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  1. Reservist

    Uh oh … the shit’s getting much too close to the fan, and much too fast … :-S

    Typical. One of the characters knows what’s going on, tries to explain it, is not believed, and the skeptical character(s) go and make something stupid that the knowing character told them not to do.

    David, you … stupid!! But well, it’s not everyday we have to deal with otherworldly, ill-intended dwellers, after all. I guess it’s understandable.

    • xpacetrue

      But it is everyday that we see awful events and incidents reported on the news. And anyone living in or near a city with a rather high crime rate should be aware of the dangers. “Unstable” or not, if a close family member warns you that friends and family are being hurt or killed – especially if some of these are reported on said news – most stable people would listen or at least consider. And not even looking to see who is at the door (or how many)?

  2. Reservist

    Super Cat, it’s time for you to show up. As in, right now. :-S

    • Lebbrin

      That’s what I was thinking. Mentl didn’t call Inky to him, he sent Inky to guard Sandra. At least here’s hoping because if not, uh oh…..

      I woke up this morning expecting a scene change, knowing JED, NOW we get one. ;-)

  3. Karyl

    Couldn’t he have at least looked out a window???????? jeeeeeeeeez, this guy is asking to be toasted-hope Sandra and the cat can make something good out of this.

    • Uhl

      No. He couldn’t. Some idiot planted a tree right in front of it, blocking the view.

      • Prairie Son

        They equip doors with view glass or peep holes for a reason.

  4. Uhl

    I have a huge deal pending, and those damn dollar signs in my eyes make me completely blind to the danger I’m putting MYSELF in, never mind you. So shut up, and let me open the door to these demonic thugs, so I can get us both killed!

  5. Zaraya

    Shit, I’ve liked Sandra from her debut.


  6. jd.

    All right, allow me to play devil’s advocate here. This is a very nice tree.

    More seriously, I do not think David to be stupid in general. If nothing else, he is Sandra’s guy and she is the cool-headed one to Mentl’s (formerly) crazy. Also, I think he may be allowed quite a bit of distrust towards Mentl, seeing as how the latter has been erratic at some point, unveiling incident notwithstanding. (Sandra sees things differently, of course, but it might just look like family sticking together no matter what, and really it could look that way.)

    Of course, Zona is *real* big proof that Mentl might not be so crazy, but she looks so fragging unreal that someone on the fringe of events (like, say, David), might be tempted to think that there is a catch somewhere.

    Also, it might just be a question of time to adjust to the situation – most of us Westerners believe ourselves to be comfortably safe from violence and the information that one is threatened might be a little tough to handle. I think if he had had the time to think about it (because Sandra does present a very convincing case in and of itself), he would have agreed.

    Tragedy, of course, usually happens when otherwise fine, decent people find themselves overwhelmed by the situation.

    That being said, if David does not slam the door right in front of that fanged, completely hairless guy(thanks go to ICWT for pointing out those guys do not even have eyelashes in http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-771 ) with glowing eyes and a forhead tattoo to match, I will either be very disappointed in him or have to chalk it up to a mesmerizing effect the Deepings might have. (Something that works only on NPCs, say.)

    Last, does anyone know if the design of the door knocker is a symbol in particular, or just something that looks neat?

  7. Mikey_Likes_It

    The only problem with killing off all Mentl’s family and friends is that you wind up with an entity with absolutely nothing to lose… a very powerful entity.

    Best of luck to you Deeps dwellers… you’re going to need it.

  8. The Last Garou

    To bad Thresholds (a la Dresden Files) don’t seem to be a part of the mystical framework of JED’s world. That’d inconvenience the supernatural nasties plenty. Still, it’s JED’s world and his rules, and we all love him for it.

  9. Hope the cat’s there or is about to show up, or David and Sandra are SO very dead.

    • Salisria

      David maybe, but I think the cat will get there in time to save Sandra at the very least. In fact considering that Inky doesn’t like David, I think the cat may decide to wait until after it is too late for him.

  10. SFCGator

    Oh shit oh dear. But WhoTF answers the door anymore without using the peephole or window to see who it is? Especially since you’ve just been warned that you may be on a hit list. I sure hope Sandra has a weapon at hand. David may smart as Einstein book wise but it seems he has NO survival skills. On the other hand, Dave looks to be a pretty buff guy, look at the guns on him as compared to those mooks. Maybe he was Mentl’s contact for Krav Maga, one can hope. I hope Sandra survives this.

  11. Drachefly

    … what if they actually have a message? Like, “We will not return while Mentl stays in San Bernardino.”

  12. EmmaC

    I was thinking ‘well he might not believe Sandra because he thinks Mentl is unstable and stays with bad people (I don’t think Sandra told this guy about Erogenia, so bad people would be drug dealer and so on)’ but then I thought ‘if Mentl was staying with bad people, you don’t want to have them coming after you…’
    So this guy is an idiot. But I don’t wish him to die because he’s someone close to Sandra. But I sure hope she will change BF or Husband right after that…

    Because, well, I’m sure no drug dealer have this kind of teeth nor glowing tatoo!

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