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  1. JEDraft

    Well, great.
    Updated Comic Press and broke everything.

    I am certain I will be able to fix it all, but until then I beg your pardon and your patience. Serves me right for getting ambitious.

    Warm regards,


    • Interesting page when I hit the Prev button…Now I’m wondering if the old stoner dude witnessed this scene in the chief Urtt’s cave… (Yes, I know he was seeing Shuach in the Otherwhen, but still…)

    • LurkerAbove

      Maybe the cast-page could use another entry for our golden boy ?

  2. The Old Hack

    Not to worry, JED, we trust you. :)

    Awww. Doggie!

  3. Speedy the White

    Is that Urttadile Dundee?

  4. Oh, my; Kor Lachnis has another trick up his sleeve. So the pet will be eating out of his hand any day now. And another moment of battle must pass before we see if the Owner of Owners is capable of seeing reason.

  5. ICWT

    Puppy! Whose a good Dog? You’re a good dog! Yes you are! [points] to O-of-O: “Fetch!” Previous training by handler to grab prisoners by crotch may have been bad idea in retrospect.

  6. EmmaC

    I wonder if the trainer is calling ‘Nushka’ (nice name by the way JED, might used for my next cat) back in fear of her(him?) being killed or is sending his pet to attack…

    My other question: is our über KL just trying to get hold of another asset or? is he just fond of animals… wouldn’t that be funny?
    Big meany guy but can’t handle to see one of his pet hurt… Like in Conan (the old one) where one of the snake trainer is hurt broken because Conan had killed his giant snake….

    yup, I really want to know what will happen next…. Because, after all, perhaps KL is good with Urt… but perhaps not so with animals? that might be one interesting turn of events.

  7. Uhl

    DOL! (Head-a-splode) Hmm. Would have been a mite more interesting if it was “LOL!”

    Or maybe “LOL” causes the whole body to catch on fire, disintegrate and THEN explode!

  8. 3Xp4t

    Gorshash looks like he’s paying attention and learning a lot. While somewhat expected of him, it’s still creeping me out a bit. No way this can be a Good Thing.

    And Kor gains a ‘familiar’ of sorts. This day is just getting better and better …

    • SteinarB

      It does indeed look like Gorshash is paying very close attention and learning all he can. I’m thinking ol’ KL should probably feel _very_ nervous about that, because I don’t think Gorshash intends to play second banana one second longer than it takes him to have learned enough to be more powerful than the ancient Erogenian.

      • Gorshash is sincerely loyal to, and firmly under the thumb of, Shuach. Whom stabbing Kor Lachnis in the back would gravely offend. So I’d tend to think that if the plot went there, without a carefully laid justification, that would be a lapse on J. E. Draft’s part.

        Basically, KL is needed to release Shuach from the Otherwhen – and Shuach needs to be released from the Otherwhen to give a good reason why the Siderean Book bothered to meddle with matters by bringing Mentl into the picture, when Zona and Tula, between them, should be able to have just about any situation well in hand.

        So Gorshash can’t stab KL in the back before Shuach is released, and after Shuach is released, doing so would be kind of pointless, among other things.

        • This is not to say that KL should underestimate Gorshash… as he clearly did, and likely still does. But the consequences will, it seems, have to be subtle.

  9. My whole structure is effed-up and none of the actual comics are showing, which makes zero sense, even after using the supposed “Import” function.

    I frigging hate this, and next time there’s some update that they keep pushing on me I am not doing it unless there’s a serious security problem.


  10. Lora

    Well, well, Gorshash doesn’t mind fighting against his own. Interesting.

    • Freelance

      Considering how he got mystically *****slapped the last time he went against that high priest and how well said priest is kicking butt, sometimes you just know where to place your bets.

  11. EmmaC

    That and… he is a faithfull followers of Shuach. I mean, if your god says to you, ‘this guy is the one, you’ll follow him, or die painfully’ (or something equivalent)… Well, I think Gorshash is following his god will… and plan… Not to say the moment Shuach will say the contrary Gorshash is not going to take great pleasure to kill KL but right now? KL is the ‘chosen one’ of Gorshash god so I suppose he does not have much choice.

  12. Lebbrin

    Wait a minute! He went from red speech bubbles to blue and the text changed. Gorram it, can’t archive dive, but I swear that’s the font used when Tula chants moon magic. 3000 years ago, could they chant magic from any god? Dun dun duuuuuuun!

    • 3Xp4t

      Excellent eye, there. I vaguely recognized it as what I thought was Erogenian, but I didn’t specifically tie it to Moon Magic. Thought maybe I’d seen it when Mentl was visiting the Moon Tribe or something.

      I’ll up you one, though. If the Urrts are a reptiliod perversion of humans into a manufactured race, it crossed my mind that this lizard creature might be a similar experiment derived from the big cats the Erogenians are so fond of. Hope not. I love cats; would hate to see them twisted so.

      Hmmmm. So, the big surprise take-away here is that KL can cast at least two forms of magic. Not just the Shuach-derived/related form, but he still can tap into Moon Magic. Which I am sure is a real eye-opener for Gorshash.

      Now, even more fun detail: Tula could not cast Moon Magic when trapped in the Urrt caverns before. Moon Magic was blocked, somehow suppressed by “something” or another in this location.

      Yet … Kor seems to call it forth casually, almost as if he’s unaware of any suppressive influence in this location. If Shuach was the suppressive influence, this suggests the possibility that Shuach is perhaps some sort of construct of the ancient Erogenians and has little influence over them. It’s already been hinted from the OtherWhen that Shuach is not exactly godlike at all times to all beings … maybe he is something of a magical/metaphysical “construct?” Or, maybe another Ancient Erogenian who has undergone some form of transformation? A poseur, if you will; not (necessarily) a god, just an entity with god-like powers (that’s also a bit full of himself over those powers).

