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  1. 3Xp4t

    Ahhhhh. So they are almost at Carlos’s shack also. ;-) Should be an interesting meet-up. :mrgreen:

  2. Tom Billings

    So, …far to the East, and no water, at least not after they pass the headwaters of the Greymouth. This does look as desiccated as some of the areas surrounding Badwater Basin in Death Valley. Also, like the Valley, its terrain’s rocks seem igneous, with a strong chance of lava tube caves. The cone in the background *could* be a large hornito entrance, if it is close, but distance is hard to judge. “Carlos’ shack” might simply be built over the top of a skylight entrance. 

    Certainly a number of Central Oregon homes are found, when cutting into the underlying basalt a basement for the house, to be sitting on top of lava tubes near the surface, that came from Newbury Volcano. I’ve seen one made into a wine cellar, with a possible 100 meter long extent. In a desert like that it’s the one already existing place to escape the heat of the Sun and the freezing of the night both. Usually it hovers around 4.5ºC (40ºF). If these guys started with a larger crew, that hauled water for this bunch and their animals to within 5 days of their destination, then they should make it. However, if they are beaten at Carlos’ shack, with no water to get home on, …….

    Let’s just say they have *real* incentive to win, even if they must wait inside the cave for some time, conserving water thereby. If their animals for hauling water cannot get into the cave, then keeping them alive would require more water during any wait. That all depends o the size of the cave. At Lava Beds National Monument there is a cave I’ve been inside of that’s 30m in diameter, so keeping the animals might be possible. I’m assuming these guys are going to guard the entrance, while Kor Lachnis does the celebration of “opening”. I wonder if they’ll like Death Valley?

    • RBZ

      I sure hope a hornito isn’t what I think it is*!

      *a cross between a hornet and a mosquito, inheriting their most deadly characteristics

  3. hwyla

    I do rather hope you guys are correct. And then again, I also hope not, since I’m worried for our trio/quartet (with Vito). Both places being named ‘Death’ certainly seems to indicate you might be onto something.

    Not sure I like that the ‘center of the universe’ is ‘Death’ – however, I suppose it makes a lot of sense. After all, everyone must dies eventually.

    However, I cannot see this going as well for our guys as I hope. We cannot be rid of Kor or Gorshash so soon. It will be a victory for our trio+1 if they manage to just refuse them (and Suach) entry to Earth. In actuality, I doubt Kor Lachnis is even interested in Earth at this point. I presume he’s there to open the way for Suach(sp?) to escape and that it will allow our trio back to this world.

    BTW – I like the idea that the book disappeared and the ‘noise’ was so hard on Tula all just to get them to this spot that will ‘maybe’ take them home. Tula was trying so hard to do it HER way, when the book had another idea. It’s a wonderful comment on how God/fate will work by his/its own way and how we often work against it by trying to do it our way.

    Also – IF this is where the two world will ‘meet’ – it is a very elegant plot idea. Not just because it shows a ‘fate/God’ is overwatching (which I think can also be implied by the fact that there are more giants at times when they are needed), but I do like the idea of similar spots (with similar names) connecting in differing worlds.

    You planning is impeccable!

    I’m reminded of the bald guy in the reflection at Zero’s place. Your advanced planning (in making the otherwhen baddies all so alike) was wonderful there – allowing us to recognize them in a teeny reflection. It also (along with the otherwhen clockbot) suggests advanced technology and possible evils connected with that – from artificial intelligence to clones.

    It’s similar with the Urtts – altho’ they cover the more animalistic evils.

    And it makes it easy to recognize these enemies visually, which is good in such a visual medium. And yet you also have human baddies to cover the fact that not all enemies are easily recognizable – with them representing the evils of greed.

    Over all, I’m really loving this. It is a good spot for our trio+1 to leave Earth. Leaving Zero’s van abandoned in Death Valley will mean the police will believe the case at a dead end. IF they had really returned to SanBerdo, I think it would have been impossible to continue to avoid the law. Of course, it hardly seems fair that Sandy will be fearing that Mentl has been killed. Hopefully, there will be some way for her to be told he’s ‘not in Kansas”.

  4. hwyla

    At least this page shows us that our group of ‘scouts’ were not just about to run into Kor Lachnis!

  5. ghostwhitehorse

    The scenery reminds me of many of the worlds you could land on in Mass Effect. I find myself half expecting the Mako to come bouncing over a hill and landing on Kor Lachnis and company.

    Not happening of course. . .but it is a nice image. :)

    • Helianthus

      “I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite webcomic in the Citadel.”

      Myself, I saw the barrels on the beasts at the rear (full of water, I assume – the barrels, not the beasts) and thought of the desert scene from David Eddings’ Malorea cycle. It would be a shame if something happened to these barrels, like desert warriors charging from behind one of these big rock and smashing them…

      • ghostwhitehorse

        Prolly be a good thing Belgarion isn’t going to show up. . . tho his reaction to Erogenian culture would be entertaining.

  6. Marcus

    Okay, I’m gonna be the one to bring it up. They are RIDING RAPTORS. Not velociraptors because those were small but big ol ‘Utahraptor sized death mounts.

  7. Calisto01

    not to nit pick but in the last panel I believe it is suppose to say “it” not just “t” in the speech bubble.

  8. Driver Ed

    The most horrifying thing possible awaits them: The Family Circus kids have a lemonade stand there.

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