Plugging The Hole I
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  1. Calisto01

    OK, now we get to figure out who each of these guys are and where/when they might be from. 🙂

  2. Tom Billings

    No immediately identifiable characters from European mythologies. The fellow with the Ankh symbol rings a very faint bell, but I don’t know why. Each of them is now in the same state as Zonna, and since she recognizes them in this state of all time, it means she will experience them elsewhere and elsewhen as well.

    They are all looking quite human. However, since we already know that humans exist both on Earth and Teria, they do not necessarily have a direct connection to Earth as a place to defend. Since meeting the little playmate of The Hand of Shuach, their humanity is somewhat less certain to me, at least as a permanent fixture. If transformation can happen for bad, though, it might happen for good purpose as well.

    We must wait upon events.

    • Pat

      The guy with the ankh looks like he is from the Mummy movie.

      • MikeLinPA

        The Ankh guy wields his ankh like Dr. Fate. On another note, I would have loved to see Jenny Everywhere slipped into that army.

        • xpacetrue

          It’s been a long time since I even thought of Jenny Everywhere – almost as long as that webcomic has been on hiatus.

          But, yeah, including Jenny would have been cool – and totally feasible, since the character is open-source and free.

    • Ganurath

      Well, if the woman on the far right is a vodoun practitioner, she doesn’t need to be anyone in particular if she’s being ridden (possessed) by a deity out of that pantheon.

    • Paddy

      They don’t all look quite human to me. If you look closely, the fire has a horned head of some kind.

      • Paddy

        Or it could just be smoke 😛

  3. Dethwarm Dover

    “One of these nights, one of these crazy nights…” Sorry, it was the line about a gathering of the Eagles…

  4. JustMe

    They’re not all from the past.
    I think one of them might be from my last Shadowrun Larp ;p

  5. Mish_Lady

    Based on first glance or so, my random guesses are-we have defenders from Africa, Egypt, North American native, Central or South American native, definite futuristic, and that’s all I can come up with now. Awesome!!

    • RBZ

      And the lady with white hair is most likely representing East Asian mysticism.

      • Mish_Lady

        Most likely!

  6. Mark Storer

    Sounds like a quote from J. B. S. Haldane:

    “Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.”

    PS: The “liner note” for today is almost impossible to read. A bit more contrast would be nice.

  7. Prairie Son

    Let’s see, seven entities (mystical number and all that).

    Mesopotamian (?) white dress
    Southern Chinese looking woman
    Mesoamerican (Toltec?)
    Egyptian priest (duh)
    Woodlands (Iroquois Nation?)
    Cyberpunk looking woman
    and a woman in aqua, looking kind of Vedic.

    • hwyla

      I would place the woman in teal (aqua?) as more Mayan. And the man with the feather crown as part of Africa. And if Mish Lady is correct below about VooDoo, I’d bet on the woman in white being from NewOrleans or Haiti.

      We have a minimum of 3 more magic users (although I’d guess the addition of voodoo makes a 4th)

    • Paddy

      Eight by my count. In the middle image, the fire has a horned head.

  8. jd.


    I mean it.


    This will ruckin’ FOCK.

    Sorry for yelling, but by Rogue it portends awesome stuff.

    Also, it just so happened that my window width was just right to have, if I set the vertical scroll bar right, the shoulder of the (Mesopotamian? Oceanian?) dark-skinned, white-dressed woman on the left fitting almost exactly Zona’s sword arm in the background picture.

    My old Mage: the Ascension reflexes come back full tilt, but the cast looks decidedly more primal than it would be in that setting. Still, go Shield Eagles!


    “High upon the red rock, stands a shadow with a spear.”

    Do you feel the rhythm of the heat?

  10. Mish_Lady

    Also, I would not be surprised if there was some Voo Doo magic along with them there.

  11. Eregnon

    Yup, its the Village People.

  12. hwyla

    JED – the new characters look great! I especially like that while each looks like specific ‘cultures’, none of them are what I would deem caricatures. Considering what you said previously about ‘Central Casting’, that could have happened. They are all so truly individual and have a dignity about them.

    But of course, that’s probably for the other new (possibly lesser?) characters that we have not yet seen (you mentioned 20 and this is only 7).

  13. Ysssk

    JED Looking good! the story continues to evolve, expand and get more involved. looking forward to the next page…
    as well as finding out more about Ginsha (NO i haven’t forgotten about her!)

  14. Good Morning group,

    Happened to stumble across the twitter feed of Conan the Salaryman. Worth a look, by Crom:

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