Page 958 Carlos’ Shack V
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  1. Prairie Son

    Okay. That was unexpected.

    If you need me, I’ll be laying down until my head stops spinning.

  2. Calisto01

    I’ve been wondering when we would see Kevin again. Last I knew he had brought Nan to the hospital. Interesting that he’s here though, he might have any idea about traveling back and forth to Erogenia.

  3. Magus

    …oh dear lord, that’s her father

    • Lebbrin

      Nope. That’s Kevin from way back here…

      He’s the one who found Nan after the Creeps from the Deeps(tm) attacked all of Mentl’s friends. I thought there might be more to him than just being a simple bouncer. But now we have to wonder, was he dead the whole time, or, like Vito, was he sent to be there when needed?

  4. TMI Fairy

    I was half expecting Zona to twist Carlos’ ear …

  5. 3Xp4t

    Oh. Hello!

    I hope we get an update on Nan … and maybe even get to finally meet his wife.

  6. vrwhammer

    yep its time to travel

  7. EmmaC


    As much for Zona reaction (I love her), than seeing Kevin here (sure was something strange about him, eh?)

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