The Grayverse IV – Page 979
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  1. Tom Billings

    Yes, ….sometimes you’ve got few options but to trust the mechanism available. Now, if he can just decide on that song he was trying to decide on back after the party at his old house, …which his sister is hopefully holed up in by now. Trust to the music, …and hope you don’t get caught in the gears.

  2. Calisto01

    Great! And yet another Dr. Who reference. I’m glad to see Mentyl call upon the Gibson, I was afraid it got left behind when Kevin threw them through the hole.
    Any takers on what song is coming up? I always have an idea or two but have never been right that I can remember. Too many to choose from.
    Also want to say it is nice to be seeing regular pages again, hope it keeps up!

    Vote for Zona!

    • DaveM

      Here’s hoping for “Sweet home Erogenia.” ūüôā

  3. 3Xp4t

    Songs to avoid:

    1) Take the Long Way Home

    ( * can’t get that ear worm out of my brain at at the moment, so having a hard time coming up with either good or bad ones * )

    OKay. Other bad ones …
    2) The Long and Winding Road
    3) Walking Back to Georgia
    4) Can’t Find My Way Home

    Although. Get Back works (in one way) in context here because it’s to where they once belong. I’ve got about 5000 CDs sitting next to me, so I am not going to start browsing through those for more right now. It’d get really messy. Fast. Especially with another 10 or 12 thousand on my hard drives.

  4. Rrolf

    I know it’s not our hero’s style, but this is the first song that came to my mind:

    Jon & Vangelis – I’ll Find My Way Home

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