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  1. Raoullefere

    So rat-face there is a rat bastard. Here’s hoping Zona shoves that cue where it will do some good.

    Nice that Mentl and Vito are finally getting to perform together.

    • SeanR

      Why do you think he’s playing with Vito? Tula is a polymath who learns new things in superhumanly short spans.

      Certainly Vito is responsible for the “after class” quip, but I’m not convinced that’s “him” on harmonica.

      • Prairie Son

        But a harp’s really tricky to do right, and when would she have had a chance to learn?

        • JustMe

          I’m not doubting Tula could learn to play the harp, substituting practice with her genius level of theoretical knowledge. I’m however on board with the idea of Vito being in the driver seat for this.
          Vito is most likely missing little pleasures like jamming with friends, and Tula has no reason to deny him that.
          So yeah, she could be playing, but why would she bother learning another skill.

      • I think the first set of speech bubbles was from Mentl. His mouth is open like he’s speaking, and JED doesn’t make a lot of mistakes in positioning his characters. ( <3<3<3 )

        • SeanR

          That looks more like shock that his future sister in law is giving the jerk a weapon…and telling him to go beat up her sister with it.

  2. vrwhammer

    if its a club its just a fight, if its a gun then its attempted murder and the police will become involved. Besides Zona has so pent up frustations to work out.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I know what you mean. I was wondering what JED was going to do when Mentl got to the “you see a man get mean” part of the song, but so far, Mentl has been more amused than mean. Even after pulling his own gun, Mentl still seems more amused than mean; he’s just keeping the cha balanced between Zona & those others.

    • SFCRetired

      I used to know clubs in my home state where, when you walked in the door, they asked if you had a gun. If you said no, they loaned you one. One in Mobile, one in Huntsville, and one in Trianna.

      • Pat S

        Glad I don’t go clubbing anymore, let alone in Huntsville.

  3. Calisto01

    Is it me or did rat face punch Zona in the boob?

    • TMI Fairy

      But her breasts are so springy that he was hurled back 🙂

      • Calisto01

        UP, UP and AWAY! It’s Super Tit!!!

        • Sita

          “Super Tit” LOL

          Guns are NEVER a good thing in a crowded room, even if it would just make Zona mad.

          Also yes, harmonica’s quite technical to play WELL, and that sounds like Vito. My vote’s for Vito AND Tula too.

          Great fight, but for Zona it’s just a fun workout. Actually, Mentl and Tula/Vito look as if they are having a great time too!

      • Blackhorse

        Which, of course, accounts for the bloody nose..

        • hwyla

          I think the nose came from the offscreen ‘wham’, but I love the idea that even her boobs can fight.

          And I take back my comment on the last page about changing the song to ‘see a gal get mean’ – she’s just having fu. Perfect timing of the song to have that line for when Mentl pulls out his gun.

      • Reservist :-)

        Well, no matter Zona’s height and strength, it would take just one bullet to the head or heart to do her in. Even just a measly .22 bullet.

        Her adrenaline would pump her in a fighting frenzy,
        but a bullet through or lodged in the biceps would take its toll.

        • Zaraya

          No, no it wouldn’t. It would just make her mad. This a brawl and she’s not trying to kill anyone. A gun would change that equation.

          Why bullets would fail

          • MidnightDStroyer

            Zona’s not wearing her Amazon Bracelets right now…

          • Paddy


            She might be, but they may be doing that invisible thing they’ve been doing.

          • Reservist :-)

            Yes, yes, it would.
            In the page you linked, the bullet hit one of Zona’s bracelets.

            As she’s not wearing them at this page here, I stand by my statement:
            no matter how big, tall, and hefty she is (and I really mean no matter), one little bullet in the heart or head would take her down, clear and clean.

          • Prairie Son

            The bracelets faded shortly after Zona and Tula arrived in the modern world. It’s also the point where Tula realized she couldn’t sense magic any more.

            I think they were at Nan’s shop when this happened.

          • Zaraya

            Sure, whatever, in the real world; but Zona and her bracers are not of the real world. It’s certain that she can be killed, it’s just not happened yet. The bracers are not visible in the bar, but they are still there. Had you gone a little later in the arc linked you’d see that Zona’s bracers were invisible until they were needed. When needed they will appear. When a blade or projectile need to blocked her bracers are super effective.

