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  1. Ganurath

    What a swell guy.

  2. Stellarwolf

    In the third panel, are the claw/fingers suppose to be showing like they are in the Urt’s chest?

    • When you are that big and strong, and your claws are that long, yes, your fingernails will go right through the tofu.

  3. Lora

    Well, what a nice guy. First he condems her to an eternity of solitude while she guards the entrance, then he’ll kill her when the door is open.

  4. jd.

    I cannot express how thoroughly I hate that guy (but kudos to JED for making me empathize for the wretched creature, maybe because her eyes in panel 4 somehow bring up Feeby and Mahd), and I should know – I have tried and failed for the past two pages.

    But what puzzles me most about these pages is how confident Kor Lachnis looks. Does he really know where he is going or is he making it up as he goes along? Because during his sleep, a lot of things must have changed. I know I would be all “wow, I didn’t remember that” and “hey, was this door open?”.

  5. Prairie Son

    I cannot wait for someone to shove this guy’s cranium through his sphincter, preferably while it’s still attached to his shoulders.

  6. EmmaC

    I hope someone is going to save her. Please.
    And in the same move, make this guy pay. I don’t care how: carebears, mylittle pony, unicorn pooping rainbow…. But I hope Kedora will know, if not witness, that he is down… or perhaps I wish her to be bless by a spell of forgetfullness and goes to live a peacefull life. But I know it is not always possible.

    • Too early in the bad guy’s plan for any of the good guys to know what he’s up to, which means he ain’t getting stopped anytime soon. Which also means that poor creature is unlikely to be saved either, unless Kor decides not to kill her.

      Which would be a rather cruel mercy, condemning that poor woman to more time in her present wretched state. Really, she’d be better off dead anyway, even if she were changed back her mind is likely to be utterly broken. Considering everything she’s been through, ending her life would be the best thing that could be done for her – her suffering would be over at last.

  7. calisto01

    Why is everyone convinced that Kedora was someone we should pity. If she was the type of person who could fall in love with an a$$hole like THIS guy, she probably doesn’t deserve much pity.

    Just my $.02

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