On the Bridge of the Tower Of The Moon


Mentl and Zona walk in their serious clothes purposefully


MENTL: As if I could stop you.


ZONA:  I couldn’t stop you, either once you make your mind up …


Enter TULA


TULA:  But I can stop you,  and I will. 


ZONA: Tula, you – 


TULA: I thought you might pull a stunt like this.  You are staying right here in the Valley. 


ZONA: You can’t –


TULA: Oh, yes I can. This time. Zona, I hate to pull rank, but Mother made me regent in her absence.  Which means when she’s not here I speak for her. 


ZONA: And you think she’d prevent me from going out to look for her myself?


TULA: You know the answer to that as well as I do. 


ZONA: Tula! I have to do something! I’m going out of my mind!


TULA: And you think I’m not?


Out Of My Mind – Page 1196

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