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  1. Sita

    Now SOMETHING is gonna hit the fan.

    • Blackhorse

      I wonder if the fan will survive…

    • Ganurath

      Now, now, technically Barry is a someONE.

      • khms

        You certain? Does sound more like an “it” … as in rhymes with “piece of …”.

        • TMLutas

          Yeah, yeah, cause dehumanization sounds much better coming from the correct perspective.

          Way to miss the point.

          • Ganurath

            The point was to insinuate that Barry was a piece of shit using humor and wordplay, so khms actually hit the nail on the head.

            Also, the word “dehumanize” is offensive to half-Urtts.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Well, the barkeep warned him (several times), Mentl warned him…Barry so richly deserves the ca-ca (oops. I mean Cha) that he’s about to receive.

  2. Stellarwolf

    Zona is going to introduce that D-bag to her friend “Knuckles” but there won’t be much said till after the introductions are done.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Huh! I didn’t think Zona had gotten “domesticated” enough to actually make a sandwich for a guy (except maybe for Mentl, of course). I suppose it makes sense that, for Barry, the prime ingredient for the sandwich will be knuckles.

  3. SFCGator

    Aaaannnd. I think we’re going to get another example of ‘balancing the cha’, Zona style. Looks like, I hope, Mentl is going to be providing the background music.

    • GPH

      Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting?

      • SeanR

        He already did that, or started to, when the Fire clan prince insulted him.

  4. Someguy

    Wow, liked it so much had to read a it a few more times cause I liked it so much. The veins in Zona’s arms are a nice touch in panel two. That said, panel three looks off. I know how much you like gravity defying boobs and usually I’m right there with you but those are just floating. It looks somewhat freakish.

    • 3Xp4t

      but those are just floating

      I think that’s pure rage nullifying the local gravity field.

      • Reservist :-)

        All that it takes to provoke Zona’s rage would be a stolen seat??
        Well, talk about a short fuse. :-O

        • Uhl

          No. That is not all it takes. She asked for her seat back, politely. Barry then went and insulted her gender, sexual orientation, size and build, and made it explicitly clear that he intends to inflict violence on her, and maybe her husband, Mentl. Barry certainly deserves to see what an enraged Zona looks like.

      • Sita

        Yeah. The clothing of “our” world isn’t really designed for girls shaped like Zona. That shirt exaggerates her “floatiness”.
        But floaty or not, she still looks very scarey! If Mentl is playing, nothing too awful is going to happen, is it?
        And what about Vito? Has he nothing to say?

  5. Loranna

    Love the look on Zona’s face in panel four – she has no idea what Barry just said, but she’s HOPING it’s not what his tone implies it is.

    And Tula and Mentl exchanging sidelong looks in the last panel. They’re totally taking bets with each other aren’t they? 🙂


    • Chad

      Only on how long D-bag will have both feet flat on the floor…

      • SeanR

        More likely how long before D-bag realizes he’s not only overmatched, but he’s well out of his league.
        That is, not how long D-bag stays on both feet, that’s only as long as it takes Zona to land the first blow. Rather, how long before D-bag realizes he should just stay down.

  6. 3Xp4t

    That look on Tula’s face …. perfection. 😀

    Sooooooo …. bets & speculation on what will be the most humiliating possible outcome? Bonus points for silly.

    I’ll start: Zona ties one tit behind her back and beats Barry unconscious with the other. (one fine & shiny Internets to anyone who can draw that up in a fan art) :mrgreen: No other body contact, until our lad Barry is unconscious. Then Zona uses his headrag to diaper him up tight, preferably (otherwise) naked to the dancing pole. I’d suggested previously that he gets his underwear tied around his head … but (if he is even wearing any) I wouldn’t want Zona to have to actually touch it.

    Still haven’t thought of the most appropriate general mayhem song(s) that Mentl could be playing ,,,, “The Ball of Kerrymuir” is bouncing around my head and won’t let anything else in at the moment.

    • GPH

      More thinking the next panels will be Tula/Vito sitting down to have a drink and occasionally duck her head out of the way of a flying object, whilst being serenaded by Mentl’s music, the dull base of biker groans and the apresto allegro of Zona’s fists.

