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  1. Marcus

    Mumsy is a tricky fox, yes she is.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Anyone who becomes a parent HAS to learn a few tricks…

  2. Uhl

    Nicely done. This is how you say goodbye in Morcai’s profession.

  3. jd.

    It did not hit me until the last panel that he should indeed react at least a little rattled to Mara calling him “Morcai”. Despite that the writer went to the trouble of reminding us through the little girl that he went by another name for them.

    Now, the big question is: will the focus of the story follow Morcai to his bonus, or Darvik and family to the next step of their journey? Or would it be both? JED, I have no way of knowing whether that is possible story-wise, but don’t you feel that now would be the perfect time to experiment with split-screen narrative?

    (Yes, yes, I do ask for a lot. Then again, I know whom I am asking from.)

    • Hornet

      I wouldn’t expect a slip screen, however I do believe this isn’t Morcai’s last appearance.

  4. Prairie Son

    And Mora is learning how to use all that Foxy cunning. :)

  5. …I had an idea on what his ‘special reward’ might be…and why deviating even a teeny tiny bit would get him killed. I think he’s been given the name of a known pedophile, and instructions on when & where he can…dispose…of said individual. A “regular” could be a whole list of them, refreshed periodically to put new names on the ever-dwindling list.

    Not saying I’m right, not saying I’m wrong, just saying it’s a possibility. After all, we already know that there are an endless number of variations on Earth and Earth-like worlds out there…and in one of them, that IS Morcai’s “special reward”…which would suit his history and personal proclivities, methinks…

  6. …Then again, JED could throw all of us for a loop, and it could be a babysitting assignment filled with puppies and kittens and other adorable animal floofs that will crawl all over him while he grins and enjoys it…and threatens to blind & kill anyone who sees him in a cuteness cuddlepile like that…

  7. calisto

    Just so everyone knows… I happen to live on the East coast, Massachusetts in fact.
    JED lives somewhere in SoCal (San Bernardino valley I’m willing to bet)…

    If JED tries to get away with not explaining the nature of Morcai’s “bonus” to at least some degree, I will find out exactly where he lives…

    bear in mind I am only MOSTLY joking, I got a plane ticket around here somewhere…

  8. JEDraft

    I have made the decision.

    The next few pages will, in fact, show Morcai getting his bonus.

    It involves making a whole new set, but the characters and all are all ready and the script is complete.

    I just hope this won’t get me virtually lynched …

  9. Dah Debil (Crazeyal)

    Mordeci: Walk three steps, approach mirror, hold small horse bristle aloft..

    Voice from mirror: THY COUNTENANCE BE PERFECT!!!

    Merdeci: AYYYYYYYYYY

  10. Lora

    Don’t worry, Jed. Virtual lynching isn’t fatal. ;) But we are usually a well behaved bunch anyway.

  11. EmmaC

    *preparing popcorn* Don’t worry JED, we will all remember that WE ask you again and again for this bonus… so we all here swear that we won’t lynch you, not even a little. We asked for it, we will live by the consequences.
    Everybody agreed?

  12. SeanR

    You might want to do it up as a bonus. Link it, but don’t put it in the main archive, if it’s likely, in your superiorly informed opinion, to be disturbing to all or part of the audience.

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