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  1. Jarin

    Salt those wounds, Tethik. XD

  2. alurker


  3. The Old Hack

    Hah! Nice try, Thann, but no cigar.

  4. Phoebe

    Ahahahaha!!! This made me laugh loudly, and maybe bang my hand on the desk a couple of times! Go Tethik!!!

  5. Speedy

    The horses look like they do not like those puns…

  6. 3Xp4t

    :-) . :-D . :-P . :lol: . :twisted: . :mrgreen:

  7. Paddy

    Thann is looking a bit green about the gills this morning, but he’d better make a good fist of it, and keep a tight grasp on his behaviour, even if Tethik’s punishing puns are a bit of a slap in the face :D

    • Paddy

      (Apologies if my wit is less punchy than the author’s :P )

  8. EmmaC

    Bwhahahaha…. right now I won’t feel sorry for Thann…. what a way to balance his cha, to have to stand Tethik pun…. hihhihihi

  9. Descartes

    Belated happy 10th anniversary, BTW.

    • Tomfoolery

      And so it is (was)!! Happy 10th, JED… a whole decade of Zona, Mentl, Tula et al. I’m so glad you’ve kept it going all this time, and it’s still as interesting / attention grabbing / enjoyable as when you started fresh. Thanks for all your efforts and all you do!

  10. jd.


    … the rest of this transmission is lost in fits of irrepressible laughter.

  11. Thanks to you all. #900 will be an king-sized official recognition of ten years of Zona. So have just a little patience and we hope you all will be amused.

  12. Karyl

    Ah Tethik, yes, you did know exactly what might happen if Thann took it into his head to try to go hands-off!

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