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  1. Descartes

    Est -il mort? Vous ne voudriez pas!

  2. ladyofthemasque

    Rough translation of the quote, for those curious: “All is poison, nothing is poison; it’s all just a question of the dosage size.”

  3. EmmaC

    ooooh… bouh. I love his face in the two last panel. superb.

  4. Lebbrin

    Wait, did he just do what I think he did?? I mean, panels 5 and 6 … :o Either he moved things along so Morcai could go quick and painless, or, (and this is what I’m hoping) he just doesn’t think it’ll do any good. That way there’s at least a chance that Morcai survives. The quote COULD be interpreted that way, but then again, many medicines would be poisonous if given in too high a dose.

    Excellent page JED. Granddad’s expression in panel 5….. Wow.

    • Lebbrin

      And I thought i used the right ‘smiley’ but that was supposed to be a ‘Jaw Drop’ but on this page it looks too much like a smile. A smile was definitely not intended here.

    • jd.

      Did anyone else think of Robin Williams in that fifth panel? (By the way, rest in peace, Adrian Cronauer and John Keating.)

      • Gerry Ney

        BTW, The real Adrian Cronauer is still alive at 76 as a lifelong Republican with quite conservative views which I’ve heard expressed at a few veterans events, and am long legal career ended in October 2014 with disbarment in DC.

  5. Helianthus

    Woah. A citation of Claude Bernard, dans le texte (in the original language).
    I read it twice before realizing it was in my native tongue.
    JED, you are a man of the world.

    To nitpick, Paracelse, a Swiss physician, said it first, but I shouldn’t complain; as a biologist, Claude Bernard is an important figure for me.
    Paracelse was a bit of a real-life mad scientist, I would encourage people to read about him. Especially the fans of Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist.

    • jd.

      Salut, professeur Tournesol ! That makes us at least two french-speaking fans, three if counting Descartes (not sure about that)! Yay for international fandom!

      I just wanted to add that Paracelsus (his English name) was also referenced in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, as well as the film by Kenneth Branagh. And of course he was a Son of Ether in the RPG Mage: the Ascension.

      • Descartes

        Je parle un peu français. Rudementaire.

        • Foradain

          Je parle français comme une vache Espagne.

      • Reservist

        Two French-speaking fans?
        I counted at least five.
        Avec moi, ça fait six. Au moins. :-)

    • EmmaC

      Salut vous deux! Moi aussi, je parle français!
      I have to admit my crass ignorance. the name Claude Bernard was kind of ringing a bell but I couldn’t remember what.

    • jd.

      Well, *initially* I meant native french-speaking fans. (I never say just “french” because there are Belgium, Switzerland, Québec, many african countries and lots of other places in which French is a national language.) But it is great to see so many of the fine people here can speak my native language too!

  6. Elihias

    Jed, you are such a trickster. It would be easy to read the last two panels as
    Mordacai passing on. But we know you love to twist our emotions, so until
    you explicitly show it, I’m not buying.

    As for Mordecai, he went out on his own terms, said what he felt he needed to say
    before taking the ‘joy juice’, even at the cost of not recovering. I call that redemption,
    and a kind of payback to life, for kicking him round.


  7. Zaraya

    Morcai can’t die, I want to know what “special reward” he was going to get.


    • jd.

      Oh we will know at some point even if he just died (which is no certainty). If only in a sideways kind of manner, like Tethik meeting Darvik, hearing about Morcai’s untimely demise and once in his life being unable not to blurt out, “So what did you do with the three toothless sled dogs and the giant boysenberry cake?”

  8. jd.


    (Now we get another scene change – hoping for more Thann/Tethik hate/hate relationship – and in six months of our time, we find out that Morcai made it after all and that Darvik’s sadness was just sorrow for Morcai’s misfortune through life.)

    • 3Xp4t

      We haven’t heard from Ginsha in a while. Even a short few panels interlude to catch up on her would be nice. Just hoping.

      Fact is, there are, at the least, three four other arcs we could use a touch bases on before getting back to either Tethik or Mentl.

      Much as I’d like to know right now if Morcai makes it, I’m guessing it’ll be a while before we find out. My speculation is that he’s going to wake up without his hand or most of his arm, and be madder than we’ve yet seen him that they kept him alive instead of letting him die.

      • jd.

        Fine, fine. Let’s see.
        1) Ginsha.
        2) Brother Laemul (though I do not see the plot advancing a lot there).
        3) Close, Yanora in prison (again, I do not see what is next there). With Macon and Maldik circling each other near.
        4) The Ox Clan’s message from Tethik. (That could move forward rather easily.)
        5) Zona’s war party … how long has it been for them? ( http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-629 to remind us that we have no way of knowing for sure.)
        6) Ipola’s inner politics, and possibly her dealing with Kurya’s death. (Nothing says Aglor even remotely likes her.)
        I am sure that there is more (I still reckon Nan and Kevin as too close to Zona and the gang to have a distinct arc, but that could change ), but right now I do not see that. I remember you or ICWT or someone else made a pretty impressive list some time ago, but I cannot bring myself to look for it.

