Through A Glass Darkly – Page 1007
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  1. cousac

    ummmm….I’ll be in my bunk…

    • Zac

      This comment is Jayne Cobb approved.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I’m surprised that Mentl hasn’t already interrupted Zona’s song to carry HER off to HIS bunk…

  2. Gergle

    She couldn’t have children, because she had no feminine side, or something like that. I think she’s discovering one. 🙂

    • Wolf

      As I understood it, it was not that she had no feminine side, it was how much more prevalent her male side was. But yes, I agree, they are coming closer to balance.

      • hwyla

        You know, I have a bit of a problem with that idea in that it felt as if it was her fault, when all it really required was the ‘right’ guy or truthfully more likely – for Zona to fall in real love.

        However, your post Wolf actually explains it well. She was previously unbalanced and in a society where balance is so important, it makes more sense to me now. Real love has balanced her.

        • Wolf

          That was the original page. Especially with the comment about no protection, I honestly took it to be an archaic magical term for a chromosome imbalance.
          Until we heard the term Cha-Danara, I honestly assumed it was a variant on that. But she reads as female, is happy as female, just can not fulfill all of the normal female biological things, because she is too male. Still might be related. Cha-danara is here

  3. Lora

    Is… is Zona wearing high heels? Damn, she’s really getting into character. And it looks like Mentl is dropping the King of Fools costume. Snapping back to reality?

    The big question is; will some cha need to be balanced on the next page? 🙂

    • TMI Fairy

      Your “cha balancing” comment made me envision Zona beat Mentl into bloody pulp 🙂
      Young lurve …

      • Lora

        Na, I think it will be more like at the club when Zona finally found Mentl. A light slap as a reminder, nothing else. 😛

        But barbarian love is tough.

  4. Jim

    I see Mentl’s coat disappeared. I assume he’s shedding the trappings of his fantasy.

    • Debi Lyn

      You’re on to something here! He lost his hat and sunglasses in the first panel, and the rest of the fantasy wear in the second. Looks like he’s back to reality.

      • hwyla

        While the crown was the first to actually disappear, he tilted his sunglasses down before that. In other words – I like how he was no longer seeing thru darkened shades, but beginning to see clearly first. Then the ‘crown’ of fools is gone – the part that ‘owns’ the fantasy. Lastly, the clothing – the camouflage in a way. Now, he’s back to himself.

        Nice metaphor JED!

        • hwyla

          Perhaps – ‘costume’ would be a better word here than ‘camoflage’

        • hwyla

          And JED – not just nice metaphor on his clothing, but on your title for this section as well. My first reaction was a bit Alice Through the Looking Glass – especially with the caterpillar. But removing the dark sunglasses to see clearly is perfect! It intones the way many of us ‘blind’ ourselves to reality.

  5. Sita

    I think he is really “see”ing her at last in that last panel…

    I love the memories appearing above as well. Her sitting behind him on the bike… so much taller than he but they fit so well together!

  6. Salisria

    What happened to Mentl’s leather jacket that he was wearing when he got sucked into the mirror?

  7. Rraurgrimm

    It does look a bit like a Guybrush Threepwood outfit… – which would be a Grand reference. 🙂

  8. Steelburner

    Can you drag this story arc out a little longer? I’m getting ready to hibernate …

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