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10 thoughts on “It Just Slips Out – Page 1292

  1. Butik or Kronik just put his foot in his mouth, didn’t he? (The notion of offense that Porcha refers to brings up a question about the cha and its perception by Erogenians. Is it something they instinctly feel, a bit like we sometimes know what we are doing is right or wrong? I don’t think it’s a set of rules written down somewhere or passed on orally, because I guess by now someone would have made an explicit reference to one. Is there something of a ceremony to perceive it clearly? Possibly, come to think of it, something like what we are about to witness?)

    Fire Tribe still has a long road ahead of it (sigh), but I’m clinging to the good news that they have started to move down it.

    While I’m waxing philosophical, I feel it’s interesting that the tribe that speaks the most about purity is the one (so far) that appears to be closest to betraying the Erogenian ideals, and the one that accepts the most mixed-bloods (Snake) is the most adamant against that.

  2. Oh, and I think I never mentioned it, but it’s quite clever to show the old/bad Erogenians as the ones with a “modern” society (slaves and technology) and the new/good ones relying on nature and goodwill in a way that we Westerners tend to view as archaic. Particularly in view of the changes I feel our societies need to make these days to ensure they will live on…

  3. Last, clothes again: Porcha’s top looks like it’s made of black latex, but I assume it wouldn’t exist in Erogenia. Is it the leather of a particular creature? Or regular leather (possibly even cloth), processed in a specific way?

    (Oh, and I’ll be shutting up now, but regarding her clothing, I just noticed the clever double entendre in the page title. Congratulations!)

    1. Inquisitive Raven

      Well, latex is made from plant sap, so it’s conceivable but more likely it’s thin leather, possibly treated with oil to keep it supple.

    2. Ipola has worn something of a similar texture, but in green, recently.
      Although, given the lighting, it’s possible that Porcha’s is also green.

  4. Man with the epic stache… just shut up. Please for the love of Cha. Shut. Up. Now.

    Before someone punches you in the balls for lack of being ‘clever’. Likely Porcha, she looks like she’s had just about enough of you trying to swallow your foot up to your hip.

  5. He’s a “Chad,” to him, women are only good for a few things. And trust isn’t one of those…. I seriously doubt he’d try to say that around Zona or Mentl, neither would take it well! Sure, a woman might trick you, dumbass, because it’d be easy. If you don’t trust her, trust those who DO since no one else has an issue. I think he wants the result to suit HIM, not the truth.

  6. @jd. Just an observation, I know of a few types of leather made from fish skin that can be very shiny in certain light, also depending on the type of tanning used on the leather, a shiny surface isn’t difficult to end up with. The material itself appears to be thin, so either fish skin (who can say what fish they might have) or a cloth that has been oiled for the sheen.
    And just to mention another possibility, this is obviously a ritual so special clothing might be part of it. My thought is it is at least conceivable that magic might have been used to create a special garment for the occasion. Just my $.02

    1. Any leather can be made shiny, ask anyone that’s been in the service, the drill instructors DEMAND to shine their boots so well he can see his face. Mink oil and a buffing pad on a drill is how I shined up my riding jacket, it’s really not that hard.

  7. Mouth meet foot; incel type guy needs to shut up, preferably yesterday. XD

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