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  1. Lorialet

    Big Damn Hero moment for the win!

    • Prairie Son

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the bouncer guy from about two years ago?

      • Lebbrin

        Yes it is. Kevin is his name. ( I will not archive dive, I have to work… repeat until urge is gone) :D

  2. Shyster

    And is that a ghost in the first pannel?

    • Prairie Son

      No, just a mannequin being reflected in a very highly polished floor.

      • Umptyscope

        One of the posters on the wall, actually. Jean Harlow?

  3. 3Xp4t

    Kevin, from here:

    He seems to be both bouncer & bartender. Also, he seemed to have a bit of a spooky distraction about him at muscle beach. Beginning to think he is a bit more aware of some of these goings-on than we might have imagined.

    Foreshadowing, I believe:
    Yeahhh … you guys aren’t exactly from around here, are you?” And, then the way he took off. I recall there was some speculation that he had spotted danger at the time, which would have made him a bit more in touch with some of said magical goings-on thingies.

    • 3Xp4t

      Other great quote that could have been pretty funny in today’s installment: “Come on guys. Let’s not get caught up in a bad moment, OKay?” That would have been a completely boss entrance today, with a nice connection to his previous appearance.

    • hans

      Ah, thanks for the links. Seriously lost this one in the fog of time.

      Also very interesting that he hasn´t got a problem “holding hands” with a dude sporting glowy eyes and mark of evil on the forehead.

  4. Walter

    Ok does anyone else understand how the sword turned upside down then melted. Because the blade is where the hilt should be in the last picture.


      He dropped it, therefore it is falling….

    • khms

      Where on earth do you see a turned sword? All it does is move down. The blade isn’t even visible in the last picture.

  5. ICWT

    The sword didn’t flip. It burned the Deeping’s hand because he was unworthy. Given hs general level of intelligence, he is not going to his … buddy’s … nah … co-religionist’s … closer … teammate … not really … fellow asshole’s aid because he just spiked his foot to the floor.

    JED, great to see Kevin again, There’s a certain look to him, especially in this context. Could Vito have brought a few Erogenian orphans over a couple of decades ago to study the effects of raising them in a magically weak environment? No surprise they would grow up with +15 charisma, reflexes & strength. I recall he was much married, even though Erogenians are not monogamous for it’s own sake, they do make a distinction between committing to a relationship and not.

    • doctor zuber

      I have been suspecting Kevin is from Erogenia for some time now. From his build and appearance I actually am guessing he was originally from Lion Tribe. As for how and when he got to Earth I can only speculate. I somehow doubt Vito would have a hand in that particular mix up, at least not without a more compelling reason than a little research.

      Another possibility you might consider is the book itself. The thing has demonstrated self awareness, the ability to manipulate time, and a very intelligent if long viewed perspective on things.

      You might also consider the fact that he is not the only misplaced Erogenian we have seen on Earth. There was the carnival to consider as well. There is more going on here than meets the eye. How all the pieces fit together is still quite mysterious.

      • doctor zuber

        When I say consider the book itself, I suppose I should clarify that idea a bit more. Consider the possibility that the book brought Kevin here long ago in anticipation of this very moment. The book itself has demonstrated vast intelligence and the ability to manipulate time itself. As far as I am concerned that book is a god.

        So I find it entirely plausible that the book itself rather than Vito may have arranged for Kevin to be here today if for no other reason simply to give a tiny bit of help to Mentl who is clearly a key piece in the books strategy.

        I thought it was quite clear that it was the book itself acting when it gave Mentl the words necessary to come home, to find himself, but also to give him the time necessary to grow into his abilities. The fact that the demons are here as well giving him an outlet to test his abilities against is a bonus of sorts. More so it was clear to me that the book again acted to bring Zona and Tula here, and more to the point to bring them here now rather than 6 months ago when Mentl needed them here to help balance out the rage he has been feeling against the demons that have plagued him these many months.

  6. Hwyla

    Yeah! Kevin to the rescue! I just hope he has a little something that will help him out against 2 from the deep. Normal human strength isn’t going to cut it – atho’ perhaps a few ‘bouncer’ tricks o’ the trade might cover it? Where’s the popcorn?

  7. Sorry, I was at the state fair today. All I got are funnelcakes…but I got several dozen. Powdered sugar, anyone? (And yes, I have wheat-free funnel cakes, too, fried in their own vat!)

    • Prairie Son

      Damn. What do you have against my waistline?

