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  1. Omg, Ponty-growth!!

    • Shyster

      I was thinking the same thing, but you worded it so much better! *high fives Jean*

      • *highfives back, shares the popcorn*

    • Lora

      Ponty-growth may be a new favorite word. ;)

  2. calisto

    OK Now we know how long Zona and Tula have been gone. Next question is, How would Zona answer that same question?

    It’s not like I give a damn about his opinion but he might be just the first to express it out loud. Zona has a reputation larger than life something she has talked about before but I wonder how much others rely on her presence for moral support. Something akin to “As long as she is fighting we can win” type thinking.

    I hope they get out of the desert and back in the game quick.

  3. Archone

    This is just like I was saying in my comments on the previous page. The prince here would probably feel the same way about Mentl if Mentl had spent the winter fighting at his side. (especially since Mentl would basically be the equivalent of a portable source of heat and entertainment AND heavy artillery, and whatever else he can learn how to do)

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Yep, it’s just a measure of how well Mentl can turn his “bardic lore of music” to a specific purpose. The magic itself is his power, but his broad knowledge of music is his versatility.

  4. Prairie Son

    Just for Pontagar, Mentl should play The Crazy World of Arthur Brown at some point.


    • MidnightDStroyer

      Holy crap! Do you want Pontagar to just stay warm in this weather, or turn into a charcoal briquette?

  5. jd.

    Six weeks? I have been trying to find how much time Zona and Tula have spent in Berdoo, and the only solid indication I get is three days between finding Mentl and Zona and Mentl going for a ride: http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-760 . After that, things go pretty fast, so I would venture a guess of maximum one week between Zona and Tula’s departure from Erogenia and their wilderness hike.

    So either time is not linear between the two universes, or they have found a way to go back to their home universe – only not quite close to home.

    Also, interesting that Rannik (an excellent warchief at least) thinks that the Urtts will not be going out in this weather when we have seen them go out in much worse. Maybe Kor Lachnis’s dread influence?

    • Salisria

      We already know that time is not linear between the two worlds. What we don’t know is if the relative rate of time passage remains constant. If it does then if Zona has not yet returned to this world, she’s spent considerably longer than six weeks in Berdoo. I doubt it is constant tho, as we’ve had hints in some of the non-canon extras that time travel is theoretically possible, albeit at the cost of establishing new dimensions.

      • Lebbrin

        Agreed. If the shift is constant, then the 6 weeks here in Erogenia would be more a year in Berdoo. Remember, Mentl wasn’t gone for very long (must not archive dive to find out how long must not….) when Tula took Zona to Berdoo and he had been there over a year. I’m guessing the book will drop our favorite trio back in Erogenia exactly where, and more importantly when they need to be there. And if the book is controlling the time, then it might not be a differential at all, just the book dropping them on Earth a year after Mentl got there so he could complete his training before they got there.

        • Tom Billings

          ” If the shift is constant, then the 6 weeks here in Erogenia would be more a year in Berdoo. ”

          People seem to be having trouble with addition, multiplication and division.

          Tula and Zona agreed that the time they experienced between Mentl leaving the Valley of the Moon and their arrival in Hollywood Blvd. was about 5 months, while Mentl experienced about 12 months. Since Zona left the winter hide in their cave in Urtt territory, Rannik and Pontagar agree they have experienced 6 weeks. 6*12/5 gives us 14.4 weeks that Mentl, Zona, and Tula will have experienced together in San Bernardino and their mountain hideout.

          However, that still means it’s only 6.5 months that Rannik and Pontagar have experienced since Mentl left, including the time spent organizing the raider’s century Zona led into Urtt territory. That’s still plenty of time to be experiencing winter in the mountains, given the 10 weeks out of 26 that concluded with Zona looking forwards to the winter hide as a break from being in the front lines, as raiders. Yes, its just as wearing as she expressed at the time. Don’t believe it? Read the stories of the Chindit raiders in Burma, under Orde Wingate.


          It is notable that Rannik states that Zona did, in fact, order precisely the sort of pre-emptive deep penetration recon and strikes that the Chindits were for, and before the Urtts should be operational in any numbers. Commenters have stated they think that Rannik’s patrol is lost, or somehow have mistaken where they are. Remember,though, that not knowing precisely where you are is *normal* in a deep penetration raid until you, hopefully, see the enemy before he sees you, so you can hide, and return home with the information the you sought in the first place.

          When Ipola spoke to Zona before she left to organize the raider century, she emphasized that the information on where and when and how strong the Urrts were was more important the numbers they killed. That is what Rannik is after, and without stumbling around in the snow a bit, they aren’t going to get it. Unfortunately, Ipola’s ravens may not be able to fly back to the Valley of the Moon in that cold weather. But if spring is coming, they should be able to bring back the info to Ipola and her new army before the Urtts can make a substantial move.

          • Ravens live in extreme environments, including up near the frozen tundras of the arctic, and down into the blazing hot deserts of North and Central America. Ipola’s ravens would definitely be able to fly and report. Just not in a snowstorm, is all.

  6. Paul

    I don’t think that relative time displacement between worlds is necessarily linear. That said jumping between dimensions allows the traveller to choose the time they arrive at so I am not sure that it matters.

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