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  1. The Old Hack

    Poor Zero. And just after Tula blew him off like that, too. But maybe he’ll get the chance to find out why she did it.

    • Doofus


      He’s dead, Jim.

  2. Lleyn

    This is not good.

  3. Calisto

    Relax everybody, look at the timeline. For Us out here it has been several pages waiting but for them Tula threw the phone less than 5 minutes ago. There are a few people left in the world that don’t take their phone everywhere they go. I see a road trip that includes Zero in the near future.

    Bring marshmallows and chocolate. LOTS of Chocolate!

    • Let’s hope he’s just in the shower or taking a dump or something. Sadly, there are nastier possible answers to his whereabouts that I really hope do not apply.

      • jd.

        That would be a real big coincidence, and so far JED has never relied on these. (The only significant coincidence in this story would be that Mentl stumbled on Zona before getting killed/stunned/eaten. But I believe every fiction is allowed one founding coincidence.)

  4. Descartes

    When will characters I don’t like start suffering?

  5. Mikey_Likes_It

    Perhaps he’s still in the john making sacrifice to the goddess?

    That has got to be the neatest guy cave I’ve ever seen.

    Des: All in good time, My Dear… muhahahaha…..

    • uhl

      Not too neat. He’s got beer on the table, and a nice “girly” calendar on the fridge. Still, his house being that empty with him several rooms away from the phone, food on the table, is not usually a good sign.

  6. Petitor

    Well with DirectTV, we know he’s not out selling his hair to a wig shop at least.

  7. snarkfest

    yeah, and what is that shiney chrome wheely thing on the left of the bottom panel. looks like some Bot to me. Not good.

    Walking into a trap, dude.

    • Hwyla

      I’m not sure what it is, but it is placed directly behind the TV – so I don’t think there is room for a ‘bot’.

      What IS worrying however is that reflection of a bald guy in the shiny thing furthest from us.

      • Lleyn

        Where do you see the reflection of a bald guy?

        • Hwyla

          He has a dark shirt – in the chrome thing furthest from us – just about the venter of it.

          But perhaps I’m seeing things? The one closest to us is reflecting rectangular objects

          • Lleyn

            Hmmmm, can’t figure it out, it’s too distorted and I don’t see a head, but that might just be my computer… If there is a bald dude, well, then that’s not good at all.

      • jd.

        Same question here. Is that the pinkish hue in the blender?

        • Hwyla

          No, it’s in the chrome thing furthest from us. Dark shirt blob in the center with gray head right next to a lighter highlight. Tilts at same angle as the rectangular stuff reflected in the other round chrome thing closer to us.

          BTW JED – IF it really is there and not my imagination – then really great detail work!

          • MK

            I see it also. In the first bracket (the one closest to us) looks like there is a figure facing something like a wall or going into a hallway. It is truly distorted with the bend but you can make out what appears to be legs leading up to what appears to be a body. It is on the very inside section of the curve.

            In the second bracket (farthest in the picture) there looks to be a figure wearing a black jacket. It looks like a torso with a bald head.

    • RedBeardJim

      That’s the bracket holding up the TV.

  8. Ice Raven

    Zerow probly on his way in A rush to Mental’s place thinking Tula has had A melt down and needs him !

  9. Ice Raven

    Zerow is probly on his frantic way to Mental’s place, thinking Thula has had A meltdown and need’s him !

  10. JustMe

    Nothing more annoying than hearing your phone go off in the other room while you’re on the crapper.

  11. jd.

    Nice tracking shot of Zero’s place. Apparently his pockets have been emptied, but I cannot make a fact out of this. (Except maybe he took his pants to the laundry machine and has yet to put on others.)

    Oh, and the expression on Mentl’s face in panel 2 is beautifully done once again. And I enjoyed Zero’s answering message.

    The only thing I find issue with is why in the Otherwhen they have not gone on a hike before. Then again, I cannot remember Tula complaining about the background noise to anyone but the readers. (Wrong move: although she will raise all the sympathy one might require, it will probably not reach her.)

    … This may be why the book went away. So that she would HAVE to ask for help.

