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  1. Descartes

    Two threads come together. We met this man earlier: I can’t recall names right now but he propositioned the mother of our refugee family.

    • JustMe

      Oh yeah, the less honourable Erogenian.

      That would make sense in the original plan of prince Creep. Erogenian Princess murdered on Kivillian soil, and now an Erogenian assassin strikes at the Kivilian king. No erogenian would believe it and neither would any kivilian that has actualy dealt with any Erogenians. Unfortunately, a lot of Kivilia thinks of Erogenians as godless savages…

      There will be war.

  2. Descartes

    Thann! p. 664. (Sorry, can’t link right now.)

    • 3Xp4t

      I agree. Thann is the first person I thought of, under the assumption that this is a character we’ve already been introduced to. He wanders into the story here:

      Keeping an open mind, it could be someone only mentioned in dialogue, or perhaps an entirely new character. However, I’m a firm believer in Chekhov’s gun, so some monumentally huge Erogenian with less-than-honerable cha does seem to fit like a glove.

      If it is Thann, he’s gonna give even Boric and Tethic a run for their money. He’s even smart enough to know when he is likely on the losing end of the odds and may opt to give them the slip rather than stick around for a confrontation, if he gets wind of them. Sort of like tracking a wily & experienced old wolverine. And, in Erogenia, I suspect wolverines are saber-toothed and about the size of Erogenian hunting cats. Not at all like the tame, kitten-like wolverines we grow here on Earth.

      • Uhl

        Probably with scales and a nice poison stinger to boot.

  3. Hwyla

    First – I’m extremely impressed with Boric’s tracking skills! To find one specific person’s tracks without having seen the horse? The very long stride makes sense. Of those we know, it could only be Thann (or Zonn – who I doubt would be an assassin), but spotting that specific stride among all the brush and other marks? Boric is GOOD!

    I do somewhat wonder why Tethik says ‘even now’ (as opposed to always) he would trust Yanora’s information. What happened that might indicate he shouldn’t? They seemed to part on mutually trusting terms.

    • Hwyla

      I should add that it is VERY strange that any assassin worth his price would travel with a horse that left ‘distinctive’ tracks – especially if he’s erogenian! It’s enough to make one wonder whether Thann WANTS to be tracked! Is part of his assignment trapping Tethik? Or is he possibly wanting someone to intergere, so he cannot complete the assassination?

      • AdamZero

        Given that hte assassin is large for an Erogenian, the horse would have to be larger than normal too. Possible in the same size catagory as Stormcloud.

      • 3Xp4t

        Hmmm. You raise a couple of very rather interesting possibilities. Thann (still assuming it’s him) has been presented as highly skilled and extremely dangerous. Laying a trap for anyone folloowing him … in his profession it’s always a Good Idea to lay a trap under the assumption that you are being followed, just to see what might step into it.

        The use of “distinctive” here is a bit ambiguous. The shoes might be distinctive because of the culture they were forged in (Eorgenian, style, Kevalian, etc.). Or, they might be “distinctive” because they are unique, in that they have a recognizable wear pattern/damage of some sort. In context of Boric’s & Tethic’s conversation, I lean they are recognizable due to generic style of the forge they came from. Tethic & Boric seem to still be putting things together from what information they have available.

        However, I really like the concept of deliberately shaping/marking/damaging the shoes to ensure that someone can track you … right to where you want them to find you. That would be clever. And supremely confident, most especially if you aren’t exactly what fish you might be trawling up with that tactic.

        As per my comment earlier, nice way to draw someone out into the open where you can evaluate them a bit and gain initiative, either to try and strike at them or avoid them.

        Something does bother me a bit, though. Someone who can use even rudimentary magic would have been extremely useful in such a mission. In the world of Erogenia, an assassin would have to assume such on any mission taken. NOT having a magic user helping out gains no benefit I can see, and all the disadvantages. Makes me wonder just how desperate they are for shamans & magic users that they couldn’t spare one for such an important mission, not even an acolyte.

        Damn. Not even a hunting cat, either. Although, if Boric was the only person qualified in most ways to assign on this mission, perhaps hunting cats are rare enough that he doesn’t have one … or doesn’t have one yet due to his youth.

        • Prairie Son

          Given the Kivalian attitude towards magic users, not having one might be the smarter option, particularly when moving into the orbit of a batch of religious fanatics on a crusade.

        • Steve

          I remember an episode in the Belisarius series. Belisarius was being hunted down by 500 horse cavalry and one of the best trackers in India. One his very fine horses acquired a cut mark on one of its hooves that the tracker picked up immediately. After a few weeks, the troop caught up with the horse, only to find that Belisarius had made the cut mark on purpose and traded the horses to a merchant about 4 days hard ride back. Belisarius had received camels and water and had set out across the Thar desert, where it would be impossible for the troop of cavalry to catch up.

    • pumpkincat

      I suspect the ‘even now’ is because Yanora is locked up in a tower and has much more limited access to her usual resources. Ordinarily when locked up in a tower, access to detailed information, particularly of a hidden sort like the description and identity and location of an assassin planning on killing a king, would be hard to come by. Heck, for most people that’s hard to come by OUT of a tower; I think he’s saying even with Yanora locked in a tower, he has faith in her ability to know what’s up.

  4. Mish_Lady

    I’m glad that we are back with these gentlemen. It seems as though it might be Thann, and he would be smart enough to know that he would be followed by someone. Whether or not the person following him would be smart enough to figure things out is up for grabs, and I would assume that Thann would react accordingly as he got information on any trackers, if any.

    JED, my offer still stands to make this into a completely word based novel if you so wish. I would love to write out this story under your guidance. :)

  5. EmmaC

    If it’s Thann, does that mean we will cross with our lost erogenian family and our spider bitten assasin?

    As for why Tethik would say ‘even now’ I would think it’s because Yanora is trapped in her tower and with less informant than before… or so I suppose.

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