        • Prairie Son

          Four was dealt with quite a while ago. Before Tula went to Normos, in fact. We also need to catch up with Kor Lachnis and Gorshach. Maybe touch base (briefly) with Vito somewhere in there.

          Hey, let’s not forget Dia and the guardsman with her.

          Or JED could start something new that’ll feed into the plot at a future point. He’s evil like that.

          Fret not, brethren and sustren of the Wind Tribe, JED will find some way to continue the story while also pulling the rug out from under us AGAIN.

        • 3Xp4t

          I had in mind, no particular order:
          ​ •​ Keltan & Liri & their adopted son, perhaps other giants appearing (yet)
          ​ •​ Yanora/Maldik/Archbishop Macon / general Kivalian politics/activities
          ​ •​ anything/something Vito / observations of disturbances in the OtherWhen
          ​ •​ Gorshash and the Ancient Re-Awakened (forget his name at the moment)
          ​ •​ some sort of a War Council lead by Ipola; I want some insight into what she knows

          All in addition to:
          ​ •​ Ginsha

          Hadn’t thought of Brother Laemul, and probably a few more myself. The Brother Laemul thread, I think, is going to eventually cross with Archbishop Macon. I don’t see how the entire story of Zona and Erogenia cannot result in major upheaval in the Kivalian Church power/political structure, and Brother Laemul strikes me as someone key who will end up being in the center of the mess before it’s all finished.

  9. Ice Raven

    And then Grandfather quickly and cleanly removed the poised arm!

    • EmmaC

      … omg. That could be why he feel so sad. Not sure Mordecai (Morcai) will be happy with only one arm…

    • 3Xp4t

      I’ve been thinking that’s what the yellow flower leaves are for. (back up a couple pages to page 864)

      • Prairie Son

        It’s a reference back to that list of herbs Tula gave back in the giants’ cave about, oh…was it really that long ago?

        • jd.

          Is it page 257 ( http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-257 ) you are referring to? Good catch, I had clean forgotten about that list of ingredients! Apparently it is just a painkiller (seeing as how “numbwort” is in the list as well – I do not know the medicinal properties of black cohosh, willow bark or lavender), or part of the recipe for a painkiller. (Which would still explain why Tarya was hesitating, because a painkiller means something wrong is already going on.)

          • Inquisitive Raven

            Well, willow bark is basically pre-industrial aspirin (literally, aspirin was originally synthesized from it, and the chemical name, salicylic acid, is derived from the Latin word word for “willow.”). I don’ know much about black cohosh, but I’ve heard of it being used to treat hot flashes, so perhaps it’s for fever. No idea about lavender.

  10. Stormhawk

    Is that Old Buzzard smirking in the last panel? Yeah, bet he would think it’d be real funny when Morcai wakes up, finds out he’s revealed all, and is going to be alright. Waste of a perfectly good death scene.

  11. Reservist

    “We don’t do hostages”? Oh really?

    • jd.

      Would you care to explain more clearly, please?

  12. Reservist

    His … nephew?? So that means the “old trout”, as Morcai called her, had a son? Given her track record, that comes quite as a surprise to me.

    By the way, I love Gramps’ (Forgot his name) smirk in panel 2. :-)

    • jd.

      Aglor may not be Kurya’s son. If nothing else, Kurya is Darvik’s (by the way, yes, that’s Darvik. I trust it will settle in eventually) cousin, not his sister. Still, Aglor seems to be closer to the throne (or the transition council picked him for their own reasons, or Kurya named him her heir just to spite someone, or a thousand other possibilities), but he might just be the son of Darvik’s elder sibling.

      • Prairie Son

        It would also be known that Darvik is also both old and crippled, so going to the next generation would be advisable.

        • 3Xp4t

          So long as Erogenians deemed his mind to be clear & sharp, I doubt they would care much about his age or physical injuries. I think it’s more likely they want to gather in several of the top candidates and determine which of them is best fit to lead, who demonstrates the the most wisdom. In this, his age & experience may trump just about everything else.

          • jd.

            Agreed on general principle: just because Erogenian seem to put quite the emphasis on physical fitness does not mean lack of it may make a ruler less fit. (A royal advisor even suggested that his ruler not exercise for war here : http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-421-2 .)

            Still, on the previous page Morcai states that Aglor is now king. So whatever reason the Fox tribe had to choose him, it trumped Darvik’s possible claim. Of course, Aglor (or the rest of the ruling body, whoever it consists of) may well want Darvik’s wisdom to help him rule, since Morcai also states that they want him back.

            Note that it might be that they merely intend to lift the exile because whatever offense Darvik was booted for, he was either declared innocent, pardoned or deemed punished enough.

          • Prairie Son

            They’re going to war. You probably want a ruler who can, y’know, fight.

            Plus, he’s been in Kivalia for decades at this point. That might be a concern as well.

          • EmmaC

            Well having been in Kivalia would be an asset at this point. ‘knowing the mind of your ennemy’ Although right now Erogenia and Kivalia are not at war… well, if I remember correctly they’re still in an allaince, if shaky.
            But I think they want him back more for his wisdom, helping the new king.
            But we will see. They’re not there yet. And there’s still doubt about Morcai fate.

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