Through A Glass Darkly – Page 1000
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  1. Shyster

    Bye Boric… It was nice seeing you again.

  2. Pfff. That’s a find. Could have plugged the Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, that one’s on the Voyager. 😉 (‘course you had to have a Bulgarian comment).

  3. Adam Zero

    ouch, that’s a punch in the gut for Tula. “Why’s there an facade of Boric here?” Not an facade….

  4. Lebbrin

    Agreed. Good by Boric. I’m guessing his will be a short transition in the Otherwhen.

    Oh, and Yoda playing chess with Spock. Awesome! That’s gotta be like Kasparov playing BigBlue.

    • Salisria

      They must be playing for the right to lose to Batman in the next game.

  5. Adam Zero


  6. Yumemi

    ADIPOSE BABY!!! <3

  7. Shyster

    And is this page 1000?

  8. alurker

    OMG i get all the references!

    • mcubedb

      I don’t. Would you be so kind as to share / explain?

      • alurker

        The flat-faced “Cassandra” is a Dr Who reference, as are the little white blobby things wandering around the page and the “blue box” Tula is talking about. Mr Spock from star trek is playing chess with Yoda from Star wars while Batman looks on. “Xena” is a Television character from a show of the same name that despite the similarity in name, is more like Wonder Woman than anything… actually come to think of it I’m not entirely sure about the choir thing…

        • The Gorram Batguy

          “I’m not entirely sure about the choir thing…”

          I’d just taken it as random silliness, but it turns out to be a Xena reference too, according to Wikipedia:
          The choir became best known in the United States for its contributions to the music of Xena: Warrior Princess, whose theme music Joseph LoDuca developed from “Kaval sviri,” one of the traditional Bulgarian folk songs that form the bulk of their known repertoire.

        • mcubedb

          Thank you!

        • Descartes

          Tula’s earlier encounter with the “blue box” is depicted in a sideband set of panels somewhere which I have been unable to find. Perhaps someone would be so kind? Since it wasn’t really canon the fact that it is vaguely familiar to her is something of an inside joke.

  9. JEDraft

    Yes, this is page 1000.

    As I said last week, this page is just another update in the current chapter, but I do have something I am working on to commemorate 1000 pages. Please stay tuned.

    Also, this update is dedicated to the memory of my fellow Angelino, Adam West.

    Warm regards,


    • Raoullefere

      When I saw the Batman, especially with the fabric top, I wondered it that was meant to be Mr. West, like Boric, stopping through on his way to wherever.

      Even if I did grow out of that show a little, thanks for many hours of enjoyment in my childhood, Adam.

      • MidnightDStroyer

        I even enjoyed the Batman movie he did. I grew up on the likes of Adam West & Burt Ward. Was part of my weekly childhood “must see” things.

  10. Driver Ed

    In my imagination, the soundtrack includes Малка мома, which is a very simple, but very beautiful song in the Bulgarian folk style:

  11. 3Xp4t

    I’m really glad “we” get a chance to say goodbye to Boric. I believe I speculated on him passing through the Otherwhen back when he was killed. Thought maybe he might briefly cross paths with Vito …. for him to get a few moments with Tula is both double sad and double sweet. Very nice touch.

    Maybe Mentl got a similar chance with Zero and some other friends/bandmates. Although, originating from Earth rather than Erogenia might make that more difficult or impossible.

  12. EmmaC

    awww thanks for all the references… and Adam West.

  13. RoseRed

    I feel bad for asking this, but what page did Boric die on? I can’t remember how far back it was.

  14. Blackhorse

    And now I wanna go watch the Swedish Bikini trampoline Event…

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I wonder…How much for a ticket for a front-row seat?

  15. Lora

    Heh, Cassandra. And Adipose all over the page. 🙂 Love all the little references, and Boric coming to say goodbye.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I’m surprised that Cassandra didn’t ask Vito to moisturize her…

      • Lora

        I think that may be Jeeves job. 😉 But who knows? She might do so on the next page.

  16. Loranna

    Seeing the Adipose running around with Zona and Tula in the room makes me giggle for some strange, inexplicable reason ^_^ I wonder if any of the Classic Who creatures will slip in somewhere?

    Great page J.E.D. Can’t wait for the next 🙂


  17. Just_IDD

    @JED do you have any indication that parts of Xena borrowed from CoZ? Or do you think its all part of the Barbarian Princess trope?

    Also Bittersweet Boric banter begins … sadness.

  18. SFCGator

    Grats on 1000, JED! It’s been a long and wonderful ride. Thanks so much for sharing this incredible world you have created.

  19. Eregnon

    That blue box, which will make a grinding sound and slowly fade from view

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