    • Hey hey HEY! Show some RESPECT for the ladies and gents who have to touch that pole, else they won’t get paid for their night’s work! Tie him to a bar stool so he’s outta the way. Just respect exotic dancers & sex workers, & support clean & safe working conditions for them.

      (You’ll notice I’m not advocating respect for the dbag, there.)

  7. 3Xp4t

    Yeah that was me … mistyping my email. Once again. 😳

    Also: Tula’s “unreadable” face”

    I think she’s slipping slightly in today’s installment …. but, then, Vito is also hitching a ride at the moment. He’s probably laughing a full-on belly laugh at the top of his voice inside her head while she’s trying to walk casually outside of the blast radius.

    Can we get a “Fuckwit!” out of Zona ..? Or, seems likely, the entire bar. Hope the gals are carrying a bit of their gold stash. I’ve a feeling Neal’s bar might require some “balancing,” too, once the splinters finish falling out of the air.

    • Reservist :-)

      I hope she will rather force him to go outside the bar before brutalizing him.
      It would be a pity that Neal would have to pay for Barry’s lack of basic politeness. 🙁

    • Hypertrophobic

      It’s a single (ground) floor bar. So defenestration is relatively safe.

      • jd.

        Except for the window itself, and from the looks of things most of us are more worried about the building than about Barry.

  8. charliefred13

    Must agree about hoping the girls have a bit of there gold stash with them as the bar may require balancing. Especially with the comment by the owner in the last panels. Would appear Barry has done this sort of thing before. Maybe he might learn his lesson after coping an ass whooping from Zona. As to Mentl playing background perhaps Eve of Destruction.

  9. hwyla

    Note Neal’s comment of ‘Not again Barry’ – I sure hope Neal bars Barry from the bar for forever on after this fight. Sounds like it isn’t the first time Barry has started a fight there.

    I know it isn’t exactly a ‘classic’ rock and roll song, but “Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother” just seems to encapsulate Barry – and it could be termed ‘country rock’ I suppose.

    As a plus, it wouldn’t actually be ‘cheating’ since it wouldn’t add Mentl’s magic to Zona’s strength – except possibly to bring the cops in to arrest Barry? Maybe that might ‘save’ Neal’s bar?

    Might not be good for our guys though if they’ve become suspects, but I think they’re pretty safe out here.

    • Blackhorse

      I doubt that Barry will have to be barred from Neal’s place after he gets pounded down too a mudhole and then the mudhole stomped dry…by a woman…

      He’ll never show his face in there again….

  10. Blackhorse

    Yes, Mentl; f’rGawd’ssake get that Les Paul outta the line of fire…

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Mentl is well aware of what Zona is capable of doing. After all, he’s fought with her (with her, at her side – not against her) quite a few times already.

  11. Jakesdad

    Late to the party. Last panel last page had “Excuse me” misspelled.

    Regarding this page, throwing him through the window would be too cliche. Wonder what’s in store for the beast?

    • MasterDiver

      Throw him through the wall NEXT to the window (with an apologetic “Oops, I missed).

      • SeanR

        Would that be the cinderblock wall on either side of the glass window?
        Hey, at least by punching him through the cinderblock wall, she avoids giving him all those nasty lacerations.

        • MidnightDStroyer

          Hey, shattered rubble develops some nasty edges too, ya’ know…

  12. calisto01

    Sounds like Barry is known to be the local ass. Probably not the most popular guy in the room. I wonder how many free drinks Zona will score for putting him in his place, which is likely going to be on the floor bleeding.

    @3Xp4t My favorite is still the tying the tongue in a knot but I see a dislocated jaw in Barry’s future with a “I didn’t know he was so fragile” type ending. As I type this I keep thinking of more possibilities, and can’t pick a favorite.

  13. Tom Billings

    Well, as to Barry the Fat, …Fat Mouth, at least, …an appropriate response would be to give him a seat, …on a stool Neal needs least. The sort of thing a fellow named Vlad used to do.

    Simply toss him high enough directly above any one of the swivel seats our three are *not* using, that he comes straight down on it, breaking away the frame of the seat, and continuing on for a short distance down the length of the pillar the seat pivots upon. This used to be called “the short stake”.

    The breakage to Neal’s equipment would be minimized, and payable from whatever funds our trio have available, and they can take the Gibson with them, for now. Barry can be hoisted off his impalement by the paramedics, and proceed to treatment. Wisdom takes a while to come for some, but I am convinced even Barry can learn.

