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  1. Driver Ed

    Hope Morcai took his vitamins. It’s gonna be a long night!

  2. Tom Billings


    This is sounding more and more like Mentl’s tale all the time. It seems that things are “balanced” in this case, in the relationship between the two Ladies, since he has just met both at essentially the same time. One hopes, however, that he will be able to satisfy all requirements of the two Ladies. It seems he can at lest recite poetry for them. ;-)

    Mahd and Feeby will have a nice “cute” playmate, and Morcai?, …well, if he’s to be a continuing character, they shouldn’t maul him *too* badly. May their joy increase!

    • T'Renn

      Well, if this is the end of Morcai’s adventures, I think he would agree that “death by snu-snu” beats the heck out of “death by snakebite.”

      • Someguy

        Or spider bite as the case may be.

      • midnightwolf

        I’m gonna go with a death by Snu-Snu type thing

  3. Ooorah

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more realistic “dumbfounded” expression before in a webcomic. Awesome.

  4. jd.

    YEAH! Another winner. I luuuve Mahd already. And I did hope that some manner of password was necessary.

    Also, the fact that there are two of them, an even number, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “don’t get Mahd, get even”.

    (For some reason – probably the way her teeth show and the roundish shape of the horns – Feeby looks slightly remindful of a Biker Mouse from Mars to my tired eyes.)

    Panel 3 had me actually worried that Morcai had not memorized the poem perfectly. Turns out he was just collecting his thoughts. Well-played, JED.

    Also, I love how the background combines with his clothes in the last panel to convey how he is neck deep in it. So cute, so funny to look at.

  5. Laszlo

    Love the expression on Feeby’s face when she comes out.

  6. EmmaC

    he’s cute!!! Morcai, he’s cute!!! I love this girl, bless her heart (and sweet bosom!) and her sister/friend.

  7. JEDraft

    And for those who want to know, the language is another ancient corruption of Eroghen. Not Urttish, not ancient Erogenian. It’s Urrnish – the language of the Urr-Natikh or ogres. Yes, I had already established (somewhere, can’t find it right now) that the Urr-natikh are also creations of the ancient Erogenians’ magick, like the Urtts and other, as yet unrevealed species extant and extinct.

    The poem is just a bit of doggerel in Urrnish, that translates so:

    “Mahd and Feeby
    Warm and sweet
    Pretty sisters
    Such a treat.

    If there be such as do not like
    Well, they can just go take a hike!”

    This, as Lord Dell said, will only work once. He will create a new one for when he sends the new password to the ogre sisters.

    • EmmaC

      Thanks! i was going to ask for a translation!
      Those two sisters definitively change the aspect of the word ‘ogre’!

  8. Marcus

    Doubles….. DOUBLES….. DOUBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls over*

  9. Firanai

    Wow…ain’t that last expression spot on. I wonder if he’s starting to regret it, or if he’s going to cry out of joy.

  10. Erogenial

    Face it, Tiger – you just hit the jackpot!

    • Ed

      old Spider man line from my youth!

      • The Last Garou

        Yup. The first thing Mary Jane said to him when they finally met. After Peter spent *months* dodging “Anna Watson’s niece with the ‘wonderful personality.'”

  11. The Last Garou

    I called it… 0_0
    Holy crap! I called it! I figured out what JED was going to do before he revealed it! Let me just bask in this feeling for a moment. . .

    …Okay. I’m good now.
    On a related note: anyone else notice their names are Maude and Phoebe?

  12. Godspeed Morcai. Godspeed. We salute you!

  13. Swimbikerunrepeat

    The phrase “death by SNU SNU” suddenly comes to mind here…

  14. alurker

    Is this a matter of “Be careful what you wish for?”
    I’ve seen cats play with their toys before…

  15. Lebbrin

    Well, Tethik DID promise multiples…. :D

    • EmmaC

      (archive dive)
      ‘true. Multiples. A regular.”

      So…. we know about his bonus, we understand the multiples… The regular? I suppose, if he’s survive, he can stay with them?

  16. Karyl

    I just love the fur/hair textures on the ogre sisters! I like them too, they are cute for giant snaggle-toothed horned creatures!

  17. Someguy

    *squints at comic* I do believe Morcai just found religion in that last panel.

  18. tricksterson

    Our surgeons did all that they could but it took them two hours just to get the smile off his face.

  19. Matti
  20. Morcai’s expression in the last panel? Yeah, that’d be mine too. It’d be an expression of utter disbelief that I actually got that lucky.

  21. Lora

    Hahahaha! Thanks! :D I was laughing so much at this!

    Feeby looks like she likes little men. I hope Morcai survives the sisters, because I want to see where this goes.

  22. calisto01

    I rather like Morcia, hope he survives this…

    >says one sister as she grabs a leg< "Get other one, make wish!"

    I'm willing to bet, THAT's going to leave a mark. :)

  23. JEDraft

    Just watching again “The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen” by Terry Gilliam and couldn’t help but think the following exchange was apropos:

    BILL: But it’s madness. He’ll kill himself.

    DESMOND: Yeah, but — well worth it, eh?

  24. The Gorram Batguy

    Assuming that a predilection for ogre girls is rather uncommon, the fact that Lord Dell set up this arrangement with these two ogre-ladies long in advance, saying “sometime he send people who wan’ play”, suggest to me that Morcai is even more impressive an agent than even we’ve seen and Tethick and his Uncle have been planning to secure his long-term services for some time.

  25. Ehonna

    I think you broke him. At least that’s how he looks in the last panel

    • Oh no the breaking comes later, when the sisters get to Snu Snu’ing him.

  26. Reservist

    I imagine them speaking with TF2 Fem Heavy-like voices. :-P

    “Little, little man. :-)
    Hah! Is so tiny!!”

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