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  1. Elihias

    ‘I’ve got you… under my skin…’ ?



  2. Descartes

    She’s been watching Yogi Bear?

    • Rrolf

      I think that Vito did. We’ll see in the next installment, I guess…

    • Descartes

      I hope she absorbs from our culture at least as much of Shakespeare as of Hanna-Barbera.

  3. Marcus

    Well… that’s a level of trust and intimacy I’ve only seen used a couple times (often to great effect)

    Grats Vito.

  4. Inquisitive Raven

    Well, it’s not like she shot it or anything like that. I do hope she gutted it before rigor mortis set in.

    • Reservist

      Whether she shot it or not doesn’t make any difference.
      She still did something at a moment it is forbidden by the law of the country.
      Though, as Tula said, she did it because she needed it.
      Whoch makes me think … why didn’t they bring food supplies with them?

      • Sybarite

        A: They probably did bring supplies, but I doubt they brought much in the way of fresh meat when they don’t have a way to refrigerate it. B: If the authorities catch them with the carcass, they can honestly say they got the kill from a wolf!

  5. vrwhammer

    nice relaxed and got a clue. good nights work

  6. 3Xp4t

    Vito don’t fool around when he gets to foolin’ around.

    Kickin’ myself that I didn’t consider the possibility of two powerful wizards being able to work out a simultaneous time-share.

    I’m reminded of the Farscape episode when everyone kept switching bodies …. will Tula give Vito a ‘guided tour’ …? ;-) :-P Lucky Ol’ Dawg no matter how. Hooking up with Tula would be on my Top Three list no matter what life (or afterlife) I might inhabit. To be accepted by her for such spiritual intimacy would blow just about anything out of the water that I can think of.

    • 3Xp4t

      Speaking of time-sharing a body … Vito and Mentl might be able to form this sort of mind-meld and allow Vito to pass along some skills and knowledge that he would otherwise have passed to his apprentice, had Death not interrupted. Clearly, you don’t have to be Tula-level in skillz to consent, so Mentl’s (relative) ineptness with magecraft at this point shouldn’t be a hindrance, and his progression in ability should provide a much easier path than some of the others Vito shared with.

  7. The Old Hack

    Mph. Even if a ranger showed up, if they can show that it was clearly killed by a wolf, I have my doubts that what they are doing is illegal.

    • Sean

      It still would be.
      Around here, roadkill is supposed to go to the Sheriff, who maintains a list of needy people. So, you kill a deer with your car, it either rots, or the Sheriff comes out with someone on food stamps, to collect the meat.

      I think the same applies if you have a depredation permit. A permit to shoot them because they’re damaging your crops. Such a permit doesn’t let you harvest the animal.

      Also, as it’s clearly been killed by a lupine, and then left behind, there would be questions about why the wolf left the carcass behind. I suspect that harassing wolves, or any wildlife, is illegal too, and an unconsumed wolf carcass would probably suggest someone took the kill from the wolf.

      • Lamont Cranston

        Here in TN, we can eat our roadkill. No shit. We used to do that “call the Sheriff” thing, but in practice, people weren’t willing to clean ‘em if they didn’t get to eat ‘em, and the meat was still wasted. So if you can hit it with a car, you can keep it, any time of year.

        • RBZ

          The way you phrase that, it sounds like people go out with the intent to create roadkill.

          In the UK, the law is that if you discover roadkill, you can take it, but if you create roadkill, you must leave it (after moving it off the roadway, if safe to do so).

          • Hornet

            There aren’t many that go with the intent to make roadkill, car are expensive to fix.

          • xpacetrue

            “Intent to Roadkill”? ^_^ Heh! As crazy as that sounds, I somehow suspect a politico somewhere made a law about that.

            But, that’s a good point: You hit a deer with a car or even a pickup hard enough to maim or kill it, you’re going to do a real number on your vehicle. That’s an expensive way to hunt and I doubt many would (or could) do that intentionally. How would that work, anyway? Drive back and forth along the edge of wooded areas looking for… what, a deer standing in the road? You’d probably run out of gas.

  8. EmmaC

    As a matter of fact… I’m uncorfotable with this situation… I suppose Vito wouldn’t do any bad and Tula wouldn’t let anything like that happen but… what if it could, I don’t know, call for someone else to try?
    And what about the ‘a whole lot more’ because Vito… Why do I think there’s more than just Vito here….

    • 3Xp4t

      I think it’s an obvious leap that a wizard can take over another unwilling body. It’s pretty much been implied by Vito’s earlier comments (way back on the beach as well as with the wolf) that he does this carefully with consent. In the case of our old acid freak Dead Head friend, I suspect Vito even performs a little repair & maintenance as part of the service agreement. So, therefore, it could be done on an unwilling host, and/or uncarefully, and the results are likely anything but pretty.

      However, with Vito and Tula, it also seems obvious that it’s by consent … and with Tula involved, I’d also think consent is required of anyone short of a very powerful god.

