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  1. The Old Hack

    I dunno. I like the marlinespike look. And I kinda agree that the claws are overdone. Maybe something like Edward Scissorhands? But whatever you do, enjoy it, because that’s going to be one of the last pleasures you’ll ever have after pulling this stunt.

  2. 3Xp4t

    Im’a placing my bet that clocktits over-reached there a bit, and isn’t smart enough to realize it.

    Looking forward to the time comes when Mentl walks into the OtherWhen and …. y’know, if he erases it, that would be doing clocktits a favor. And Shuach. Gonna have some time to be creative about it, so long as he doesn’t lose his humanity along the way.

  3. bugstomper

    Has his father’s death been mentioned earlier? If so, does anyone have a link?

    • Reservist

      From what I remember, Mike’s father died of cancer, a certain numbers of years before the events in the comic. And Mike used to ride his father’s motorbike and lead him to the hospital for chemotherapy, when he was still resilient enough for the trip.

    • Uhl

      Yes, it has. His death lead to Mentl’s drug use, despair, and the complete destruction of the relationship between Mentl and his mother, not to mention the rest of his family.

  4. Reservist

    I don’t understand what the henchman says. Does he say that he thinks having adamantium claws instead of the current ones would be better?

    • Salisria

      It’s a reference to the recent Death of Wolverine that Marvel did in the comics a couple months ago.

  5. Lora

    Yep, the manager is a below the belt kind of scumbag. Mentl, Zona and Tula (when you get well) make his life hell!

    • Hornet

      I would agree to making his “life” hell, but since he’s animating a bunch of inanimate objects, it’s lacking in the impact part. So simply removing the spirit from this corporal realm is really all that’s left.

      • Foradain

        Said spirit may still be tied to the skull, so there may be some crunching of bones. Or there may be a Koschei-the-Deathless-style soul jar somewhere that needs to be found…

  6. soundofsilence

    I honestly expected more immediate and dire consequences here. He just called to antagonize someone that channels magic power through sound, and has every reason to want him dead. Perhaps if he’d been thinking clearly, Mentl would have taken that shot instead of threatening to.

  7. EmmaC

    I don’t know but… it doesn’t look like Mentl is loosing his focus. I mean if they’re ‘messing with his head, I suppose they hope that he will begin to loose his controle, his focus, his trust in himself. Right now, all I see is a cold, angry guy. But I might be wrong, of course.

    • Kris

      Could be like setting the groundwork to install a berserk button. Usually calm and rational, listen to advice, etc, but you put “this thing” in front of them and that all goes out the door and it’s super easy to predict their moves, set traps, and lure them away from advantageous positions.

  8. Adam Zero

    here’s a thought, can mental do a backwards magic trace through the caller ID? If Shauch pulled it off with them, can they do the same?

    • Adam Zero


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