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  1. Freelance

    Impressive just how multilingual she is. I bet it helps encoding any of her journals/messages/otherwise important papers she doesn’t want other people to read without her permission.

    That said, do try not to kill yourself via overworking, Tula.

  2. Ted

    A lot of time has passed for her hair to grow this long. Compare, for instance: http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-764

    Personally that kind of hair growth would take me 3-6 months, I think. It’s been a while since I let it get that long. :P

    Also, my money is still on Tula and Mentl needing to read the book together, in alternating words or passages.

    • Shyster

      No, her hair is just looks longer because it isn’t in braids. I completely agree with you about needing Mentl’s help though.

      • Ed Brault

        Tula needs Mentl help? Is that covered by Obamacare?

  3. The Old Hack

    She even learned Danish. Poor Tula. I feel for her, what an awful language to have to pick up.

    • Lora

      Hey, don’t diss my language. ;) I wouldn’t call it awful, just hard to pronounce.

      • Knowing how many of Zona’s and Tula’s fans were from Denmark I could not possibly resist having Tula learn Danish and research the culture and mythology. :D

        • Lamont Cranston

          I am reminded of a joke. *ahem*

          If you start to learn a new language, you will get the following responses from native speakers:

          “Wow! You’re learning my language! Cool! Here are some resources! Do you wanna get together and practice?” – Spanish

          “Eet is about time.” – French

          “That’s going to be quite a challenge. You sure you’re up for it?” – German

          “Why would ANYONE want to do that?” – Danish

  4. 3Xp4t

    Awwww. Poor Zero.

    I hope Tula (or Mentl) has at least explained, at some point, just how Very Important this work is. But, even if, it would suck horribly to not be able to help out in any small way and just be locked out on the outside helplessly looking in.

    I’m disappointed that the best they seem to be able to do is Jack Daniels. There are so many other whiskeys out there that are a thousand times and more better. If Tula has a taste for whiskey, I would so love to have introduced her to something that represented a much better class of what Earth has to offer.

    And, BTW — Tula, in glasses. HNNNNNGG!!! :-P Not even a particular fetish of mine, but …. oh, my myyyy …… :shock:

    • Prairie Son

      I think she already drank the ‘better stuff’, and is now down to the Jack.

      • Salisria

        I think Mentl can afford to get more.

        • jd.

          So do I, but maybe he is trying to cut her down on the booze. Even Erogenian girls have their limits.

  5. Speedy

    Hair growth, Eye sight deterioration, and the invention of fusion cell laptops. I suspect a while has passed since last we saw them.

    (Personal pet hate: People not drawing power cables for computers etc.)

    • khms

      You can certainly use laptops while not plugged in.

      Desk lamps, on the other hand …

    • EmmaC

      well, the desk lamp might have its cable hidden behind the desk no? I know I do this with mine at home.

  6. Rob

    Wouldn’t ya know it – just when you need a pair of ruby slippers . . . But then they’d need two pair (one for Zona). Mentl? He’d get back on his own.
    Easy on the Jack Daniels, Tula. It tends to distort your perception. But then, maybe that’s just what she needs.

    • Prairie Son

      Silver slippers, not ruby. Although in this case what you really need is the Nome King’s Magic Belt.

      • Rob

        We’re talking two different stories, friend. Ruby slippers: Wizard of Oz. Now don’t forget to click your heels three times.

        • Prairie Son

          No, the slippers in The Wizard of Oz were silver. I’ve read it often enough to know.

          • Kris

            At this point I think the movie and the book are both big enough cultural icons that we can be cool with both shoe types. The silver are more warp tunnel walking magic and the ruby are plain teleport.

  7. EmmaC

    She looks terribly tired. I wonder like the rest of us how long has past since their arrival. And I wonder another thing. I felt like they weren’t aging quickly in their own world. Is it me (or her exhaustion) or is Tula looking aged? Not just the glasses, that is a nice touch btw, but the eyes, the whole… feeling of her. Or perhaps she has just brushed her eyes on now the liner and else are all smudges? I don’t know.
    Another thing, Zero and her seems to be in some kind of relationship… it is his pics on the phone when he’s calling.
    Also in the first and third panel she looks very much like her mother. is it ‘just’ because they’re made on the same model?
    I wonder where are Mentl and Zona… and what about Nan?

  8. vladd

    I think tula is just really tired and is feeling and showing the strain not just from overworking but also because of the “interferance signal or sound or energy wave she was picking up ealier in the story. we will know when we see zona and mental.

  9. James

    Relatively recently Brother Laemul had told her, “I know you’re used to being the smartest person in the room…”, yet she seems to have forgotten that. http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-579
    Especially since, just moments before he had told her, well, panel four of http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-578

    She needs to ask it nicely, and probably in conjunction with Mentl. In fact, my money’s on Mentl’s needed to ask the “book” please, with Tula in the supporting role.

    • Salisria

      Thinking back to what Brother Laemul was babbling when Tula found him back on page 577, I wonder if The Mock Turtle’s Song might be a clue and they need to dance all the way to France. Still, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Mentl and not Tula needs to be the one spending quality time with the book.

      • jd.

        Going to France? Now’s the time to address the question since it has been broached about Denmark, then: are many fans from that fair land? (Say what you will about the French, I may agree with some of it, but our land is still fair.)

        And yeah, I’d love to see Zona and Tula in my home country. (Of course, danish fans might demand their own share of Zona and Tula World Tour. Which sounds like a blast, now that I think of it.)

  10. Uhl

    T-Tula? You’ve changed. At first I was thinking, “what’s Ipola doing there?”. Tula’s been working herself way too hard. She’s aged. Plus the whole “electric ants” thing that she’s experiencing from being near modern tech can’t be helping.

  11. Phoebe

    I get the feeling that all this hard work is counter-productive… Maybe instead of diving into the computers and the internet she should get Mentl and Zona and the book and go out into the wilds, as far away from civilisation as possible, and see if they can work with the book then…

  12. EmmaC

    And she is looking for gods and godesses… is she looking for something about Shuach? Perhaps we are now after Nan attack and she is looking for a way to counter attack? or to protect her friends? I am wondering what would be the link between this studies and the book. Although I don’t know what all the other text are saying.

    And what about this whole thing about appartment renting?????

  13. Lora

    Tula, you don’t look well.

    Should we be more worried about the (empty) bottle of Jack Daniels, the fact she needs corrective eye wear (there have never been any hint at her needing it before), or how pale and worn out she looks?
    First panel I really thought I was looking at Ipola for a moment, but it clashed with the rest of the stuff in the frame.

  14. jd.

    Somehow I have a feeling that the breakthrough she needs will eventually be provided by Zero. When she finally gets around to relax and spend quality time with him, of course. (Now here’s hoping it won’t happen in the middle of sex.)

    • Salisria

      That’s a problem only if it interrupts the sex.

      • jd.

        Well, Tula strikes me as the type that might interrupt even sex in order to solve a riddle sooner. With every intent to make it up to her partner(s) once the deed is done, of course. Just a matter of priorities. Particularly when she obsesses so much over it. (And regretfully, it might well be that once she does solve the riddle, the solution takes her elsewhere and she no longer can fulfill her previous intention. Poor Zero. Hopefully he will be able to hitch a ride.)

  15. vrwhammer

    all work and no play

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