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  1. Descartes

    My guess: Queen Y’s attendant.

    Good to see the Brother L again. I feared we might be done with him.

    • The Last Garou

      My money’s on Ginsha. I’m probably wrong, but that’s what my gut says…. Ooh! Thought! Might be Maldik!

      • alurker

        Possibly. Seems a bit too coherent for her, though.

  2. Blackhorse

    I’m thinking it’s Tula…

  3. Shyster

    I am hoping it is the giants…. and that is a serious long shot. Just we haven’t seen them in so long, and part of Keltan’s is that there was one priest he could trust.

    • Descartes

      Now you’ve made me want to review all of Keltan’s dialog. Maybe Liri’s expecting and they need a “midwife”? If so, it would be all Zona’s fault.

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