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  1. JEDraft

    Aaaand there we go. Still a couple more pages to flesh this out, but this is basically it.

    This is what Morcai wants more than anything, and is extremely difficult, wildly dangerous and completely socially unacceptable to obtain.

    I think she’s kind of cute, myself. All seven feet plus of her. :)

    Warm regards,


    • Chaos

      Ok fine ya got me, I’m both relieved and disappointed in the lack of deserving ppl being tortured. Can we even call it torture if he wants it?

  2. Debi Friedlander

    Awwwwwww.. right up there with kittens! Thank you!

  3. wysiwyg

    Totally worth it. She looks really, er, cuddly.

  4. alurker

    I don’t know what I was expecting – but that wasn’t it.

    • Gemma


  5. Random Spectator

    He wants a woman that could tear him in half. Interesting.

    • Chaos

      To be fair, he could prolly kill her in 3 seconds flat. If he wanted to.

  6. Tom Billings

    Isn’t this where we came in????

    Small guy, large girl whom he is attracted to, with *major* lethal abilities on her part.

    Differences: He has some lethality of his own. He, however, wants to “play”. That may be sexual, or may be simply social, or may be something more convoluted. She, meanwhile, seems to be either a member of a species that is another creation of the past Erogenian Empire’s “makers”, or some other species unrelated, such as the “Draconians” that Yanora guessed initially might be conspiring with Maldik. Since Maldik was promised access as a “regular” event, it seems he will be seeing the Lady many times.

    So, both must survive the encounter, and hopefully both will enjoy it. She is enthusiastic about Lord Dell, so his ability to accept other living sentients extends well beyond Erogenians. It is noteworthy that those instructions will change every time he comes, which opens the possibility of them sendibf him to more than one “playmate”. Also, it is notable that Morcai knew what to expect, somewhat, or he would not have been so interested in this encounter as a “bonus”.

  7. AxiomaticRanger

    If I remember correctly, on the old site there was information about Zona’s world, and one part of it was about ogres. 906 pages in we have our first ogre scenes. Would this not constitute… a brick joke? /spock
    If so, JED, you’re a goddamned master, and I stand grinning and in awe. Well done.

    • Wolfgang

      Actually, we did see an Ogre back in the fight after leaving the giants (if I trusted my memory of names I would be more specific). That was male and trying to kill our heroes so we didn’t get any dialogue from it.

      • jd.

        The Ogre I remember was in that bonus story: http://barbarianprincess.com/HowIMetYourFather2.html .

        Quite different from the Urr-natikh you refer to (yes, you prompted me to archive dive; happy?): http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-273 . The latter looks like a twisted and deformed version (and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but his expression in his first appearance looks more anguished than angry).

        • Tom Billings

          Thanks! I hadn’t known about that side story. It does definitely place Morcai’s Lady in an established species of ogres.

          One thing that still bothers me, though. The horns. The number of predator species with horns in *our* biology is basically non-existent. Even in lizards, IIRC, they are only on herbivores.

          They are not needed for defense if you already have the size and teeth to be a predator. If you don’t have the size, neither teeth nor horns will do any good, whether you’re a domestic cat facing a mountain lion, or a Thompson’s gazelle facing a Cheetah. Since they are already cannon, I’d not expect a change. It just itches a bit, mentally.

          It brings back the old tale about Cuvier and some of his students in comparative biology. As a prank the students dressed up the biggest of them ina devil’s costume with horns and hooves, and huge teeth. Then they snuck into Cuvier’s room when he was asleep. He shouted ” Cuvier, Cuvier!, I’ve come to eat you!” Cuvier looked up from his pillow, and said, “All creatures with horns and hooves are herbivores, …You can’t eat me.” He then rolled over and went back to sleep.

  8. DaveM

    Someday, someone in this world will invent the sports bra (or at least a decent support bra). They will instantly become fabulously wealthy and be considered as a minor deity to the more ‘heroically proportioned’ females. :-)

    • Theskulker

      Not necessarily. Our “heros” seem to be holding their own quite well, thank you. Remember, these are freedom loving people and would not be very accepting of restrictions. They are also very fitness conscious and would not want to lose muscle tone. The mature women we have seen, such as Queens Ipola and Yanora have kept their muscle tone very well and seem proud of it.

      • Chaos

        Have YOU ever tried walking about with two bowling balls strapped to yer chest?

  9. Rrolf

    Oooo….kay. Morcai is a furry. “Hey babe, wanna yiff?”

    I certainly haven’t expected that :-]

  10. Anyone else hearing “welcome to the jungle” in the background?

  11. Marcus

    A trollop.

    Of all the thi- PEOPLE of all the people it might have been… well… okay.. .i don’t think anyone Specifically pointed to this. and There is a Trollop in the Hot stuff section, or there was in the old version of it so… well… huh…

    …. she seem’s nice!

