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  1. JEDraft

    THERE we go.
    It wasn’t me – it was GoDaddy.
    Grr. Argh.

    • Joe

      “It wasn’t me – it was GoDaddy.”

      Man. Can’t beat THAT timing!

  2. Salisria

    We’ll soon see if Thann is Erogenian enough to accept the idea of hurting someone and then helping them. Abstractly, I myself can accept it, but then I’m not the one that just got my back broken and then healed just to satisfy the cha.

    • JEDraft

      He may not have a choice.

  3. xpacetrue

    I think we know what Ipola is doing in the last panel. This is so Jed’s style. :) Though, this makes things more… complicated. And I guess complicated is usually more interesting.

    • JEDraft

      Do you know? You can be certain if you just look back at a couple previous scenes. :)

  4. Hwyla

    Wow JED – Thann’s face in panel 4 is amazing! Hard to tell it isn’t a realistically painted portrait! oh – and the story is going great, too of course.

    • JEDraft

      Thanks to Subsurface Skin Scattering in poser Pro 2014. :)

  5. matt

    Is… is she… disarming him?

    • Prairie Son

      Nope. Healing his spine. Balancing the cha between them.

      Of course, no says she has to use anesthetic…

      • JEDraft

        She can be quite charming and disarming.
        Just not right here. :)

  6. Lictre

    Lord, but she’s ruthless. She’s just shown him that she can cripple him at a distance to make sure that she has the opportunity to have a conversation with him, then heal him when she’s done.

    I’m sure that Niccolo Machiavelli would have had a political orgasm studying her style of exercising power, since she has shown that she has an ability to be both loved, and feared.

    • JEDraft

      She didn’t get where she is just on her looks.

  7. wysiwyg

    He’s turning into a donkey!

    No wait…that’s Pinocchio. :-p

    • JEDraft

      Well, he is kind of an ass.

  8. subdudephx

    It ain’t the ladies who are bitches, it’s payback.

    • JEDraft

      How does the song go? “Life’s a Bitch – But I Love Her?” :)

  9. Lora

    Ipola, I think I love you. Not as much as your darling daughter, Tula, but I still love you.

  10. Zaid

    I’m kind of with Thann here. The idea of being an unwilling subject is too much like being property for me.

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