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  1. Tom Billings

    Well, …some sort of attraction, then.

  2. Calisto01

    If this is a guardian spirit, our super villain doesn’t look too worried about it.

  3. spacechampion

    Maybe she’s about to sing some Bowie.

    “Kh…Khh…Cha Cha Changes!”

  4. chaos

    So, is it just me, or is there some kinda relation between the two of them? they look kinda similar, same hair color, same height, and presumably she’s kinda powerful in her own right, given she’s still alive after however many centuries, and he was high muckety-muck, as I recall, so, thoughts?
    I’m going to laugh if they’re siblings or some such.

  5. Mish_Lady

    Based on the quote and the possible look a like features…my guess would either be sister, cousin, or daughter.

  6. Mish_Lady

    Possibly mother.

  7. SFCGator

    What/who ever she is, she’s drop dead (heheh) gorgeous. I do love JEB’s creation so much, once again thanks so much.

  8. Lebbrin

    Kh—Khhh—-Kor? Kor Lachnis? I think she recognizes him.

    • Prairie Son

      But is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

      *rubs hands and cackles at the possibilities*

  9. snarkfest

    look like fraternal twins to me…

  10. EmmaC

    I don’t know. I’m not sure if she’s afraid or happy…

    • Tom Billings

      ” I’m not sure if she’s afraid or happy…”

      I don’t think *She* is sure.

      Some previous relationship seems obvious.

      She’ll know what he was, and just how dedicated to Shuach he is, …willing to sacrifice *anything*, including her.

      She won’t know if she is looking at freedom or bondage. Still, if Kor Lachnis can bind her now, then why did he, or his predecessors, not do so before? Does she have a chance to escape? Is she even close to being ruthless enough to do what is needed to escape before he acts?

  11. wildejinx

    the second panel plus her stuttered kh- sound – … the look on his face, i couldn’t help myself – Khan! (even shouted it outloud) got some really funny looks, lol

  12. Calisto01

    The stutter makes me think whatever magic has kept her going or “working” or present as a guardian may be faulty or too old to be 100% effective. That may be why Kor lachis or whatever his last name is, doesn’t look so worried.

  13. Uhl

    She’s speaking in blue speech bubbles. That’s usually Moon Magic. Shuach’s magic usually stems from red speech bubbles, so her chanting Shuach spells in Moon Magic seems rather odd.

  14. Dethwarm Dover

    Wondering if Kh- Kh becomes KHILLLLLLL!!!

    • Reservist

      Khil? Like Eduard Khil? :-)

  15. Boomer Gonzales

    Last of the ancient Erogenians maybe?

  16. Raoullefere


    What else could it possibly be? :D

  17. hwyla

    If it turns out I was right about ex-wife when I was just kidding, I will be absolutely flabbergasted. I don’t really see any family resemblance outside of them both being blond. Different noses, eyes, mouth, chin. But I do wonder why ‘Kh’ not ‘Kor’. PLEASE don’t shift scenes without some more hints.

  18. hwyla

    I also note in surprise that she is not wearing a torc, yet she obviously speaks the same language as the erogenians – or at the least ‘sings’ the language.

    • Prairie Son

      Which could mean either that she wasn’t old enough to wear a torc, or back in Kor’s day torcs were reserved for men. My money would be on the latter.

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