      Note also that the first word in panel #1 is “Dawn.” Im’a bet those two were carousing through the night and when Vito returned the white wolf to his sanctuary this was the best way to get Vito to camp in a state where he could interact with Mentl & Zona.

      Anyway. So long as it’s consensual, no biggie. I think we’ve been seeing a developing romance between Vito & Tula for quite some time. For mages of their caliber, this is “just getting to know each other.” Which is interesting in that Tula cannot wear a chain/walk a path of commitment, yet with intimacy such as this she has access to a universe that others cannot really imagine. I envy them. For decades I’ve searched for a soulmate where something like this would be an option if it were possible in our universe. Never found anyone like that, sadly.

      And, we’re in the Zonaverse … truly horrible misuses of power and magic are part of this reality, such a non-consensual possession. Can’t say this makes me any more uncomfortable than many of the other horror possibilities implied throughout the story.

      • EmmaC

        I agree with a lot of what you’re saying it’s just that…. call me a pessimistic.

        Even with a soulmate, I wouldn’t be able to share myself like this. Too many dark corners in my mind. Not really proud about them :/ Perhaps why I am unconfortable with this situation.

        By the way, do you think Tula knows for Zero or…?

        • 3Xp4t

          I’ll guess that Vito clued her in during the night. There would almost certainly be a degree of automatic sharing when they merge in one body like this. In addition they probably did this in part deliberately to directly & efficiently share information (and perhaps a bit more, such as skills, direct experiences, etc.), so I feel confident Vito had a lot to tell Tula, and Zero would have been an unavoidable detail.

          I’m keeping in mind that Tula is one of the more powerful protégé priestesses of Erogenia, as well Vito is … well, Vito. They have both probably faced down all the significant “dark corners” in themselves to get to where they are. I’ll expect that they are actively using their combined magic to enhance the effects. This is neither a casual nor normal “ride along.”

          And, as far as any “dark corners” go … these two can lean on each other to face down and heal each other. They will both be changed and stronger for it after this. I would think this is an intended effect, a way for Vito to “bend” the rules a bit and give Tula a needed edge in the coming horror show. Given that Tula is also Tula, I can see it not being a one way street, either. She is probably giving back to Vito, as well, some strengths and support that may help him to be more powerful and stable in what he will face.

          I hate to say it, but in practical terms, Zero is almost an irrelevant statistic against the scale of what’s going on. No disrespect toward his cha or anything. But, the time to mourn and respect him is after clearing the battlefield, and they’ve barely stepped into the battlefield at this point.

  9. Kuraimizu

    well this is interesting, Tula decided to share her body and mind with Vito.
    Female Biological Chassis
    Female Biological Processor
    Dual running a male and female operating systems
    from the same harddrive

    I hope Vito can adapt to the foreign hardware.
    there might me a bit of feedback from this.

    • 3Xp4t

      Doesn’t even give e second thoughts. Vito can inhabit a dog, an acid freak … who knows what else. Also keep in mind he exists in the OtherWhen. Anything imaginable is possible there, and a semi-infinite number of, literally, unimaginable things. All perception there is a construct, an illusion of convenience. I have great confidence that a crazy old wizard like Vito has spent vast amounts of time experimenting with formats that make being in a woman’s hardware a trivial afterthought.

  10. RBZ

    “Vito the Last Dinosaur. He’s Tula’s friend…”

  11. Lora

    Haha. Vito and Tula in one? I think Tula had a good night.

    But did she kill a new deer? I can hardly imagine the wild dogs just running away, not since Tula and Snow/Vito just left the place moments after he showed up.

  12. Uhl

    The Ranger isn’t going to take-a your pick-a-nick basket, but he WILL take that deer, and slap you with a big ole fine! Remember, this is California we’re talking about and the “ecological” laws there are CRAZY. People who clear the underbrush around their homes so they DO NOT BURN DOWN AS A RESULT OF WILD FIRES get fined half a mil, while those around them who don’t lose everything. Why? Because the eco-ticians want to protect a species of mole-rat that… BURNS WITH THE UNDERBRUSH!

    Oh, and the Napa Valley? They suffered a drought so Farmers had to sign up for Food Stamps. Why? So that the State could “protect” a species of minnow that… “is an indicator of global warming” and shut of the water supply to do so.

    I could go on.

    • 3Xp4t

      I could go on.”

      No need. You’ve made your politics crystal clear.

      • Tom Billings

        Not hard to do, in a State losing jobs to Texas faster than most States are generating them.

    • Reservist

      People clearing the underbrush around their homes get fined … half a mil?? Like in “half a million”???!
      You can’t be serious … can you? :-S

      • Sybarite

        Serious? Yes. Correct for the majority of cases? No.

  13. Calisto

    If I was Tula the biggest concern I would have is what Vito might be doing with his hands while he rode along. (stop touching me!!!)

  14. Mikey_Likes_It

    Aww, how hospitable of Tula to give Vito a ride in the woods and then all the way back to camp too.

    What a sweetie…

    • Prairie Son

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or serious.

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