      Investing in an EverFull Bucket of Popcorn™ and settling in for the Long Show.

    • You’re quite right; this font is of the style commonly used for printing Gaelic in Ireland.

      I don’t think Kor Lachnis can wield Moon magic – or that it would even work there – but the same language, combined with other forces, allowed him to influence the beast’s mind.

      Nushka!! is clearly a command to attack, which is why Gorshash subsequently was about to blast the animal to keep from getting chomped by it. Events are happening very quickly here, so the reality of being hopelessly outclassed hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

      • On further reflection, KL can’t just be saying “Good doggie” in a language the beastie is unlikely to have heard before, let alone to understand. Hence, he must be at least working the equivalent of a Jedi mind trick.

        Now, this opens up another question. Why doesn’t Moon magic work in the Urrt caves? Actually, it was just in that one cave where Shuach’s presence was strong because of its previous use.

        But on Mentl’s Earth, all magic works poorly because of different laws in that reality. Magic is supposed to depend on will, intent, and emotional focus – so in that case, that Tula uses different words than Gorshash to access a power that lies within her own mind should make no difference.

        Clearly, therefore, the magic in use also has to have a goetic component. Tula must be drawing on power from the Moon Goddess, to which access can be blocked in some places. That explains how KL can achieve effects with a chant of a single syllable.

        In the case of goetic magic, however, it makes sense that you have to use the right chant, so as to get the right spirit’s attention and for your request to be clear and respectful. And that means that “this isn’t Harry Potter” starts to break down… as it seemed to when the Book asked Tula to attempt to sing California Dreaming.

    • Mikey_Likes_It

      Yet even more of a ‘Ut-Oh’ moment; puppy is paying attention! Yikes!

      Wonder how Puppy and the Kitties will get along?

  13. JEDraft

    Some progress. At least got most of the pages visible. Somehow the archives and categories got screwed up in the process, but I can deal with that later. Along the way I’m planning to use a story structure and chapters and all that, but tonight I’m too tired. More tomorrow.

    BTW, Lebbrin, I believe the page you’re looking for is here:


    Warm regards,


    • Lebbrin

      Hey JED, thanks for the page. (I actually managed to look at the page and NOT read forward.) :D Yep! Moon magik for sure. The plot thickens…..

  14. EmmaC

    Thank you JED for all your efforts. Even if we are, it seems, all engrossed in KL appearance and capability in your new panel!

    As for KL wielding Moon Magic, I am still waiting for the result. Yeh, he’s seemingly casting it… but is it going to work? And why use Moon Magic rather than ‘Shuach’? Unless all the ‘shuach’ magic can do is destroy? I wonder….

    • Hwyla

      Have we actually seen Shuach Magic do anything other than destroy? I would minimally say that Moon Magic is better for beast taming.

      I do wonder whether the Magics are actually countering opposites of each other. Blue vs Red. Moon vs. Fire. At least in the page JED has kindly linked for us, Tula isn’t actually destroying anything. I don’t recall exactly her fight with Gorshash, but I don’t remember her as ‘destroying’. Perhaps ‘Destroy’ vs. ‘Capture’ (or ‘Repel’ or ‘Protect’?)

  15. Jinx

    well, and we’re forgetting, (at least i know i did until just now), that there is a third deity – the earth goddess – so it’s possible? for KL to be a trifecta going up against Tula – which would make a sort of meta plot sense for the appearance of “THE BOOK” and Mentl the Mystic spellsinger – balance is all …

    • The Earth goddess is on the same side as the Moon goddess, against Shuach.

  16. I see that the avatar icons are slightly tilted. I guess that’s a whimsical touch to indicate the currently ‘broken’ nature of the site. Although it’s almost fixed – Prev now goes first to a duplicate of this page, and then from there on functions normally, instead of going to a much earlier page as had happened immediately after the update.

  17. EmmaC

    @Hwyla: I think you’re right. I can’t remember if Shuach magic can do anything else than destroy.
    When Tula attacked or defended Mentl and Zona, well I don’t remember seeing Urtt explode… But my memory is not very good so I’ll let other correct this.
    On another hand, yup, there is a third deity… I can’t remember if, to have magic, you need to be aligne/priest or priestess of a particular deity. Which would let us ask: on whom is Mentl align?
    If he’s not, is he more or less powerful? Can he tap in any of those magic? or the fact that his magic comes from another world make him a joker/ace in whoever ‘have’ him on its side?
    once again, if we have already some answer to that, be kind, my memory is not super good….

  18. Salisria

    I see you’ve managed to fix it somewhat, but I’d like to point out that it’s cropping the right edge of the pages by about 20 pixels for some reason. I can still see the image, the whole image, and nothing but the image :D if I right click and view image.

  19. EmmaC

    Just had a thought (under my shower… because yeah. Zona is following me right there… ).
    I wonder about the book. Is it waiting for something from Mentl and Tula? OR… is he waiting for something Shuach is going to do? Like, awakening KL?
    I am a little messed up about the book and its origin. But if it is scientient (as I think it is mentioned somewhere) then perhaps it’s ‘playing chess’ with Shuach? Waiting to see what is Shuach next move?
    I don’t know… Just a thought, I told you…

  20. Retiarius

    Possible blue text balloon translation: “Good doggy. Nice little pooch. Maybe I have a Milk-bone…” :P

    • Lebbrin

      Where the heck is the up-vote button?

      • Haven’t gotten there yet. Still, in the menus at the top and bottom is “VOTE FOR ZONA,” so you can use that if you want.

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