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CIRINA: What has happened?!


PONTAGAR: (confused) Uhhh …Cirina …  there was an … accident. 


CIRINA: Accident?!


NAURIK: (beginning to enchant) Yes, girl, an accident.  Look at me … listen.   Something happened in here, all right, and that’s all you know.  In fact, you never even looked inside.  




CIRINA: I … didn’t?


NAURIK: You didn’t see anything.  You were on your way to see Pontagar, and you simply didn’t have the courage, you just became overwrought with your female emotions and you lost your composure, as you sometimes do, and you ran off. 




NAURIK: And so, you are a bit ashamed and embarrassed.  


CIRINA: Well, yeah, I suppose …




NAURIK: So you’ll just be a good little girl and go back to your chambers and forget about all of this unpleasantness.  Don’t you want to be a good girl?  Of course you do. 


CIRINA: A g … g …













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15 thoughts on “Good Girl – Page 1241

  1. Oh good, it WAS in the throat. And since she’s Erogenian, he is most probably NOT going to be able to speak, because of the whole important “desperate need to breathe!!!!” thing that is now happening.

    Traitorous, treacherous scum ALWAYS need a good punching!

  2. Good Girl? He don’t know Erogenians very well does he?

  3. Oh, but they ARE good girls…. Zona and her sister being two of the best. Looks like this young lady is made from similar stuff 🤣

  4. Oh I don’t know, she does look like a good girl to me right now. With a good punch! An excellent one in fact! GO GIRL!!!

  5. Cirina. No shit taken here!

  6. I can think of no situation where throatpunching someone like Naurik is not the morally correct choice. In fact: Punch him again!

  7. “…Next time my sister went round there, she punched him up the throat!…”
    (With apologies to “My Ol’ Man’s a Dustman”)

  8. Yeah! Way to strike back at the patriarchy, sister!
    (Seriously, Naurik. “Overwrought by your female emotions”? Why don’t you just tell her to go scrub the floor and wash the dishes while you’re at it?)
    Also, I love the interplay between “be a good girl” and “dog-fucker”. Masterful as always.

  9. Seems Naurik’s mental influence requires an accurate understanding of the mental foundation the magic is building on. A son divided between loyalties is easy enough to predict for the man behind the slain father. A sexist sociopath faced with a woman with self-respect is going to be utterly blindsided, though.

  10. YES!
    Nothing else to add. Must resist urge to add.

  11. Beautiful.
    Now punch him again!

  12. While we’re on the subject of traitorous, treacherous scumbags in need of yet more throat-punching…I’m pretty sure this guy was a major contributor to the Fire Tribe’s relatively recent trend toward the misogyny against and disenfranchisement of the women in that tribe. Ponty’s dad may have willingly felt that way, or it may have been a case of yet more mind-control in part or in whole, but this guy clearly disdains & despises women. He needs more throatpunching “therapy” to correct that mindset. Or even–ideally–erase it from existence altogether…

    Yes, I REALLY dislike mind-controlling bigotry-enforcing bastards like this. It is not said to disparage JED’s character, either. A good villain–as in well-written–makes you dislike or even hate them. A great villain gives you awesome reasons to want to punch ’em in the throat.

    1. “I’m pretty sure this guy was a major contributor to the Fire Tribe’s relatively recent trend toward the misogyny against and disenfranchisement of the women in that tribe.”

      I ‘m pretty sure this was the case within the Fire Tribe before this incident, or before Naurik came by.

  13. “Why don’t you just tell her to go scrub the floor and wash the dishes while you’re at it?”

    He first had to mention female emotions first. The floor-scrubbing and dish-washing were due to come later on, for good measure.
    He simply was surpised by the punch.

    1. “He first had to mention female emotions first.”

      Double-first. D’oh! X-|

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