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  1. Lebbrin

    Aww, Hell no!

    • Lebbrin

      JED, you are an evil genius! :D

  2. Lebbrin

    Aww, hell no! Please JED… have mercy!

  3. Crazeyal

    oh.. it might happen.. But this “lady” aint goin out QUITE so easily!!

    • Elfguy

      Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

  4. Calisto

    I wonder if Chemical Mace would have an effect on these bad guys. I can see Nan going for the groin shot but not sure that would help at all. But seriously how dumb is the whole “leave him a message” plan? Do they really think another example/message is going to help at all? What is the point?
    I mean is the plan “get your A$$ kicked every time you give them half a chance” or what?
    Hopefully we shall see, I want to know what this “plan” is that someone thinks is such a great idea…

    • Paddy

      To keep him distracted from finding a way back to Erogenia? He may be on a time limit he doesn’t know about…

      • JustMe

        That might be it, altough time compression between worlds seems to be in favor of Mentl, as his year was actually 2 or 3 months in Erogenia.

        But I’m worried since the first message he received from this guy was his mother’s corpse.

  5. AdamZero

    … JED confirmed that the sword IS still with Nan, at Nan’s shop anyway…

    Could… could teh sword be magic too… Please? Maybe a nice magic sword that LEAPS to the aid of those who are in danger? Maybe? Please?

  6. The Old Hack

    Yeah. If Nan is the message, they are going to regret leaving it. Mentl will find the Dispatcher and tear it several new ones — if he manages to before Zona does.

  7. Umptyscope

    Are we sure they mean Mentl? Could they mean… Vito?

    • jamwas

      yeah, what they are saying sounds much more like vito.

      and strangely almost like they consider him friendly or semi allied

    • Prairie Son

      Since Vito’s been dead for a year and a half or so, and never knew Nan, no. The only enchanter who knows Nan is Mentl.

      • jamwas

        exept vito is not really dead and we know he keeps tabs on mentl as much as can….

  8. 3Xp4t

    Typical meat lumps. Very single minded & lack subtlety. Makes them both dangerous and opens a weakness toward defeat. Basically automatons with fairly simple programming.

    The one who should not be.” We sort of already knew that, but seeing it stated in that fashion from these goons … enhances the importance of that bit of data. An unexpected and unknown anomaly in the equation, and therefore dangerous to someone’s “plan.”

    I like the speculation that they could possibly be looking for Vito, but I doubt it. “Another message” draws a pretty clear reference to the ‘other messages’ that appear directed rather specifically at Mentl.

    Why is that the Evil Genius can never just walk up to someone and say “Y’know, hey, your existence is pretty inconvenient to some things I’m doing. How about you not interfere and we’ll be cool?” Slaughtering friends and family first sends a pretty clear message to fight back to the death with everything you have. The “message” sort of gets lost in translation and becomes a very different “message.”

    • Matti

      You know what? There is at least one dark overlord who gets it right:

      • Norman

        I don’t really think of Agatha as a “dark” overlord. She seems to me to be one of the brighter sparks in her universe, actually. ^_^

        Bright overlord? Maybe.

        But, yeah, these guys are going to come to a messy end.

      • tricksterson

        Except she’s not all that dark.

  9. vrwhammer

    evil overlord 101. Never give an insanely powerful mage a reason to get MORE pissed off at you and your boss than he already is. The time for messages is over, not so brights. Continue along these lines and the chance of success diminish quickly

  10. Zaraya

    Is the message, “the plan moves forward,” or something more sinister? Turn in next week to find out!


  11. Hwyla

    Edge of my seat – biting my nails still!

  12. Profesor61771

    Matti@ amazing quote above, good job :D

  13. ICWT

    Well, even in their natural form (see reporting back to Bony McClock Tits after the Great Motorcycle Ambush), The Deepings are not what you would call natural conversationalists, in fact they seem to be closer to artifacts than people. However, for artificial intelligences, you’d think they would have at least above-average aim or strength when they embody on this plane. In other words, I think Nan could indeed kick their butts. And should, just for the look on B McC T’s face when they do the After-Action report. “A man with tits in a dress crushed your what?”

  14. Are we ourselves?

    What I’m interpreting things as being is that Shuach is unwittingly causing the very chain of events that led to his imprisonment in the first place. Tula is remembered thousands of years later as the Moon Goddess, Zona as the Earth Goddess.

    • Prairie Son

      Which makes Mentl the Sun?

  15. Calisto

    Have you voted for Zona today?

  16. Inquisitive Raven

    Of course, it doesn’t seem to occur to these idiots that the reason she’s saying she doesn’t know who they’re talking about is that while she may know the guy they’re looking, she’s not parsing their description of him. I mean referring to the guy as “the enchanter,” doesn’t tell her anything if she doesn’t know he’s an enchanter.

    • Lebbrin

      Well, he DID call himself Mentl the Mystic at the club.

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