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  1. Elihias

    Oh boy.. I’d about forgotten these two…

    Eeesh… *still dizzy from the plot-swing*…


  2. Calisto01

    I hadn’t forgot about them but I was wondering where we would go next, here or the desert.

    I guess we know now. This could get very interesting…

  3. 3Xp4t

    Rage and grief can only keep you awake for so long.

  4. jd.

    My, but Tethik has never looked that tired.

    And yes, it was time for a scene change. We even got a bona fide ending with the characters walking away into the sunset (well, walking away at least).

    This is going to be very interesting. Will Tethik finally warm up to Thann? Will he finally warm up to Thann, only to backstab him at the very second his usefulness comes at an end and he can get away with it? Will Thann try anything, just to test the length of his leash? Stay tuned!

    By the way, updates have been regular again. Here’s hoping the Distraction is still around.

    • Prairie Son

      She is. She’s just as addicted to the story as the rest of us.

      Unlike the rest of us, she’s in a position to motivate our resident crack dispenser.

  5. TheSmogMonster

    I suspect the end of this particular journey is wrought in tradgedy…

  6. Freelance

    Meanwhile, at the toolshed…!
    (Now where’s my watermelon?)

    • Was that a Gallagher (the comedian) reference?

  7. Tom Billings

    Tethik really is having a problem with trust, and should. He may also be worried about the end of that journey as well, though. My interest is still at the end of their journey, when Tethik walks into the King’s presence, and basically says:

    “Your Majesty, this man beside me is Princess Zona’s half brother, Thann. He has been convinced by Queen Ipola that it is a bad idea to kill you. I, Queen Yanora, and Queen Ipola, think men working for your brother hired him, and others, once I was removed from the regency court by a contrived murder in my chambers. We do believe there may be others, so please take precautions.

    Since Maldik is attempting to usurp the throne, it’s time to leave Greymouth to its own devices and return to Normos, where your brother has enlisted the Urtts in his usurpation plot. Urtts are already trying to build up the logistics bases that will help them invade both Kivalia and Erogenia, with heavy magical help at their lead. Maldik tried to keep the Erogenians from breaking the Urtt supply trains, but Princess Zona leads them, and they have not been stopped.”

    Getting past the second sentence will be the hard part, of course. One very serious question is, … will the return march take too long? The best an Army can usually do is about 12 miles each day, slower than just a regiment, and a lot slower than Tethik got to Greymouth. Also, what will Gorshash and his new buddy be doing in the East? I note on the map a place marked “Dole the Enchanter”. Could they be looking for yet another ally?

    • Lebbrin

      One advantage Tethik will have is that he is Uncle Tethik. (Must not archive dive to verify… must not….) Anyway, I think that’s correct. Gudik (spelling?) has known Tethik all his life so that should help some. I do agree that it will be an interesting conversation though…

      • Prairie Son

        Cousin Tethik, but yes, he’s known the king since he was in nappies.

  8. Algesan

    AHH, we need arc links.

  9. Matti

    Excuse me, why does erogenian guy say mummy? Queen Ipola isn’t old enough to be called that!

    • Prairie Son

      Ipola is kinda/sorta his stepmother.

  10. vrwhammer

    Oh the level of friendship and trust

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