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  1. Mikey_Likes_It

    Sigh … well, at least he got to tell his story. That’s more than most ‘abused ones’ get.

    Looks like Gramps is hoping he’s heard the truth. Love that last panel.

  2. Shyster

    But.. but if he’s dead he can’t get his bonus and we’ll never get to know what his mystery kink was! Yeh? And we gonna miss him, yeh.

    • Prairie Son

      JED was never going to reveal what his kink was. It was so much more fun to let us wonder. Much like how he’ll never explicitly detail the contents on Mentl’s boxers.

      • Shyster

        He’s already done that though. It’s very, very, VERY Zona sized.

  3. Descartes

    Sigh….at this rate everyone will be dead in the next 100 pages.

    • jd.

      “In the long run they are all dead.”

      (Not every day one gets to quote an economist on this site. Thanks, René.)

  4. 3Xp4t

    Dunno … that exchange in the first couple panels could still be open to either death or gruesome surgery. I’ll wait ’til the scene that confirms one way or the other beyond all ambiguity.

    I do note that they seem to still be making plans to continue to Dell. It’s a logical stopover since they’re so close, and there are also good reasons (supplies, news, etc.) to stop there without Morcai … but it’s not mandatory, either. They could just as well be making plans to go straight back to the Fox Tribe and skip on Dell and all possible Kivalian entanglements & other dangers.

    I’m kind’a more interested in the re-enforcement of the little tidbit of Tethik’s claim to the throne. I know full well that Thethik doesn’t want the crown. But. Still. His honor and sense of duty may yet checkmate him by the time all the story threads finish their weave.

  5. Hwyla

    I’m sad to see Morcai go. I was hoping Darvik knew some healing potions that would work.

    It does still make sense to continue to Dell. Even if they eventually go to the Fox Tribe, they could probably use some protection in getting there or at least some supplies.

  6. EmmaC

    … ok…
    Now we get to meet another member of the Dell family. Hope Kendrik is as honorable and wise as Tethik.
    I’m sad for our strange and weird assassin. And now worried for this family, I hope they will arrive with no troubles…
    Well, we can always hope.

    • Prairie Son

      Kendrik is the deceased former king (Yanora’s husband). Or I guess I should say ‘was’.

      • EmmaC

        oh damn, you’re right…. but now I’m confused. I suppose we still haven’t met Tethik nephew? or is Tethik the nephew of late Kendrik? Sorry, I think to go back and re-read (again…. yeah!).

        • JEDraft

          Kendrik was the king of Kivalia, married to Yanora, father of Gudik and Maldik. He is now dead.

          Count Tethik’s uncle is Duke Raenak of Dell. (whom you have never had named before, so you’re welcome, and pay attention!) Uncle Duke Raenak is master of Dell Keep and all of Dell and its vassals and considerable baronies. He’s a rich, powerful and royal sonofagun. Currently prince “Grand-dad” Darvik and his family are on their way to Dell Keep.

          Queen Kurya was queen of the Fox Tribe. She was quite elderly and somewhat cracked in the head. Everybody knew it, but nobody wanted to do anything about it in the “piping time of peace” that Ipola et al had ushered in 20 years ago.

          Darvik’s mother was Kurya’s mother’s younger sister Bulana. So Darvik and Kurya were first cousins.

          Darvik was an early outspoken critic of Kurya’s eccentricities, calling for her ouster. As a result he was sent into exile, along with his sister Emnua’s son Aglor and a bunch of others.

          Kurya has now croaked, and thousands breathe a sigh of relief.

          Aglor is now king of the Fox Tribe.

          Buncha names. I guess I have to put it all on a new reference page.

          Okay? :)

          • EmmaC

            Thank you JED! Sorry, I was a little bit lost… But don’t think that will stop me to reread the comic :p

  7. Lebbrin

    I don’t know. I’m with 3Xp4t. ‘It’ could be any number of things from He’s asleep to the arm’s safely off, to he’s gone. Much like Schrodinger’s cat, I, also am waiting for the scene that proves one way or the other.

