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14 thoughts on “Page 1310 – Breach the Gates

  1. The last victim of dragonfire on page 1307 was instantly reduced to bones. Keltan looks like he may come out with a mild sunburn.

  2. He was hit by dragon fire before, all he said was a small ow. and then spoke to the dragon and the rider whacked his dragon. In response Keltan used his club to make a red mist! Giants are very flame resistant, they are the answer to dragon attacks. Seems plug-ugly doesn’t know that, or thinks it’s magic that can be worn off him.

    1. Well, if one dragon hurt him on page 1182 then I can imagine that 7 would sting pretty bad.

  3. I hope he remembered to put on sunscreen that morning ๐Ÿ™

  4. Magik armor ainโ€™t gonna melt and I hope Keltan will use YOYODYNE on the riders, not the dragons. Great page.
    Howโ€™s life JED, Are you doing okay? Been following you since day one of Zona and even have your comics. Your pace seems to be slowing down and Iโ€™m really kind of worried about you. Hope all is well, take care.

  5. Well, Smasher/Crusher is about to get some more action, I think. And Gorshash is about to find out that giants don’t burn.

  6. Keltan took the full breath attack of a Dragon wearing nothing but a loincloth. With that armor I doubt he’s going to be inconvenienced at all.

  7. This might leave a mark? I am thinking This is going to turn out badly for someone….

  8. It hurt him like us feeling the hot water from a faucet, he shook it off just like a wet hand. They might have to cut him out of that armor after this, I’m sure the fasteners will be melted a bit. But, at the same time, was was written in those books they found that it was magical armor, so it might have felt like a hot summer breeze to him.

    1. do you know the hot summer breezes here in Arizona? they like a blast furnace. or dragonfire.

  9. I don’t know if there is a name yet, but here’s another entry (perhaps entry idea) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Go a little ancient giant, and get a worthy of Mentl and Erogenia pun in.
    MaasToFaas AnBakAghen

  10. you should feel the hot summer breezes here in Phoenix, AZ. More like a blast furnace or a dragon blast. LoL

  11. Sheesh. Please be safe there. Drink lots of water and stay out of the sun ๐Ÿ™

  12. @Kiddeagle
    Yes, seven bigger dragons spitting fire in unison would hurt more than just one “teenage” dragon.
    I surmise it will still not be enough to take him out of action at once.

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