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  1. Raoullefere

    That personal growth thing seems to be going around, all right.

  2. Marcus

    Wait, then does that mean the hidden figure watching the Urtts was Yatta!?

    • tom Billings

      Apparently so. Note who first was attracted to Yatta Ta, and who professes in his support now. BTW, it may be that Yatta Ta thinks Moe and Larry might lead him to the major Urtt concentrations that the raider scouting party is looking for.

      • SeanR

        My guess is she sees him approaching. She is the lookout, after all.

    • hwyla

      I don’t know – the texture on his arms looked much more like skin than these ‘grey suits’ – and less bulky. On the other hand, just the fact that it WAS grey, seems to suggest that whoever it was MIGHT be wearing on of these outfits, except the face appeared grey as well.

      My impression was that whoever it was, wasn’t dressed any better for winter than the urtts.

  3. Soulworker

    Heh heh heh Called it! Woot!

  4. Izzy

    Hahahah! This is the man who tracked Zona and Mentl up and down the countryside, actually managing to appear always ahead of them. He doesn’t know the meaning of the words “give up.”

  5. calisto

    Next panel:
    “So, I see you found the campsite I had picked out for you. I’m glad you like it, oh and behind that rock I made some hot chocolate for everyone!”

    that’s all I want for xmas!

    • Reservist

      I second that. :-)

  6. Reservist

    A fine fighter – for a Kivalian??
    You know, Pontagar, an ageing Kivalian, count Tethik of Dell, beat a Bull Clan prince young enough to be his son, if not his grandson.
    I’ve yet to see one of you Erogenians pulling up such a feat. :-P

    • Uhl

      Most Kivalians aren’t, laddie. Yatta Ta and Tethik are among the rare exception.

      • Tgape

        Sure, it’s true, that most Kivalians aren’t fine fighters. However, when talking about one who is at least on par with a nation known for their fine fighters, to point out that he’s ok at fighting for a nation who is not, that’s demeaning. A fine fighter for a Kivalian would likely be expected to be on par with Erogenians on their first or second hunt. Yatta wasn’t able to beat the Erogenian’s best – but he was able to get far enough to actually *try*, in an official sparring match. That took more than just being a fine fighter, for a Kivalian.

        Disregarding by class is an easy trap to fall into. But it’s not one that a warrior can afford. Underestimating your ally can be costly. Underestimating your opponent can be fatal – even if your opponent isn’t *actually* your better. Of course, he’s making the same mistake with the Urtts, which I’d guess would turn out to be one of those fatal mistakes, except for the fact that his estimation of Yatta is also off, and so he’ll get an opportunity to have more character growth. (Doesn’t mean he’ll take it, but he might.)

        • hwyla

          Well, I suppose Ponty admitting Zona’s good was as much ‘growth’ as he could handle – at least for now. As for Tethik’s prowess, I’m betting Pontagar wouldn’t believe it since he didn’t ‘see’ it himself. This IS after all, the guy who when we first met him had to get his derriere handed to him by Zona to accept her skill.

          My guess is that for Ponty to admit that Yatta is really on par with an erogenian, they would first have to fight each other. He’s noticed Yatta is good to fight alongside. And he may (or may not – we don’t actually know) have heard of Yatta’s sword fight with Zona. But he strikes me as the kind that must have the truth rubbed in his face, before he would change his prejudices.

          • Reservist

            So Pontagar wouldn’t believe Tethik bested Mr Bull Clan’s King’s Nephew?
            And in the case said Royal Nephew tells him it is what happened?

      • Reservist

        Well, indeed, Kivalians aren’t an entirely or almost entirely warrior-nation.
        So I guess it kind of makes sense.

        Still, so far, we’ve seen nothing that says the Kivalian military are bad fighters – if they were, Kivalia wouldn’t exist anymore, right? -, or that Yatta-Ta of Ir-Anis and earl Tethik of Dell are rare exceptions.

        Of course, they wouldn’t be the most-common. But as rare as “rare exceptions”?

  7. Freelance

    *Plays “The Cat Came Back.”*

  8. vrwhammer

    go yatta go

  9. Mace

    Sheala and Yatta have spent quite some time together by this time. From day one of Yatta’s arrival and acceptance into Erogonian society even. All indications are from observation since that time those interactions have been favourable. The way she spoke up for him during the fight and aftermath just before Zona and Tula went on a magical ride being the most obvious.

    Speculatively from that point – Those two have really hit it off. Given plenty of time to get to know one another – she was taking lessons in swordplay and that’s not a one and done type of thing beyond more intimate encounters. She’s had time and then some to get to know him well. Wintered with him in the caves along with the others and some level of pairing off is entirely probable. How far that relationship goes beyond good friends with benefits (query – is there a term or phrase used for that by Erogonians?) in the future is a matter for Jed to play out if he ever does – I’m confident they’re at the very least that though.

    She seems very confident in his abilities. Yatta does have depth to him behind the face he presents to the world and has shown the ability to track Zona all the way back home, getting ahead of her repeatedly. My personal prediction is Yatta is going to appear soon and cause a couple mental resets from Rannik and Pontagar at the very least. It’ll be a Kodak moment.

  10. Stormhawk

    As Yatta drags in a couple of Urts with a hearty, “Sorry I was delayed. Been waiting long?” Or he could be very near by just answering a call of nature. Cause well, as we all know, when Yatta go, you Yatta go.

  11. Ice Raven


  12. tricksterson

    Ponty either forgets or ignores the fact that Yatta was able to keep track of Zona’s whereabouts pretty easily.

  13. Sheela: “He won’t”
    Rannik: “He won’t follow alone?”
    Sheela: “He won’t get lost.”
    Rannik or Pontagar:” How do you know?”
    Sheela: “Because I see him coming up the trail now.”
    Rannik and Pontagar: 0_0 “What???”

    • Of perhaps the variation of Sheela admitting she left a trail for him to follow…

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