  12. EmmaC

    I am afraid for Zero. I wonder how far his relationship was with Tula? Is it possible that he tried something on himself? But on the other side, that’s not something I can imagine Zero doing… But I can be oh-so-wrong.
    I just hope he’s somewhere else, moping his sadness after Tula ‘break up’ with him. *fingers crossed*

    • Without his phone? And with money and other pocket contents on the kitchen counter? Leaving food and beer on the living room table?

      Like I said above, I hope he’s just in the bathroom doing whatever, (I’m sure many of us have missed calls while on the crapper or in the shower) but the uncanny coincidence of it happening now…yeah I have a bad feeling about this myself.

      • EmmaC

        well, le somewhere else I thought of would have been his bed or the shower…. (things I do…) but yeah, we all agree that all the things he has left behind seem clue to something… bad.

        • jd.

          I for one don’t know that, sister. If nothing else, the way they are laid (rather than strewn across the place) seems to indicate he placed them of his own accord.

  13. warnie

    Wow,things are ramping up.
    Never have seen Miss cool and collected, lose it.just shows ,we are all human.Even genius magical girls

  14. pumpkincat

    Devil’s advocate: he’s got company, and that’s why he’s not answering the phone. Two beers laid out on the table, pizza box empty. (And as far as I can tell, the reflection on the chrome is a guitar and a cd tower or the like.)

    As for the chrome itself – anyone we’ve been introduced to or has been hinted at in the cast as being in a wheelchair, maybe? It’s not part of the kitchen table set; there’s a wood-framed chair clearly visible in the reflection below the warping effect.

    • jd.

      Good point!

      All right, so now I’m worried again. Say he gets a visit from a friend whose idendity shall remain a mystery for as long as JED likes it. They sit on the couch, drink beer, order a pizza. Only the friend isn’t what s/he seems to be. S/he gets him to call Tula, acknowledges her close-to-breaking-down state and forcibly takes Zero away after having him empty his pockets to hinder a possible search.

      That way, the coincidence that Zero would get taken away right after the phone call is not one after all.

      EmmaC, I take it back. I am afraid now too.

  15. Landau

    Hmmm. I have to agree with pumkincat, maybe that is why Zero was so insistent.

    • jd.

      So the call might not be prompted by the visitor after all, but Zero might have caught on said visitor’s intentions and called Tula for help, only in a way that would not raise suspicions about it? I like it even more. (As a plot twist, that is.)

  16. Tom Billings


    A mountain campsite may be a good plot contrivance, but a solution for Tula’s electromagnetic distraction is far simpler. Build her a Faraday Cage to shelter within when she needs to not be distracted. When she wants to relax, don’t just take her to the beach, take her snorkeling. The conductivity of seawater stops radio waves and most other wavelengths within a few feet of the surface. Have Kevin teach her scuba diving for longer stays and deeper rest.

  17. Feldmarshall

    Small error – the guitar move between panel 4 and 5 – in 4th it is shown being right in a corner, and in 5th it is some 20cm off the corner.

    Judging on layout shown in the photos the big chrome things are just part of TV.

    As for Zero – after harsh words with Tula he may be just having a smoke outside. And after a fight on the phone he might have just left it anywhere. It doesn’t seem to be entire contents of his pockets, because wallet is missing.

  18. Karyl

    looks to me like said object on the left in the bottom scene is an appliance on the kitchen counter, like a toaster or waffle maker or something.

  19. The Last Garou

    Aaaand, cue the scene change back to Erogenia.

  20. Tom

    Closer bracket maybe reflecting ceiling light fixture and wall cabinets across room? Further bracket maybe reflecting blender or distortion of poster on refrig? My old eyes are having a hard time figuring out exactly what shape the surface of those brackets is…concave, convex?

  21. EmmaC

    Or… Could it be he received news about Nan? Although running out without your phone is never a good idea so I’m a bit unsure about that one… Plus why would JED take a whole page to show us how empty Zero appartment/house is…. Unless it is to show how nice it is.
    And no JED I’m not going to let the Nan plot go :p You said we would have an answer about her status ‘soon’… And it seems to me that none of the above characters know about her… I might be wrong of course.

  22. Hey guys.

    Have you noticed me not commenting here? There’s reasons.

    I’ll update with a new page tonight, and things will be moving forward a bit.

    Patience until then.

    Warm regards,


    • Prairie Son

      JED, you continue to be a sadistic bastard. And we love you for it.

      • EmmaC


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