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  1. The Old Hack

    Ah. The Dark Side Yoda in action.

    While I love the new Star Wars movie, I still feel this pair is a good deal superior to Kylo Ren and Leader Snoke.

  2. vrwhammer

    as personal as the lose of an eye and being forced to debase your self before your deity. Hmmm I wonder if anything like that has happened to Gorshash.

  3. Freelance

    Would a woman who would humiliate him and stab out his eye count as personal?

  4. Karyl

    I still wonder if Gorshash thinks he might ultimately somehow get the drop on ultimate baddie–but of course, only after they square accounts with Zona and crew. I suspect he’s not going to get his wishes though. Very effective desert scene!

  5. jd.

    Ouch, sounds like Gorshash will suffer some more. He already lacks one eye, what’s next?

    I guess I can count myself lucky that I cannot imagine how he would serve someone he “hates so perfectly”.

    Off-topic, I have been looking for the answer to Mentl’s conundrum as to what song could take them back. A few months earlier, a coworker of mine quit and I tried to get other coworkers who play the guitar to play a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd for his departure (he has a predilection for Southern rock). The song I selected was “Sweet Home Alabama” for being rather simple and well-known by all (indeed, most present sung along with the chorus).

    Then it struck me:
    Sweet home Erogenia
    Where the girls have such boobs
    Sweet home Erogenia
    Lady, coming home to you!

    … C’m’on, Mentl, I know you play older songs but it’s worth at least a try, right?

  6. ghostwhitehorse

    Aaaaaaaaaand Darth Banes “Rule of Two” just popped to mind.

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