Plugging The Hole IV – Page 966
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  1. Dan J.

    Winged dude in the first panel, a shot of penicillin will help with that.

    • EmmaC

      *choked on my popcorn while laughing*

    • Zimriel

      When ya gotta go…

      • Dragonrider

        Puts a completely new meaning to “pissed off”

    • I'am a Redguard!

      Fire Crooooooootch!!!

    • SFCRetired

      It would take a lot more than penicillin to cure that! Reminds me of some of the “illnesses” some of my young soldiers would occasionally catch. Had some good laughs at their expense.

    • Calisto01

      GO GO Gadget… aah…>insert favorite name here<


    • Someguy

      Maybe if he didn’t let that Greenguy fist him he wouldn’t have that problem.

    • Just_IDD

      For that much burning, I think that you’re going to need more than a shot and should probably use a bazooka instead.

  2. EmmaC

    A battle for the ages….

  3. Tom Billings

    All times and places represented in the demons as well? From the number of bangs we are seeing from those gatling guns, the demons have chosen poorly in the time they copied them from. Those are far closer to Richard Jordan Gatling’s pre-1895 rate of fire than anything else. The modern electric-powered versions, even using only one in 4 bullets as a tracer round, and their slower speed setting, would be pumping out a stream of fire fast enough that you would simply see a single stream of fire. Perhaps even their magic has trouble feeding rounds as fast as disintegrating links do since 1965.

    The two-sword technique someone is trying to use against Zona has several counters from a single sword opponent, even using with the opponent using one tulwar to swing and the other to stab. Tulwars are trickier to use in stabbing as well, being built as slashing cavalry weapons.

    This is especially so when Zona’s opponent is falling towards her. The opponent now has a radial velocity that is difficult to alter once at close range, making the opponent’s position relative to Zona more predictable. Meanwhile, Zona is jumping at the last second, to change her radial position.

    The guy seemingly in need of penicillin seems to have just picked up a bewitched skull and is acting as its transport. The skull may be the one in charge. In general these seem, again, to be light skirmishers with little experience, setting out to attract attention, while the main assault comes from elsewhere on a different axis.

    • Speedy

      Remember, 1 in 5 is often tracer. Between every round you see, 4 more are there to fill in the space.

      I am wondering where their ammo is being stored???

      • Vulcan

        I’m assuming reloading requires a proctologist…

  4. Dragonrider

    Will Bat Demon please report to Public Health Clinic immediately, be advised neither regular nor Magnum condoms will work. A titanium condom is awaiting your pickup until then please refrain from attempting to mate with any species. The STD Police will monitor you for compliance.

  5. I'am a Redguard!

    So does Fire Crotch shit out icecicles or what?

  6. 3Xp4t

    JED …. Dr. Freud is on hold from the Otherwhen. Something about scheduling a decade’s worth of therapy. And all the publication rights.


  7. Lora

    Hahaha! Why couldn’t they just use hands for their attacks like normal magic users? 😛
    Crotch of fire and bullets. Special snowflakes, aren’t they? 😉

  8. Elihias

    I know it’s a trick of perspective, but fire crotch seems to have a little black demon pullling the trigger at the back of him…

    Yeah… I’ll be leaving about now…


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