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  1. …heeheeheeheehee…!

  2. Cherub Laws


  3. blackhorse

    By his own hand doth he fail…

  4. Calisto01

    Imagine how embarrassing that could be if he was trying to pee…

  5. Month

    Stop Hitting Yourself!!!!

  6. Prairie Son

    And I was right. It was entertaining for us.

    Also, I need more popcorn.

  7. The Last Garou

    …Fortunately nobody in Erogenia has seen Evil Dead.

    • The Old Hack

      Darn you. Now I am envisioning Bruce Campbell playing him.

      Well, I guess he is at about that level of IQ anyway.

  8. Speedy

    In brightest day, and darkest night, no finger cutting will escape my sight. beware the power of Ipola’s might.

  9. jd.

    Wholeheartedly agreeing with Tethik here.

    Ipola Rules.

    The Last Garou, your comment made me envision Thann’s hand flipping him off, but I cannot see Ipola do that. She is way too regal.

    (Then again, if Thann tries something like that again, I definitely want to see his own hand put him down on a treestump or something and give him a strong spanking.)

  10. vrwhammer

    Tethik”this night is going to be good after all.” One should not try to get of getting back in balance, it leaves you so open to other things happening

  11. Sita

    Wait – what?

    • Drachefly

      Thann’s ring hand, about to be de-fingered, suddenly leapt up and grabbed his other hand, jammed the blade into a log, then slapped him around for a while.

      Thann glared at it, and Tethik grinned.

  12. Uhl

    Wow! That hand has some serious strength. In panel 4, the blow was so strong, it temporarily stretched his Torc!

    • SeanR

      That’s not his torc. That’s the handle of his knife.

  13. Lora

    Hahaha! I agree with Tethik’s smug smile. Thann got what he deserved for trying something that stupid.

  14. Stormhawk

    New meaning to the term “whacking off”?

  15. Stormhawk

    One does wonder what the Queen will have that hand do if he’s a good boy.

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