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  1. Holy shhh–!

    DUHN Duhn duhnnnn!

    (…Lemme guess, time for a scene change? lol)

    • Not yet. :)

      • Also, I really like how your characters’ eyes almost always look like they’re focusing on the other person’s face. (Unless, y’know, eyeroll or something.) Traditional pencil/ink/paint artists can’t always manage that; I can only imagine how much ‘fun’ it is to try to align things in three-dimensional space…though I suppose by now there might be a program that allows you to ‘focus’ the eyes on a specific location in the grid…

        • Thanks, love. Poser can automatically point any element (like eyes) at any other element, and at times I do take advantage of that. Usually, though, it’s to keep a character looking at the camera for a portrait. Very rarely do I do that for a dramatic panel, and usually only when I’ve got something visually complicated to make sure I have the gaze in the right direction. But in 95% of the renders it’s just manual adjustment, to make sure that we don’t get the “dead eyed Barbie” look that is the hallmark of bad Poser comics, and one of the reasons we get a bad name. Visually it’s exactly the same as any other comic – a competent artist knows how to simulate a relationship between characters in the panel. And yes, it’s absolutely vital to indicate some kind of inner life. :)

  2. Don Edwards

    Uh oh – when momma uses all three names, you know you’re in big trouble.

    • ICWT

      Don, Erogenian names are person’s name Father’s name-Mother’s name (forgot the hyphen JED). Since our title character is Zona Zonn-Ipola, We just got told that he is Zona’s elder half-brother.

      • Sometimes I do the hyphen, sometimes not. I forget that I actually did it on the bio page, so I suppose I should standardize it. :)

  3. vladd

    Welllllllll Zona’s Half brother Wonder who Melida was and what Thann’s story is?

    • You’re about to find out.

  4. 3Xp4t

    She’s gonna make him cry, isn’t she?

    And, I don’t mean by any physical torture. I believe Thann is about to confront (some of) his sins; we’ll see just how tough he is, shortly. Not sure I’d want my cha undergoing Ipola’s intense scrutiny. But, it could also be purifying for one about to depart this world …

    • JEDraft

      They’re about to have a conversation that will be informative and instructive.

      • Freelance

        That’s not a disagreement….

        • It’s not? I suppose. ;)

  5. Sybarite

    Wow, now that would be a sibling fight worth watching!

    • JEDraft

      Yes it would.

  6. Hwyla

    Well, that surely explains why he is so tall, even for an erogenian!

    • JEDraft

      Yep. Takes after Dad that way.

  7. Prairie Son

    *tears pages out of The Complete Fan Theory Binder while cursing JED’s deviousness under his breath*

    • JEDraft


  8. Hwyla

    So many questions are now raised!

    I do rather wonder whether Thann had any idea who is father actually was and whether or not he knew Zonn had connected up with Ipola (and stayed for a little while). Surely IF his mother was living among erogenians he would have known. But considering Zonn’s wandering lifestyle, he might not have known he even had a child with Melida – especially if she lived among the Kivalians. I think that IF Zonn did know about Thann, then his cha is rather unbalanced if he wasn’t a part of Thann’s life. Alternatively, how would it affect a young boy if his father were a part of his life and then disappeared, leaving his mother, so he could have a relationship with the queen?

    Also have to wonder whether or not this means that Tethik really recognized Thann not for his shady connections, but because he knew Thann was the son of Zonn? And whether the child of Zonn that will visit the Sun tribe is really Thann, instead of Zona (if Ipola lets him live)?

    Another question to ponder, according to the info on the sun tribe, Ipola kept her daughter Zona once Zonn was ‘lost’, DESPITE the normal custom, and that being queen somehow factored into allowing her to do so. That rather implies that it is not the norm for mothers to keep their child if the father disappears??? That doesn’t really sound like the erogenians we’ve come to love, unless I suppose ‘fatherless’ children are possibly raised by the tribe instead of their mothers?

    • Salisria

      If you want an official explanation, you’ll have to wait for JED, but my thought is that because Zonn and Ipola were of different tribes, then once Zonn was presumed dead, custom would have been for Zona to be raised by her father’s tribe. Whether the custom would have been for the child to be raised by the mother’s tribe if Ipola was the one who was gone, we’ll have to wait and see. Still, I can easily see why the custom would be that a bitribal child would be raised by the tribe of a dead parent, as that would help strengthen the ties to both tribes and ensure that the child could decide once they were an adult which tribe they would be a part of.

      • JEDraft

        Essentially when both of her daughters were born it was very turbulent times. Ipola asserted a bit of royal privilege to have her kids next to her whenever possible. Zona and Tula, as kids, spent a lot of time in their fathers’ tribes, bonding with their cousins and learning the customs and ins and outs of the family. Tula, especially, has a very close relationship with her father which Zona is a bit envious of, if truth were told. But the bookish younger sister naturally gravitated to the resources in the Silver Tower as well as the intellectual and spiritual values her mother uniquely could encourage.

      • Hwyla

        That would make a bit more sense. Altho’ it would mean taking a child away from his mother in that case. Sounds a bit harsh either way. And of course we don’t really know whether Melida was even erogenian or not. Thann doesn’t exactly sound as if he was raised as an erogenian.

        But one does have to wonder just why he ever bothered donning a torc? I suppose I ought to go archive dive to see if the mother of the family Morcai is leading wore a torc in the first scene we saw them in (or not). I wouldn’t put it passed the kivalians to insist that a half-erogenian MUST wear a torc so all may know their background.

        • The reason is a little more mundane. But we’ll get to that.