    Does this advance the story? Dunno.

    Does it provide enough fulfillment for Zona? Probably not enough adrenaline. But then Barry would need *lots* of friends to relieve frustration. If his skull cap’s skull insignia *does* portend the wrong sort of friends, then “the short stake” may be too good for him.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      “Well, as to Barry the Fat, …Fat Mouth, at least…”

      Well, he’ll be lucky if he just gets out of this with nothing worse than a fat lip anyway…

      • SeanR

        I’m thinking he’d be lucky to get out of it with no more than a wired jaw.
        Of course, wiring his jaw shut should keep him out of trouble for a month or so.

        • MidnightDStroyer

          He’ll be ordering his beer with a straw for quite a while…

  14. MidnightDStroyer

    Barry’s just picked up 99 problems, but Mentl ain’t one of them. Zona’s about to give him the other 99…

  15. Calimachus

    Some people think before they talk, but Barry decided to skip the first part.

  16. Calimachus

    Mentl’s smile in the last panel is just awesome,like ‘Nobody knows the trouble your in (but I do)’.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      That’s not entirely true. Tula, Vito & Zona know what kind of trouble he’s in too…

  17. Qoheleth

    I find myself wondering whether Mentl wants to attempt a cover of “Ballroom Blitz” on that Gibson.

    • midnightwolf

      That’d be the one!! I was trying to think of a song for what’s about to happen, and that is the perfect one! – Lyrics video.

      I almost posted the Suicide Squad one, but I decided to behave.

    • Hypertrophobic

      There is some “dancing” of sorts going on in the bar… and if that’s not enough there is at least one pool table, so it does qualify as a ballroom in a couple of ways.
      I could see Zona in a corner so her back is covered while she takes on a bar’s worth of bikers, and she is a pretty passionate one. Or if the other bikers decide to give Barry a hand instead of letting him lie in the bed he’s made, pool balls make for hard projectiles and I’d bet Zona’s got a wicked throw.

  18. Karyl

    Looking at Zona’s arm position in panel 3 and being large-chested myself, I’d say she’s basically lifted her boobs just by clenching her fists and tightening her chest. The female equivalent of a guy flexing his pecs, ya know? In any case, “another one bites the dust” comes to mind. 😀

  19. MournBlade

    The Plan:
    1 Rip out spine
    2 Shove arm up ass
    3 Work him like a hand puppet
    4 ????
    5 Profit

  20. MidnightDStroyer

    How is anyone going to profit from this? *Someone* is probably going to get stuck paying for damages, but it looks like Barry will be paying the heaviest price of all.

    • InquisitiveRaven

      Obviously, whoever is being paid to repair things afterwards will be profitting.

  21. Mace

    Oh boy. Barry, Barry, Barry. Son, your mouth just wrote a cheque your body will not be able to cash. Hope you got good medical coverage, you’re going to need it.

    • Gergle

      Indeed, Mentl may want to make quick mention that while Barry looks like he could be an out of shape Bull Tribe member, his insides are Kivalian delicate, they who “break so easily, the poor dears.”

  22. Joe

    *Sigh* big but not a warrior, I see. Still leaning back on a stool, no balance, arms wide open so Zona has the inside.

    My chosen set: Right palm strike under chin, grasp and control the head while kicking the stool out and rotate him face down. Knee down on kidney as you drop, slide into choke-out submission from behind as the head snaps back. Over. No damage to the bar. No permanent damage to Barry.

    Anyone want to poke holes in that sequence, or suggest another?

    • Iarei

      Satisfying though it may be to watch someone take one upside the head for being an ass in fiction, you can accidentally murder someone pretty easily with head or even body-blows. Harry Houdini died from complications from a body blow he was unprepared for.

      Besides which this is Zona, and she’s avenging an insult not preforming an manual encephalectomy*. An open-hand slap to his right temple would probably knock paint off the bathroom walls. Then she could just roll him up onto the floor, all gentle like.

      *Not saying that couldn’t improve his disposition, ‘s just messy.

  23. Freelance

    Careful there, Barry. Freakazoid is a superhuman extraordinaire. Haven’t you heard the theme song?

