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  1. JEDraft
    • Raoullefere

      So Mentl’s got a bit more modern with his repertoire? I mean, that only came out 10 years ago, right?

      *Sigh* Let a guy have just a year or so back on our earth, and look what happens.

  2. alurker

    There’s… there’s something in my eye.

  3. Mace

    Perhaps a little ‘modern’ for Mentl the Mystik – but no-one says he has to stick with the golden oldies. Nice song. A fitting choice for the effect he’s after too.

  4. Calisto01

    Perfect choice I must say. Even though I really thought I finally had one right. Oh well, I’ll still keep trying.

    Nice page JED.

  5. 3Xp4t

    Glad I didn’t even try for this one. I’d have never come close … I’d’ve spent my time scouring the archives from about 1958 – 1969-ish, or so. Hadn’t even heard this song, so thanks for introducing me to it! 🙂

    Incredible set of pages, JED. Thank you!

  6. Feldmarshall

    I don’t mean to add to your burdens JED, but have you ever considered making a playlist (Spotify or maybe YouTube) with all the songs referenced in Zona? This would be awesome…

    Next step – make a concert 😉 And invite Mentl to perform…

    As for the comic – can’t wait to see the clash of our two new enchanters (well… one very old actually, but you know what I mean). Great job!

    • Ooorah

      Hey Feldmarshall (and Paddy), I don’t have a playlist, but I have been tracking all the songs:

      Hope this helps!

      • Calisto01

        That is an awesome list! Thank you for taking the time to do it.
        Very much appreciated!

  7. Skarrde

    Love Switchfoot and this is a great sample for it!

  8. Paddy

    Anyone feel like making a YouTube playlist for the songs so far appearing in this comic?

  9. Drachefly

    Okay, so now they live in the grayness. Problem not solved.


  10. Debi Lyn

    Fortunately the magic works on intention.

  11. Lora

    Nice collage, JED. 🙂 I just wonder where in place and time in Erogenia they will end up.

  12. vrwhammer

    nice trip

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