  9. EmmaC

    Uh-oh… major one!
    So, elder or younger brother of Zona? I’m not sur Zonn knows about Thann. What I wonder is… Why is he saying torture is typical of Erogenian. I mean we never saw anything on that. But after what Ipola said, it would seem it’s used to balance the cha if you kill someone? JED, could you give us some more details about that?
    Now waiting to know more about Thann… And wondering, if Tethik would know about him because Ipola asked him to keep an eye on Thann when she learned about his existence?

    • JEDraft

      Thann’s view of Erogenian society is jaded at best. More of that later.

      Erogenians don’t believe in torture to gain information, and never use it as a method to terrorize people. It’s still part of their system of justice in certain cases.

      And yes, some of your questions will be answered on Friday. :)

  10. Calisto

    JED forgot to mention just how much he is enjoying giving us the long wait till the next page…

    end of the week? if you listen carefully you can here JED’s hands as he rubs them together… :)

  11. Calisto

    JED forgot to mention just how much he is enjoying giving us the long wait till the next page…

    end of the week? if you listen carefully you can here JED’s hands as he rubs them together… :)

  12. Calisto

    JED forgot to mention just how much he is enjoying giving us the long wait till the next page…

    end of the week? if you listen carefully you can here JED’s hands as he rubs them together… :)

  13. Calisto

    JED forgot to mention just how much he is enjoying giving us the long wait till the next page…

    end of the week? if you listen carefully you can here JED’s hands as he rubs them together… :)

  14. Shyster

    I love this plot twist!

  15. Salisria

    Thinking about this some more, I wonder if Tethik might not have recognized Thann because of his mother Melida rather than his father Zonn. If Melida was from a Kivalian noble house, having an Erogenian bastard likely led to her being disowned by her family. It would account for why Thann has the connections he apparently has as well as his dislike of Erogenians. It might even have something to do with the unbalanced cha between Ipola and Yanora (panel 6 of page 240). Yanora might have asked Ipola to take in Thann, or at the very least connect him up with the Lion Tribe. Yet doing so would have at the very least complicated Ipola’s efforts to keep Zona close at hand, and she might have failed to act out of jealousy, especially if Zonn had violated their silver path if they had gotten that far by the time he disappeared. (Tula indicates they couldn’t have reached golden path unless Ipola’s declared Zonn dead.)

    • Prairie Son

      Ipola and Zonn never walked the chained path. Although they could Golden Path now, since they’ve been separated for over a year.

      • Salisria

        I would have thought they at least went Copper, or maybe even Bronze, though if it was clear that Zonn was the type to stray, they would have had good reasons to decline Silver.

        • They had a passionate affair, and yet Ipola felt she could not tie him down, as she was “married” to Erogenia and would not commit to any kind of bonding.

          But – it was also very complicated. Their relationship is a wonderfully fun clusterfuck for me as a writer, so many contradictions, landmines and conflicting priorities.

  16. Lora

    Right now I’m just glad friday’s only two days away, because this is some interesting exposition! :D

    Zona have an older halfbrother and I have a feeling she doesn’t know.

    • I have the same feeling.

  17. ICWT

    Calisto, JED’s reply to Prairie Son said it all. As many of us have remarked, M. Draft is a sadist. Which must make us all mas’s. I especially like the technique used this week of addressing every response and still telling us almost nothing. Well played, sir.

    • Algesan

      The thing I worry about most…..October 2044 synopsis:
      Zona, Tula & Mentl return from San Bernadino to end the Urtt threat after saving everyone’s mother’s sister’s brother’s cousins from the minions of Shuach in Mentl’s home dimension, meeting along the way various displaced Erogenians, holy persons, etc. Tula & Mentl have finally figured a way to occasionally read every fourth or fifth word from the book. In the meantime multiple Erogenians’ mother’s sister’s brother’s cousins have contributed mightly to various subplots all over the known and most of the unknown world.

      November we will expect to see the reunion of Ginsha with Mentl, who has a critical clue for Zona about the whereabouts of her father, and Tula proclaims that to balance his cha with Ginsha, Mentl must give her a love child. Meanwhile Thann has almost worked off his cha burden at his medeival rehab clinic for broken spines & spleens. Oh and an update on Gorshash who has finally made it three rooms over to get some better clothes and gear for himself and his fellow priest of Shuach.

      • EmmaC

        I don’t think so…. One thing keeping me (among every other things like quality of the story, characters and co) is that the story is actually going somewhere AND you don’t have to wait 10 years to see someone change room… Not like some other comic I am more or less following. For, it took months before the girl get out of the castle… really.

        • Yeah, well – it’s still gonna be years at this rate before the whole war arc is done.

          But as long as the repetitive stress in the hands doesn’t kill me, I’ll keep doing it. :)

  18. Calisto

    sorry everyone I don’t know how or why my post got repeated four times. :(

    • If you want, I can clean that up for you.

  19. Profesor61771

    Ah one does love to hear the tinkle of the scales as they swing to balance. I wonder what will be the “coin” of his karma/cha is exacted in? :D
    Awesome work as usual JED.

    • Thank you. I hope it will be … interesting to all concerned.

  20. Profesor61771

    My apologies for off topic; I have been trying to find and re-read Tula’s internal dialogue in regards to the giants Keltan and Liri but it seems to be missing. JED (or anyone else) is it still around somewhere?
    Thanks in advance :D

  21. Profesor61771

    EmmaC I quite agree, two giants + offspring undoubtedly on the way (assuming both are fertile) could theoretically change all of Erogenia. At the very least Keltan and Liri have some very powerful friends accustomed to moving in the both the lowest and highest of circles. I eagerly await their return in the storyline.
    BTW: JED I just flat out love Tula’s internal monologue/exposition on the giants; very slick way to do it sir :D

    • Thanks! It just seemed the most economical way to present a lot of silly-ass exposition and stuff – get it over with in a way that lets you see Tula’s Mozart-level brain as well as her gorgeous face.

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