shuach, on the other hand is a narcissistic asshole. Like a lot of the old gods, but that’s another subject.

    Warm regards,


  3. Well, I think the lesson of ‘Zona is the meat shield’ is going to stick after this. XD A week in a coma/trance. Yep, Mentl messed up. He can only hope Shuach et al don’t move too quickly and make an appearance before he’s healed.

  4. @Lora I don’t think so. Not because I don’t think you are right. Mentyl has known for a long time that Zona was “the meat shield”, that wasn’t the problem. What happened was, in the moment, Mentyl instinctively acted to protect the people he loves. That is a good thing and the exact opposite of what Shuach is about. Mentyl has always known he isn’t the fighter. Understanding Zona and her abilities does not help the knee jerk reaction that comes up when he perceives a threat to her or to Tula for that matter. This is the “weakness” Shuach and his followers talk about while not understanding how it is a great strength.

  5. “[…] compared to a normal cat like you or me […]”
    Damn, if Vito and Michael are “normal cats”, then I shudder at thinking who’s their n+1. 😛

  6. Looking back at it, I like Vito’s playful smirk hidden by his beard in the last panel. Definitely sounds like a grandpa or a great-uncle that you’d like hanging out with.

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