"The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, that others might use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."
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  1. Mace

    Surreal even. 🙂

  2. Blackhorse

    Jenny has the prettiest smile…

    • I thought so.



  3. Calimachus

    The looks in the last panel, just great. Especially Mentl.

    • Just_IDD

      Mentl no longer looks Jewish in that picture. he’s not enough angular. he’s suddenly doughfaced.

      • DeltaFX

        Well, he almost looks female. With beard.

        • I think part of that is the lighting.

          – JED

      • See, this is the reason I put off transitioning to the next generation of models for so long. I knew as soon as I did, no matter the effort I put into making a likeness, it would not be *exactly* the same. Nonetheless, I think there may be some adjustments I can make as we go along. We’ll see.


    • Thanks!

      – JED

  4. Calisto01

    I like how you can tell Jenny has had to explain her looping/hopping many times and is resigned to giving the short short version for simplicity.

    Kind of reminds me of the independent movie He Never Died where the main character doesn’t speak much or bother to explain anything because he has gotten to the point where he just does not care if anyone understands or not.

    Next question where and when do they belong as far as the book is concerned? It looks to me like the book left them so that they would have to DO something other than sit around trying to figure it (the book) out by learning language after language. So what is it’s agenda?

    • All these questions will be answered in the next five or six pages, so stay tuned!

      – JED

  5. Kuraimizu

    I noticed that the book has a skull on it
    I’m curious if the book was originally made by the evil god Shuach
    But as an Intelligent Artifact made by a God
    it decided to rebel and aid the enemies of Shuach instead.

    • Tom Billings

      Not all skulls are evil in focus. In some mysticisms they are reminders of the gateway of death leading to a greater existence beyond that gate. Since the skull is *not*, AFAICT, the stylized skull used by Shuach’s ‘deepings’, I would guess it is a reminder of what is beyond the gate. This is even more probably the case in an object that continually changes form, as does the book.

    • Calisto01

      There are many symbols that have a dual meaning and only one of them is common enough for most to recognize. Example: The Swastika is commonly seen as the symbol of WWII Nazi Party and other organizations I will not talk about here. Most people have no idea that the name Swastika isn’t even German, it comes from the Sanskrit (Devanagari: स्वस्तिक), and denotes a “lucky or auspicious object”. Is has been a part of Buddhism and Hinduism for CENTURIES and dates back more than 10000 years. Yes that’s 10 000!

      • Prairie Son

        The symbol itself is a stylized sun wheel from the pre-Hellenic period. It got to be popular in Germany because of Heinrich Schlieman’s digs in Troy and Mycenae. Hitler latched on to that.

    • 3Xp4t

      I would hazard a bet that Shuach is still as an ant to a toaster compared to It. It probably doesn’t view the difference between Shuach and humans as notable, except as a bit of nuance under very specific circumstances.

      For me, the take-away from this little excursion into this grayverse is that Mentl “belongs” to It. That bit of data is one of the most chilling reveals of the entire story.

      So far.

    • It has had one for awhile, but not since the beginning.

      Deeper meaning? Symbolism?

      Best left to your interpretation, not mine.

      – JED

  6. DaveM

    “You ever watch Doctor Who?” “It’s like that, except not.”
    A perfectly whovian explanation there Jenny, Matt Smith would be proud! 🙂
    Also, the Ant analogy reminds me very much of G’Kar’s analogy in B5. Deliberate JED?

    • DaveM

      Link to an edited version of the clip for people who were not watching Sci Fi in the 80’s 🙂

    • I have a friend who is a popular NASA astrophysicist, you may have seen her on the History Channel or many other science programs and interviews over the years. And Michelle is the one who first used the image of an ant crawling on a toaster to me, in reference to our own limitations of understanding the Universe in toto. It’s my favorite, because it’s so apt, and so I use it a lot when I talk about “Big” things. 🙂


  7. Descartes

    Deus ex machina — but a cool one.

    • I thought it would be amusing. Thanks!

      – JED

  8. Robert

    Last time I saw Jenny was in the nudist webcomic The Bare Pit. It was kind of weird seeing her fully clothed.

    • So – you want her in the Hot Stuff section?



      • Robert

        Well, I wouldn’t say no…

      • 3Xp4t

        *coughspittakecough* 😯

        tl;dr – Y E S. I mean, so long as you want to.

        If, for some unimaginable reason, you’re short on immediate inspiration, something along the lines of Jenny and Tula having a friendly, casual conversation while relaxing in a Japanese-esque / crossover Erogenian-esque hot spring.

        I mean … I’d think those girls would have all sorts of interesting things to discuss. Perhaps even a game of Tuntoch. I’ve got to believe that Jenny enjoys unusual games when given the opportunity.

        But, anything would be appreciated. No obligation implied, obviously, if you want to invest your time otherwise.

  9. ShadRaatt

    Who are these people Jed and where are our fearless trio? Looks like you have gone back to a previous version…?

    • Prairie Son

      As remarked upon a couple updates ago, the old meshes have finally reached the point of collapse because of how little they work with any program from the last decade or so. So the cast are now M/V 5 (as applicable), and JED is still learning exactly how to get the old look back.

      • More or less correct. I will have to add a line or two to the FAQ to update things. 🙂

        – JED

    • Not previous – later.

      These are all now Gen 4, as opposed to Gen 3 and Gen 2. But I hope that whatever differences you see will be made up in the versatility and detail of the newer meshes.

      – JED

  10. Dan Shadbolt

    JED, I hope that did not come off as a bitch, just noticed the difference. I am just glad to be here and thank you for this epic story as well as the very pleasing art. Thanks buddy, thanks.

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