  8. EmmaC

    Uh-oh…. a good ‘uhoh’. Kevin for the win! But I wonder if this guy wouldn’t know about Vito? Anyway, more and more mystery about Kevin… Anyone else noticed his necklace? Is it a crystal there?
    I hope/wish/supposed we will learn more about Kevin. And hope Nan will be alright….
    Love that the sword isnt’ letting anyone touching it.
    Thanks for the funnel cake Jean, I never tasted them before!

    • doctor zuber

      I suspect that time is now. Kevin stepping in to bail out one of Mentl’s friends is likely to result in another conversation, and the fact that he managed to not get himself killed in the process is likely to raise quite a few questions.

  9. Allen

    No that’s not Jean Harlow, its Marilyn Monroe from “Seven Year Itch”.

  10. Mish_Lady

    I also like how the arm breaks with a nice “crack” to it. We see the muscle behind the nice face (and manner) that helps him be a bouncer. I do like the idea of him being an Erogenian brought over to our plane of existence, although I’m not sure how that would have happened unless it was Vito. Perhaps something happened without Vito…or perhaps the Sun God that came to Zonn had something to do with it. We still haven’t seen or heard much about them, and Zonn sending over help for his daughter would be very nice, especially if he was given a hint by his deity that she would need the help on that plane in the near future.

    • ICWT

      Mish, back when the Earth was cooling and I was less Horizontally Challenged, I worked a summer as a bouncer. Although I only had to look big-and-imposing, I did get to observe one of the senior bouncers on a couple of occasions. The trick of that move is leverage. K has it, the Deeping’s pseudo-body doesn’t. End of story. The Feral Erogenian theory was just something I tossed out to account for Kevin’s charisma, luck & timing, build and looks. JED has not commented or disproved it one way or another.

      Like many of the Brethren & Sistren, I find the speculations and discussions the second best part of Living With Zona, even with JED’s sadism. I have a daily cycle of a about 50-70 comics, humor sites and blogs I autoload and NOTHING has a forum as lively & fun as this one (I have a Life, I just read at a ridiculous speed, I also follow fanfic updates for about 150 authors).

      • Hwyla

        We have also all questioned whether that crystal he wears is a ‘torc’ substitute when we saw him previously. While it is not impossible for a human to be wearing a torcs, they would be more unusual in daily wear on earth. Probably mostly found among medieval re-enactors. The crystal would be a much more likely thing for a regular guy in SoCal.

        I think the outcome of this fight should tell us more. Altho’ unless Kevin outright admits to being erogenian, the outcome might not tell us anything. Even if he wins the fight, it might only mean that as a bouncer, he knows the best ways to beat even really big guys.

  11. vrwhammer

    Could they be not so bright that they think that Keven is the mage. Because the message just got delivered.

    • Wolf

      Do we, the readers, have any reason to believe that he is not?
      1. He has never met Mentl.
      2. As others have pointed out, the sword may have sent out an all point bulletin that evil touched it.
      3. The baddies were threatening a friend of his, saying they had a message for “the enchanter who should not be”

      Even if we are sure it is Mentl, having never met Mentl there is a real chance that, if he is magically inclined, HE believes they mean him.

  12. Mish_Lady

    I agree, leverage as well ICWT. I had forgotten about that. One author actually has the main character make good use of a countertop and the fact that she is a woman work with her to make sure someone thought twice about hitting her. (Plus her training as a police officer helped.) I also had a thought-while Zona and Tula may have introduced Mentl to Fran, I wouldn’t put it past JED to have our friendly bouncer also be a mystic of some sort. I could see Kevin checking up on Fran on a regular basis (even if it is once every couple weeks) and it would explain having the “scent” of a magician. Although the sword might have been doing that as well.

    I also love this comment section. It allows me to keep up with all of the speculation and also know that it could be a treasure trove of ideas for JED. I’m sure that he has everything planned out nicely, but having us sound off on stuff or with our speculations makes for some interesting ideas. I know that as a writer, it helps having others in on a story line (even if it goes in a direction you don’t want it, as in forum role play).

    • vrwhammer

      all of the sudden I have to wonder, is it really a good idea to keep feeding JED new ideas?

      • 3Xp4t



        All in good taste and fun, of course! I’ve developed a great faith in JED. About 80% or so of the comics I follow, I can often guess reasonably close to what will happen based upon available information. JED is one of the ones where my batting average is closer to 0.150 or so. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        Please proceed, Good Sir! :-D

  13. Lleyn

    Hmmm, now I wonder if the sword sent the message. You know, because it was touched by evil, perhaps it sends a red alert or something to anyone in touch with their magical side? Ah well, guess I’m just imagining things, it might just be a protections spell of “hands off, you filthy evil monster, you!”

    And to add this to the ongoing speculation about Kevin: Didn’t Tula or Zona wonder if he might be Erogenian when they first met him? Or am I imagining things again?