  24. Lora

    BARROOM FIGHT! It can be no other after this. 😀

    And Mentl and Tula are getting out to a safe distance while Zona balances the cha.

  25. vrwhammer

    mouth engaging before brain comes on line leads to problems

    • SeanR

      If he waited until his brain engaged to speak, he’d never say a word.
      Do you really think there’s anything between those ears to rattle?

      • MidnightDStroyer

        I can imagine two lonely brain cells, separated by a vast expanse of space, mournfully calling out to each other…

        • Pat


  26. Tomfoolery

    How’s about being the bigger people and playing “Take It Easy”? Neal won’t lose any furniture or anything else and the cops won’t get called to possibly jam up our heroic trio (quartet? are Vito and Tula counted as one or two?).. remember, they’re driving Zero’s van and he was murdered…

    • Tomfoolery

      besides, what would hurt someone like Barry more than physical pain would be absolute humiliation. Zona could do just enough to humiliate him, but not really physically hurt him beyond a sore ribcage… something that wouldn’t leave marks for evidence. Maybe scare him so bad he pees or craps himself? Show everyone in the bar his soiled pants and then propel him out the door into the parking lot…. 😀

    • SeanR

      I think Zero “Committed suicide”. It was a staged kill, remember, made to trigger Mentl’s issues over that earlier suicide.
      There’d be questions, but at this point, I don’t think anyone (official) suspects murder.

  27. Prairie Son

    You know, someone with good guest manners would ask Neal if there’s anything he doesn’t want trashed. Conversely, is there a particular spot in the wall where he wanted to add a window (or maybe another door).

    Also, love Tula’s tee.

    • I was WAITING for someone to notice my little tribute to Prince. 🙂 Gods, we are not likely to see his equal in our generation …

      • Prairie Son

        I have to admit I originally thought it was Hendrix, until the import of the purple pinged on my brain.

      • Calimachus

        Nicely done, really sad that he’s gone. Bet both enjoy nice sessions up there.

  28. EmmaC

    I’m pretty sure Zona is not gonna kill Barry nor endanger his life in any way. But she is gonna kick the **** out of him for sure.
    On the other hand, as she might like Neal, she might even want to be ‘nice’ and just throw Barry out of the bar… with ‘flying’ color…

    • Blackhorse

      Barry appears to be stupid enough to walk back in and try to ‘get even’…

  29. Professor61771

    I….I am laughing so hard right now…..I just cannot wait to read the next one. Thanks JED I needed the laugh. Today was hard. Hugs good sir.

  30. wildejinx

    Ballroom Blitz

  31. oldarmourer

    It would probably be in Barry’s best interest not to pull a weapon once he’s been properly thrashed, we’ve already seen that shooting Zona just pisses her off.

    He might instead be better off heeding the advice of a classic tune….

    “Runnin’ seems like the best defense
    Stayin’ just don’t make any sense”

    • 3Xp4t

      we’ve already seen that shooting Zona just pisses her off

      No no, don’t do that. Don’t do that. If you shoot her, you’ll just make her mad.”

      I’ve had another thought now …

      So, Zona picks him up, takes him outside, and ties his motorcycle around him. No harm done. Until, of course, someone else has to use a blow torch to cut it off of him …. But, that would be on someone else’s cha.

      Should still strip him and diaper him with his bandana. It’ll be a artwork.

  32. Zaraya

    Mentl needs to start playing “Should I Stay or Should I Go” as soon as he hits the stage. Does he need to sing the lyrics as written, or can he alter the subject of a song for his desired effect?

    Example “should barry stay or should he go now, If he goes there will be trouble, if he stays it will be double”

    Yeah, the song is not about a physical fight as much as it’s about a relationship ending. This may be a bad choice, but I’d love to know the rules for the lyrics Mentl sings.


  33. Just_IDD

    I just want to see her pick him up by the head like palming a basketball. and move him flailing weakly and ineffectually to the door where she tosses him out.

    It isn’t likely to happen, but the understated response can be way more effective sometimes.

    • Just_IDD

      Then everyone in the bar will know that she can lift 250 one handed at arms length. I know that would quell any wish to start something. I doubt that anyone else will think that far ahead

  34. Mick

    I also thought Hendrix & purple haze

  35. I'am a Redguard

    I know someone who doesn’t like living and his name starts with a B.

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