ZONN: Wow.
CHERA: So - “be bold and trust to luck,” eh?
ZONN: Yes …
CHERA: Isn’t that exactly what you always used to say?
ZONN: Yes. And look where it got me.
CHERA: Well, I am looking, Lord. And it’s not really all that bad, is it?
ZONN: Eh, I suppose not.

TULA: Farewell, until we meet again.
CHERA: Here. (gives her a bracelet) To remember me by.
TULA: As if I could forget - I owe you so much.
CHERA: You know better than that.
TULA: So do you.
ZONA: Goodbye, Father. It’s been good to finally know you a little, and to like what I know.
ZONN: Let’s hope we can know each other better. Someday.
ZONA: Someday.
ZONN: Just … be careful.
ZONA: Ha! I never get anywhere being careful, Father. “Be bold and trust to luck,” that’s what I say.

IPOLA: (Embraces Zona and Tula and Mentl) Be well, my children. Be safe, be strong. I expect to see you again in the Valley Of The Moon.
MENTL: Hey, you too, right?
IPOLA: Indeed, my new son.
IPOLA: I’ll send birds to you with messages. Chera should be able to speak with them, now that Tula’s taught her. .
CHERA: As long as they’re patient with me. It’s still very new.
IPOLA: You’ve taught yourself so much over the years, I don’t doubt you’ll do as well at this.
ZONN: We’ve got the ring, anyway.
IPOLA: Please use it sparingly. Only if it’s important.
ZONN: Everything about you is important, Ipola.
ZONN: But yes, I hear you. I’ll try to be wise - for your sake.
IPOLA: You’re already wiser than I ever thought - and probably wiser than you know. Farewell, my love. Until we meet again.

IPOLA: (in Aburor speech) <Greetings wind wandering Hrraarch, Hanch-Daughter. Ipola Ravonna-Daughter greets you with gratitude.>
HRRAARCH: <Greetings, Ipola Ravonna-Daughter. Hrraarch, Hanch-Daughter comes as agreed. We ride the wind now back to our own eyries.>
TULA: <Honor follows you, noble Hrraarch Hanch-Daughter, and from us take gratitude for bringing our Mother to us.>
ZONA: <Honor-bibble Hrraarch Daughter-Hanch, me is too thanks also you as eldest daughter’s mother child.>
HRRARRCH: You do me honor, children of my friend. But as the speech of Aburori folk seems difficult in your mouth, let me return your greeting in the tongue of Erogenian folk. Well met, though briefly. You are Tula Ipola Daughter, and you are Zona Ipola Daughter. We know much of you from speech with Ipola Ravonna-Daughter. Respect to you.
ZONA: Thank you...
TULA: Thank you
ZONN: Welcome, Hrraarch, daughter of Hanch, to the Sun Tribe. I lead these people. I am Zonn.
HRRARCH: Of course you are. Ipola Ravonna-Daughter has spoken much of you, Zonn Tera-Son.

ZONN: And you are right about one thing: With what’s at stake, we have no right to hold ourselves apart from the fight. I know the Urtts as well as you do. It wouldn’t end in Erogenia.
IPOLA: No - no, it wouldn’t. Have you spoken to Uissan?
ZONN: Yes. I understand that they look at the Urtts as … victims like themselves, in a way. But even he acknowledges that three thousand years later they’re as responsible for themselves as we are. But … well, they’re talking among themselves about it. We’ll see if they come up with something. Anyway. The answer you were looking for from me is - yes. If you call, I will come. Alone if necessary, but with all our strength if possible.
IPOLA: I have something for you, then. These are few and precious. We still have not figured out how to duplicate the magick in them, but I brought this one for you.
ZONN: What … what does it … do?
IPOLA: I’ll teach Chera and you together, to make sure that there’s always someone who knows how to use it. Watch:
YANORA: Yes, Ipola? Ohhhh … Well, well, well!

TULA: For what it’s worth, I think you made a very persuasive case.
IPOLA: I am glad the three of you were there to add your voices.
TULA: Me too.
IPOLA: Zonn’s right. They’re … an unallied tribe. We can’t hold them to an oath that only some of them took twenty-five or thirty years ago.
TULA: We could. There’s a precedent.
IPOLA: I won’t.
TULA: I know.
POLA: I … am so glad you are here. So glad you found Mentl, and that you and Zona are well.
TULA: Not half as glad as we are, but yes, I appreciate it.
IPOLA: What about the artifact?
TULA: The Book? Mentl has It - or It has him. It pops in and out when It pleases Itself to do. We no longer worry about It when It disappears. It always comes back eventually.
IPOLA: Ah - until the time It doesn’t.
TULA: I try not to think about that.
UISSAN: Your Majesty …

TULA: Mother.
IPOLA: Tula.
IPOLA: So - what …?
TULA: I think that they’re voting now.
IPOLA: Did they ask you to leave, as well?
TULA: No. But Zona and I decided it would be best not to even appear to try to influence things.
IPOLA: Mentl?
TULA: He went off with Zona. I think they’re just taking a walk.
TULA: Or something.


ZONN: I have always loved you. From the first time I saw you. All my life. You are … everything I have ever loved, everything I ever wanted.
IPOLA:And everything that sticks in your throat … the “sand in your breechcloth,” I think you called me once.
ZONN: Well, yeah, that, too. But gods, you are … the impossible standard that no one else could ever match. Even now, after all these years … I … have never worn a chain. Because of you.
IPOLA: Oh, Zonn. Of course I know it has nothing to do with our love. Of course you need some time with your people to consider. I … there I go again, acting and talking from fear.. Sorry. So sorry. Cha na amanh.
ZONN: Cha nethron. I do know how it is. My darling one. For the first time I have something besides myself to lose. And it’s the worst time in history. I’m afraid, too. I am afraid.
IPOLA: But I did want to hear you say that you love me.
ZONN: That’s fair.
IPOLA: After twenty-five years? Not really, no.