            Note: this is fantasy, and the likes of rat face, a mook, are no match for Zona. Surely it’s possible that Zona can be bested, but not by a mook. Heck the skinny little guy from Berdino got the drop on rat face.

            Metagaming the events are not gonna make the story better.

          • Reservist

            Hmm … maybe. Maybe, indeed.

            Yet, the bullet from the pahe you linked me ricocheted on the bracer. One could say it was luck.
            But a surprise shot from the back,or from the front, would be a different matter, I think.


  4. Scott

    Some how I get ideas of when Barbarians invade and watching Rome Burn, but the metaphor is quite mixed…..
    Make it a double will ya?

    • hwyla

      Yeah – that’s no fiddle that Mentl’s playing!

  5. Paddy

    Mentl being way more chill than I would be. And Zito/Tula (though “nice lady” sounds more Zito) going with the “just enough rope to hang himself” mode of justice – very nice.

  6. 3Xp4t

    Well worth the wait, JED. Always is. 😀

    I’m kind’a assuming that Vita & Tula are working together on harmonica. As we’ve seen, Tula can pick all sorts of stuff up super-humanly quick, but she’s probably getting a direct feed from Vito … and I’m gonna guess that an old wizard like him certainly knows and uses music in his profession.

    I really wish I were there to hear it.

    • xpacetrue

      3Xp4t wrote:
      “…a direct feed from Vito … and I’m gonna guess that an old wizard like him certainly knows and uses music in his profession.”

      There’s no need to guess. A number of pages back, while driving the van, Vito told a bit about his background – like who his teacher was (Carlos, wasn’t it?) and how he started on the path to being a wizard. He mentions something about his teacher playing in bands and how he played, too.

      • hwyla

        Well, we know Vito played sax.

        I’ve forgotten exactly where in the archives it can be found. I think it was when said when Tula was in the Otherwhen? But at least the harmonica is another ‘wind’ instrument – and one even more likely to come up in ’60s rock.

        So I’m betting the harmonica talent is Vito’s.

  7. BkC

    “Here’s a good stick, to beat the lovely lady!” Precursor to one of the greatest fight scenes ever filmed…

    • MidnightDStroyer

      JED’s In-the-Border joke: “No blasters! No blasters!”

      But here’s a nice woodsaber to use…

  8. Just_IDD

    I hope its the Guy’s model, but in panel 5 his neck looks snake like and his head is either too big or like 3″ in front of where it should be.

  9. Reservist :-)

    Faces in panels 1 and 5 are just gold.

  10. Brodder

    Nice a sorta “Quiet Man” quote (It’s a John Wayne movie – if you guys haven’t seen it, correct that fact soon.)

    “Here’s a stick to beat the lovely lady with!”

  11. Ed

    Brodder – didn’t even think of that… wasn’t it a sweet little old lady offering the stick to John in QM?

  12. Freelance

    “No-no, don’t that; don’t do that. If you shoot him, you’ll just make him mad.”

    • Archone

      “Candygram for Zona! Candygram for Zona!”

      • Freelance

        Thank you for getting that.

  13. Tula knows Vito is in his element… she’s kicked back and is enjoying the ride.

  14. Jinxie

    Play nice… Be nice, til it’s time not to be nice… Well done, JED, the amount of movie nods in this page makes me very happy

  15. midnightwolf

    the line is towards the end of the clip… but there it is!!

  16. Wrath

    I’ve heard of the one-inch punch, but I think Zona is a master in one-tit punch. Dat recoil!

    I have the feeling that after everyone has a good brawl and gets it out of their system it’s gonna turn into a friendly-like drinking party.

    Which Zona will again dominate…

    • SeanR

      Bear in mind the bloodied nose. That’s not recoil. Reaction, yes. My guess would be a hook with the right hand.
      An elbow to the face would be possible, but her left fist, and elbow, is already behind his face. Striking with that arm, at that time, would have slammed him into the ground at her feet, on his (right) ear, not into the wall, (and amp,) presumably behind her. If she’s facing Mentl, our creep would have presumably landed face-first against the amp, or sideways, since the blow would have landed on his left hand side or the back of his head, not slammed his back and shoulders, (and rear), into it.
      I’m going with a right-hand hook to the face in reaction to the ungentlemanly blow.
      A simple swatting with the back of her left fist is possible, however, but wouldn’t have much power, since the arm is already nearly at full extension.
      A sidekick is also ..possible,… but she’s only in position to land him one in the gut or groin. Not the face.

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