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  1. The Old Hack

    Wow. I was afraid of that. Tula is in serious trouble. *sigh*

    • Yes, she is. And without saying too much I think that the next few beats are going to be quite … interesting.

  2. Sybarite

    Oh.. no wonder she has been looking so haggard recently…

    • It’s been no secret.

  3. 3Xp4t

    Well, y’know, trying to not be all wrapped up in dying can make one a bit tense and concerned. On occasion.

    Tula IS in serious trouble when she throws a phone at the wall and the best it can do is go “bonk.” Normally the least would be some variant of “shatter.” And, damn, but panel #5 & esp. #6 really bringing out the Death’s Head look in her.

    Hopefully Shuach won’t figure out the worst he can do these guys right now is to trap them in L.A. No need for any elaborate attacks or anything, just ‘starve them out,’ so to speak, bottle them up here and take them off the playing board.

    And Zero. Man, do I sympathize. If I ever hooked up with Tula, every moment of my life would be a terror of not having her in my life anymore. that’s just painful to watch.

    • Uhl

      Strategically speaking, yes. Shuach’s best bet is to just let them rot in LA.

      Shuach, however, is too much of a flaming dork to do that. He keeps sending minions to try to drive them back to Erogenia or Kivalia.

      He doesn’t seem to care that it’s going to jump up and bite his sorry burning backside.

  4. jd.

    First, to praise the art and dialogue. I am particularly impressed by the way those awful little creases grow between Tula’s brows.

    Second, the situation at hand (or out of hand maybe, unless Zona proves to be the loving Lion Cub sister we all know her to be). I would not say it to his face, but Zero may consider himself lucky he’s been on the receiving end of Tula’s wrath on the phone, compared to what Skip got up close ( http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-641 and following ). All I hope is that he will do the smart thing and ask Mentl about it.

    Now that I think of it, I’m afraid that by Erogenian standards Tula might have to apologize to Zero once he clearly expresses he did not realize how badly he was disturbing her and apologizes accordingly. If she does not, it might be painful to have her cha unbalanced across the multiverse.

    (Funny thing: while fishing for the above links, I saw that page: http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-600 where Tula was more tolerant than Zona to modern “noise”. Things change.)

    • Well, to be fair, she had just arrived and it hadn’t worn down her defenses. Zona was just overwhelmed by amplified rock, which can overwhelm someone not used to it.

      And many thanks for the compliment to my poor Poser art. I do try.

  5. EmmaC

    My god. Tula’s face is terrifying…. she’S desperate and angry and afraid I think. Zona and the other hand… PLease JED, don’T let her too long here.
    3Xp4t perhaps Suach already know he just needs to keep her in our world to kill her slowly….
    It is good to know Zera and her were together… I say ‘were’ because now I wonder…. I feel for Tula and for Zero… Damn, this page is painful.

    • Yep, that’s the way it is when you don’t work for Disney. Fantasy stories can take a turn for the dark. Hang on.

  6. calisto

    OK this is a bit way off the current topic of the thread but I just wanted to say…

    I was never a “Prosport” kind of guy before, now I see the charm.

  7. Ken

    You have gotten very, very good with your character faces.

  8. Lora

    Poor Tula and poor Zero. Tula really looks terrible and I hope Zona and Mentl will find a way to help her, because she looks like she’s close to completely losing it.

    (And yes, it is worrisome that she didn’t even properly break the phone. After all, we know that she is very strong).

    • A little update on the phone, as you see.

      But if anyone can find a way to help Tula and massive will to do so, it is her two closest in this world. Wait and see.

  9. Speedy

    Nah, throwing the phone at the wooden beam on the wall won’t break it. Dropping the phone 2′ onto shag pile carpet BREAKS them.

    I suspect Zero may come over, force Tula to take a time out, and while she is “Not focused” on the problem, will find the answer.

    • All things are possible. :)

    • Ah, Speedy, trying to “force” Tula to do anything is a bad idea, as Skip found out the hard way. If she’s doing that to the phone where his voice is coming from, she may do worse to his person. His best bet, for his own health and safety, is to leave her well alone for now. Besides, Zona’s already there to set her straight.

  10. AdamZero

    did.. did JEDraft reload the comic with the shattering effect? I don’t remember the shattering when I first saw it…. Boom.

    • JEDraft

      Yes. It was not good enough before, and even before the comments I wasn’t completely happy with it. So I updated it to what I originally had in my head.

      Hey – sometimes I make mistakes. Sue me. ;)

      Warm regards,


      • AdamZero

        never JED. I’d sue your hardware for not rendering fast enough, but never you.

  11. Crownedclown

    you are an amazing artist Jed. I can feel the pain in her eyes, the desperation. That pisses me off, really. I want to kick your ass soooooooooooooo hard ;) ( and also for murdering Nan and Boric ç_ç ) Only Eichiro Oda ( one piece) had been able to shake my soul like that before. I love you.

  12. Karyl

    I give thanks today for Zona in my life, along with all the work you do to make it happen. Thank YOU!

  13. EmmaC

    JED thank yiu for your answers and your art!

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