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  1. JEDraft

    THERE we go.
    It wasn’t me – it was GoDaddy.
    Grr. Argh.

    • Joe

      “It wasn’t me – it was GoDaddy.”

      Man. Can’t beat THAT timing!

  2. Salisria

    We’ll soon see if Thann is Erogenian enough to accept the idea of hurting someone and then helping them. Abstractly, I myself can accept it, but then I’m not the one that just got my back broken and then healed just to satisfy the cha.

    • JEDraft

      He may not have a choice.

  3. xpacetrue

    I think we know what Ipola is doing in the last panel. This is so Jed’s style. :) Though, this makes things more… complicated. And I guess complicated is usually more interesting.

    • JEDraft

      Do you know? You can be certain if you just look back at a couple previous scenes. :)

  4. Hwyla

    Wow JED – Thann’s face in panel 4 is amazing! Hard to tell it isn’t a realistically painted portrait! oh – and the story is going great, too of course.

    • JEDraft

      Thanks to Subsurface Skin Scattering in poser Pro 2014. :)

  5. matt

    Is… is she… disarming him?

    • Prairie Son

      Nope. Healing his spine. Balancing the cha between them.

      Of course, no says she has to use anesthetic…

      • JEDraft

        She can be quite charming and disarming.
        Just not right here. :)

  6. Lictre

    Lord, but she’s ruthless. She’s just shown him that she can cripple him at a distance to make sure that she has the opportunity to have a conversation with him, then heal him when she’s done.

    I’m sure that Niccolo Machiavelli would have had a political orgasm studying her style of exercising power, since she has shown that she has an ability to be both loved, and feared.

    • JEDraft

      She didn’t get where she is just on her looks.

  7. wysiwyg

    He’s turning into a donkey!

    No wait…that’s Pinocchio. :-p

    • JEDraft

      Well, he is kind of an ass.

  8. subdudephx

    It ain’t the ladies who are bitches, it’s payback.

    • JEDraft

      How does the song go? “Life’s a Bitch – But I Love Her?” :)

  9. Lora

    Ipola, I think I love you. Not as much as your darling daughter, Tula, but I still love you.

  10. Zaid

    I’m kind of with Thann here. The idea of being an unwilling subject is too much like being property for me.

    • Prairie Son

      And yet every country in the world runs that way.

  11. EmmaC

    Late to the show but well done…. I love that Thann is not just yet ‘oh of course I’ll believe you know’… After all, of the mother he loves (because we can be pretty sure he loves his mother… well, that’s how I see things the way he spoke of her) had told him bad things on Erogenian, why would he believe her? and certainly not at first sight…. And to be honest, I am not even sure he will believe her right now… Will see, JED is master at surprising us!

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