  12. Sita

    BRILLIANT! She is simply GAWGEOUS! What a lovely solution Jed. She’s a remarkably good-looking ogre.

  13. jd.

    Indeed, she does look cute. That’s not the surprise, though. Next to my actually thinking *Morcai* is cute in that last panel… Another brilliant self-topping from our storyteller!

    • Hornet

      It’s his eyes. that probably sounds odd coming from a guy.

  14. Brodder

    Chances he has some catnip potion (for guard cats- since a lot of the barbarians have house/family cats)>?
    Chance he wants to climb that mountain and make it purr?
    Chance he believes a near death friendly mauling would soooo be worth it?
    As soon as I saw her and then saw his eyes (well done there) I knew he was in Lust…or his version of smitten/Love.
    I think Lord Dell plans things farther along than folks think.
    Either she comes and the lil guy’s still alive.
    Or she comes and then both of them goto Dell together and happy…
    Or she arrives alone and says small man was too fragile…
    Either way, where this goes is gonna be interesting.
    I’m sure your fans are shipping this all the way around the corner.
    The Dwarf Approves fully.
    Most chicks dig scars…
    This lass will dig scars in you…

    -Brodder FoamyMugs The Dwarf

  15. Bastian

    Ok. I did not see that coming.
    Now, the question is: how did he acquire a taste for cat-ogres in the first place?

  16. Bastian

    On a second thought, I might not really want to know the answer….

  17. Zaraya

    So, kind of a kitten.


  18. ecclesiastes

    I likes the spynx!

  19. EmmaC

    …. Can I just say I looooooooooooooooove Morcai face (and small voice) in the last panel?

    JED you…. you Master of the we-didnt-see-that-coming.

    *mypopcorn, where is it?*

    • EmmaC

      *replying to myself…*
      I was wondering: play like… with a dominatrix? (is that even the right way to spell it?) I have NO ideas about what I am talking about so, sorry if I sound stupid. I am wondering though…

  20. The Last Garou

    Huh. Have to admit, I was half expecting an Ur-nait (sp?). I think he and Ginsha would be kinda cute together, in a murderous, half-crazy kind of way. Although there *is* Mentle’s massive mind-whammy to consider on Ginsha’s part, I suppose….
    Once again, well played JED!

    • Hornet

      That would have been a coupling that fit, if I thought Morcia actually enjoyed the things he does for money. Really he’s probably one of the nicest and most compassionate people yet introduced in this story.

  21. Stormhawk

    A giant, Scottish bunny girl. Ooookkaayyy. So the lil guy is a furry. Wonder what the kids will look like.

  22. SamuraiDemonPuppy

    Sooo, Is Morcai into cat-mouse games? The capacity this situation has for kinky is over the top.

  23. Mysto

    You know we’re gonna need a picture of this “event” in the Hot stuff folder now…

  24. Professor61771

    His attraction is not difficult to understand. He has needs. He is comfortable with violence. He dislikes people. Viola! Sexy big breasted humanoid female who probably appreciates something resembling Klingon courtship. JED you continue to amaze.
    I second Mysto; we need a Hot Stuff version of this PLEASE :D

  25. calisto



    Let the next page be Morcai taking out some string so the two of them can play cat’s cradle, or maybe some marbles or something…
    That would be and excellent end of the story arc… :)

  26. Bonnie

    Me want snu-snu!

  27. Descartes

    Her halter clashes with her loincloth, and both clash with her (head) hair. Will Morcai be helping her with this?

  28. Someguy

    So very much not what I was expecting. I LOVE it!

  29. Shyster

    I am kinda glad his fetish turned out to be something other then killing pedophiles, because it occurred to me after reading the last page that he could do that any time he wanted. This is Morcia, he is one clever and dangerous son of a bitch.

    And the Tanners district would be an oddly, strangely, safe place for children.

  30. MikeLinPA

    Are they gonna play pattycake?

  31. AxiomaticRanger

    No, I think they’re gonna play Twister, or maybe tag? Hide and seek? Oh, I know! They’re going to play “Pop Goes The Weasel”!

  32. ecclesiastes

    Let JED tell the story.
    Let JED tell the story.
    Let JED tell the story.
    JED Knows what he’s doing.
    Let JED tell the story.

    I keep telling myself. . .

  33. The Last Garou

    You know, I just had something click.
    Anyone else notice the ‘narrator’s box’ mentioned that this was a “small but strategic valley entrance?” And that she talked about how she “mus kill” anyone that wasn’t a friend to Lord Dell? Sounds like a good solution to the “Thermopylae Goat-path” problem. Which, now that I think about it, would also explain why the directions change regularly. That would make it much harder to sneak by the guard.

  34. tricksterson

    *Sigh* I know it’s your comic but do you think someday, just once, you could throw a bone to those of us who prefer breasts of the “small and perky” persuasion? Please?

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