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  1. The Old Hack

    Ah. The Dark Side Yoda in action.

    While I love the new Star Wars movie, I still feel this pair is a good deal superior to Kylo Ren and Leader Snoke.

    • Lora

      I cannot take Supreme Leader Snoke seriously. It’s the name. Snoke just doesn’t sound the least bit evil or intimidating. Sidious you knew was evil. Snoke? Not so much. Sounds more like snore (which in my language is spelled with a k before the e).

      Great page though, and yes, these two are kinda evil incarnate. :)

    • jd.

      I recently infuriated a coworker of mine by presenting him with what I claimed were two spoilers about the eighth film seen on the Internet.

      The first one was minor and posited that Snoke had a first name that would be revealed during the course of the film; to wit, Jonn.

      The second, much more important, was that Snoke was not the main villain; he was merely the disciple of the main villainess, played by Rose Leslie (herself recommended by fellow Game of Thrones cast member Gwendoline Christie, who played Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens). And at the end of the movie, the heroes would utterly defeat Snoke, who would crawl back to his master only to hear her condemn him with, “You know nothing, Jonn Snoke”.

      • Uhl

        Lies! Foul villain!

  2. vrwhammer

    as personal as the lose of an eye and being forced to debase your self before your deity. Hmmm I wonder if anything like that has happened to Gorshash.

  3. Freelance

    Would a woman who would humiliate him and stab out his eye count as personal?

    • Joe


  4. Karyl

    I still wonder if Gorshash thinks he might ultimately somehow get the drop on ultimate baddie–but of course, only after they square accounts with Zona and crew. I suspect he’s not going to get his wishes though. Very effective desert scene!

  5. jd.

    Ouch, sounds like Gorshash will suffer some more. He already lacks one eye, what’s next?

    I guess I can count myself lucky that I cannot imagine how he would serve someone he “hates so perfectly”.

    Off-topic, I have been looking for the answer to Mentl’s conundrum as to what song could take them back. A few months earlier, a coworker of mine quit and I tried to get other coworkers who play the guitar to play a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd for his departure (he has a predilection for Southern rock). The song I selected was “Sweet Home Alabama” for being rather simple and well-known by all (indeed, most present sung along with the chorus).

    Then it struck me:
    Sweet home Erogenia
    Where the girls have such boobs
    Sweet home Erogenia
    Lady, coming home to you!

    … C’m’on, Mentl, I know you play older songs but it’s worth at least a try, right?

    • Calisto01

      Song about boobs not withstanding I still think the best choice would be “Get Back” by the Beatles/Paul McCarthy.

      “Gt Back, Get Back, Get back to where you once belonged…”
      the rest of the lyrics aren’t completely out of context either.

      Just two cents… Glad to be seeing more pages

  6. ghostwhitehorse

    Aaaaaaaaaand Darth Banes “Rule of Two” just popped to mind.

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