  14. Jinx

    here’s a wild thought – did the Lion tribe disappear from Erogenia because they migrated to Los Angeles area?

    • Prairie Son

      No, they’re still on Erogenia. Among others in Zona’s warband from the Lion Tribe is her cousin Shealah.

  15. ICWT

    Hammer & Mish,

    I’ve been at this awhile, it takes ALL of us to try to stay even with the twisted mind of Monsieur Draft. Don’t even try to stay ahead of him. Just. Don’t. To quote from Niven & Pournelle’s Inferno: “We are in the hands of Infinite Power and Infinite Sadism”. NEVER challenge him, or you will suffer … To The Pain! Sit back and enjoy the Nantucket Sleigh Ride.

    Jinxy, The Lost Tribe is waiting for the big moment when Michael sings The Richie Havens arrangement of “Here Comes the Sun”

  16. jd.

    I for one would rather Kevin not be Erogenian. Because the one thing that does annoy me with the comic is that Sun Tribe Erogenians look so perfect while Kivalians look so stupid. JED is too smart not to give us exceptions, of course – Laemul, Tethik, Lenthik, take a bow, Yatta-Ta, you go too – but on the whole this point still stands. To my regret.

    I’ll readily believe that Kevin has something to do with supernatural occurrences. The way he vanishes (after looking away with a frown, with Vito showing up rather soon after that in Lionel’s body and fleeing said body looking like he’s in bad trouble — coincidence?) on Tula, the same Tula who cannot block out frigging radio waves, has to be supernatural, come to think of it.

    Also, while I agree with ICWT and Mish that breaking (or maybe just spraining) the goon’s arm does not take any particular strength, just making the right move from the right place, I cannot say the same about his tearing the guy’s hand away from Nan’s neck so easily. Assuming he wants to avoid hurting her, that sounds to me like a tough proposition.

    And maybe he has received the sword’s message. (By the way, Goon #2 has been carrying this sword for some time when we see him in panel 1, so either the sword’s enchantment is somewhat slow or it reacted not just to the touch, but to some other stimulus. Goon #2′s declaration of intent to use it while obviously attacking Nan might be most likely.) Or maybe he’s Nan’s guardian angel or something. (His first appearance was to defuse a situation around her, right?)

    All right, enough random thoughts for tonight.

  17. EmmaC

    I have to agree that this forum is part of the pleasure I have reading zona.
    Right now, I have my newborn baby on me, and while she is sleeping I come here taking some fun time.

    I wonder…. but it can’t be but… Kevin and Vito… could they be linked? Could Kevin be Vito…in the past?
    sorry, abit tired so… I will wait for Jed to give us an answer no one knows yet!

    • Shyster

      Actually I think Brother Laemul is more likely Vito in the past. They both have in depth knowledge of the mystical multiverse, and a black cat, but that might just be based on Jed’s cat P-Chan (if memory serves me correctly. I don’t think we’ve seen a non black house cat in the comic yet.)

    • 3Xp4t

      Interesting thought along those lines … Kevin might be Vito’s son ..? Or, failing that, Vito has strongly implied that he was not alone in being a ‘free lance’ wizard of sorts in our world. Kevin could be affiliated along those lines.

      As far as him being Erogenian (as suggested numerous times by now), I have grave doubts. Without writing a small book or putting too fine of a point on it, I just think it’s too simplistic & corny a plot device and too much of a deus ex machina for JED’s style in this tale. Kevin strikes me more as a Chekov’s Gun. I think we all sort of understood that (consciously or unconsciously) with his appearance & behavior at muscle beach.

      Now the question is: what sort of ammo is he loaded with? It’s beginning to look like a pretty substantial magnum calibre of some sort. As I suggested with Nan recently, I now suggest with Kevin: maybe this is the person/event that the Book is “waiting” for to unlock a necessary key it’s own agenda (or cha).

  18. ICWT

    Sorry E & E-ette, But Young Vito is many things, but not a clean-shaven redhead.

    JD (any relation?) good catch on the intent-based ward in your para#4. I think you are correct in your para#3. a wrist-grab without some sort of nerve-pinch should not be enough to open G1′s hand. If the grip was strong enough to crush a wrist-bone, maybe but I’m not sure that would trigger an open-the-fist reflex. Someone with deeper med-knowledge, please weigh in. Also it is important for us to remember the Deeping is not in an actual muscular human body but some sort of ichor-based homunculus, that mostly emulates a human body but from evidence has poor reflexes, aim and healing ability, how the idiots were even able to ride those Vikings and Harleys is beyond me. So maybe their nerves are wired wrong, but how would Kevin know that?

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