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  1. So many of us called it! And an excellent choice at that. ♥♥

    • 3Xp4t

      Well, it’s not so much that it wasn’t a possibility. I wouldn’t have bet on it because I thought it was a somewhat silly plot mechanism. It’s harmless enough and a good chuckle, but I was sort of hoping JED wold pull something else out of his hat. Perhaps a priest with a slightly rebellious, open-minded and reform-minded outlook on spirituality. I was thinking in terms of someone who might be more of an ally rather than Laemul being surrounded entirely by enemies.

      We’ve been assuming the worst of the entire Faith. I guess I was hoping to see a bit of a chink in their intransigence and bigotry, something redeeming that might portend a turn away from the dogmatic toward the spiritual. The way the story is headed, it would have given a bit more hope from one quarter ….

      Anyway. Just because he’s blind doesn’t mean he’s deaf. Some interesting details to play out for this plan to survive contact with the enemy yet. What marriage ceremony is performed with the priest not touching and talking with couple?

      We also don’t know just how serious the Faith is regarding giants, either pro or con. A lot has been assumed, based upon extrapolated data from the story. If the Faith does have very strong policy and dogma regarding giants, Laemul has some answering to do to his own soul for such a deception.

      Im’a sit back and warch it all unfold at this point.

      • TMI Fairy

        Maybe the leper focused blind priest will be told that the young couple are “very tall”?

    • Elihias

      I don’t mind that I didn’t call it… but I will quietly burst if Jed does
      not explain ‘Knocks’… I must have been a cat in a previous life…
      I simply have to know these things…


      • Tom Billings

        “Knocks” is a informal way of making a promise, in return for an action. Count Tethik used the phrase in making his promises to secure the trip from Normos to Dell of the family of the young man poisoned in his quarters at the castle in Normos.

  2. TMI Fairy

    Thumbs up to all the witty people who guessed :)
    (I didn’t).
    The Romeo and Juliet reference is sweet :D

    • jd.

      I didn’t guess either, and did not get the Romeo and Juliet reference. Silly me.

      I did get the Princess Bride quote, so I can avoid writing myself off as a total loss.

      Also, I already love this new old priest.

  3. ICWT

    Even though he has the Peter Cook part, for some reason I’m hearing Miracle Max’s voice.

    Happy Fourth to all the Brethren, though those of you who are members of TGA (The Gay Agenda) are napping on the job. One week later and my marriage isn’t feeling threatened. Oh, you’re probably having brunch and making vicious plans to strike without warning. No one expects the Gay Inquisition! Their Two Chief Weapons are tasteful timing and and an army of militant Unicorns. Yes, I know that’s actually two, see how subversive they are?

    • Salisria

      Yea, it looks like advocates of SSM (super-sized marriage) are getting their way.

    • Sorry, The Gay Agenda advocate types are busy planning weddings. (Only so many wedding planner companies to go around, so many florists, so many cake bakers, etc, etc, etc.) Those not working on weddings (or putting them off until facilities, etc, become available) are busy working on phases 2 and 3 of our Secret LGITBAQ (or QILTBAG) Agenda: 2. Secure a bunch of other human equality rights (we’ve scored a victory, yay for everyone, but there are still several issues in need of addressing, and 3. Live As Happily Ever After As The Rest Of The World Can.

      (Yes, I count myself among them. I’m bisexual. No, I am not a unicorn; I actually do exist. No, I am not confused; I actually do know my own sexual preferences, than you. No, dating a guy does not make me het, nor does dating a girl make me a lesbian, just as liking barbecue doesn’t make you a Texan, nor does liking clam chowdah make you a Bostonian. Yes, I am tired of my choices being questioned or treated with disbelief or disdain or distrust. Yes, I expect my preferences to be discussed / treated with respect. Don’t you?)

      • Squire James

        How about indifference? Wait, you believe unicorns do not exist? What kind of idiot are you?

        • 3Xp4t

          Now, now. We are tolerant of ALL beliefs around here. Even the ones not based entirely in reality.

      • ICWT

        Nope, Jean. YOU need to be writing. Iä doesn’t have enough problems yet. Though the metaphor was a little strained when you made her pull the bus.

        • That wasn’t a metaphor. That was a bus. And she was an idiot. A too-tired-to-think idiot.

          …What? Just because she’s my creation doesn’t mean she’s perfect!

          • Calisto

            hey Jean,

            I think it’s funny how you try to deny being a unicorn. Anyone can see the photo of you on your website has been photoshopped to remove the horn and pink ribbon. Don’t worry your secret is safe with us. :)

    • Reservist

      Army of militant unicorns? Sounds like a part of the Equestrian Armed Forces. I like it. :-)

  4. Ice Raven

    Called it ! :D

  5. Elihias

    Try this exercise: Stand your tallest friend next to your shortest friend. Close your eyes,
    and listen to them talking… The human brain can estimate height from the position of
    another persons voice. And whilst our unnamed father is old, he is not in his dotage.

    He will probably be quickly aware of who he is marrying.The fact he has a soft spot for
    Brother L means he will probably keep quiet his knowledge of the situation. So… all the
    poppy juice you want, Father, just say when…


  6. Calisto

    If there are points to be had, I called it!

    Not that there isn’t enough to go around and who’s counting really but still… :)

  7. hwyla

    I’ll give the father points if he nonchalantly turns to Laemul after the ceremony and asks him why he didn’t just tell him they were giants. I agree that he will know based on where the voices are coming from — even if they are on their knees.

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