  8. EmmaC

    Well, what push me towards the ‘it’ being Morcai dead is when Mora asks ‘Are we going to be alright?’ Of course, there’s the possibility that a crippled, barely healed Morcai will be of no help during the next few days…

    Ok, I’ll wait then to see where we go. BTW Jed, I love the sparks flying from the fire, it’s beautiful!

    • jd.

      Agreed again. (About the sparks.)

  9. 3Xp4t

    Welp. Since we’re still on a page with this particular collection of the cast, a couple things I am wondering about.

    JED has been so kind as to lay out some of the royal lineage for us here and, reading through that, it occurred to me that Tethik’s relationship to Morcai is somewhat interesting. On it’s face, someone in Tethik’s position (and of his obvious, substantial talents) would “of course” have contact with people such as Morcai.

    But, Tethik seems to have had more than a casual connection with Morcai. Knows a good bit about him and has quite some level of trust in (at least) his abilities. Makes me wonder if Morcai is some sort of bastard blood of the family, someone that Tethik may have known from a young age, perhaps even know a good bit of the sordid young life of Morcai, what made him what he is, perhaps even mentored him along in some ways.

    And, I only speak of Morcai in the present tense for convenience at the moment, not because I’m convinced one way or the other on his mortal state just yet.

    Another thing to speculate upon for the moment. As the Fox Tribe are such renowned healers, it occurs to me that (at least some of) Darviks disability may still be correctable. Perhaps not to the extent that he would be a top warrior, but at least be able to walk a good bit more. His current state of disability may be due more to his exile and lack of access to such healthcare than the failure of such magics.

    Of course, the age and severity of the injury could well place him beyond full recovery, but some therapy and remediation seems possible. Given what we’ve seen Ipola capable of doing.

    I find it interesting that we’ve not seen Darvik perform any actual magic. (Yet.) He may well not be capable, relying instead upon physical medical knowledge and practice. However, I’ve been wondering if he has just been hiding his power level for some reason. Given the revelations in JED’s comment above about the nature of his exile, any such reason(s) … IF such exist … may well no longer be necessary.

    • Lebbrin

      Well, now I have to dive back in to the archives. I remember the shaman in the war party that healed the Kivalian that Yatta-Ta fought, but he was from the Hawk tribe. And I remember talk that the Fox tribe were superior at tracking and traps (Or was that the Snake tribe because that’s where Fiz (sp?) is from? Damn). I can’t remember where it’s said they are master healers and there’s nothing on the Erogenia history page either. I’m not doubting, mind, just confused in my old age. ;) Well, I hadn’t planned on much today anyways, off I go…..

      • jd.

        “Fiz” is the right spelling for his name. This ( http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-497 ) is not the first appearance of his name (though I think this scene is his first appearance, starting here:http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-488 ), but it was the most recent I read in my last archive dive.

        As for Tethik’s reason for trusting Morcai, first, one does not survive as long as he has in his position at court without being able to evaluate people’s psychology, and second, he believes his willingness to pay Morcai his “special” bonus makes the latter quite loyal.

        Also, maybe Darvik’s disability has settled with time beyond care from Erogenian healers. Just a thought.

      • 3Xp4t

        Eh. I might have remembered that wrong, too. Once you raised the question, I couldn’t specifically put my finger on why I think that now. Dang. My age might be the issue here. Since my short archive dive yielded nothing, I’d appreciate any report back from you (or anyone else) on the topic. All I can contribute is that I thought I remembered one character commenting (Tula?) that Fox Tribe was known for healing. Seems I might have that mixed up …

        In my defense, the story is getting a bit complex. :oops:

        However, the general gist of that comment still has some validity: Darvik may now have greater access to some level of healing as an end-result of going back home. And, I agree that the age & severity of whatever caused his disability could well thwart that. One look at the scar on his cheek and it’s obvious that Erogenian healing is not necessarily 100%. Makes me curious now what magnificent scars Yatta-Ta now bears.

        • 3Xp4t

          Yep. Re-read the Erogenia link at the top of the page. Seems, as best as I can figure it, that I confused the magecraft of the Hawk Tribe with being healers and the Fox Tribe. Sorry about that.

          Still, given their proximity, it wouldn’t be a stretch to request an assist from the Hawk Tribe. But, taht’s cheating and reverse-engineering my original comment. :lol:

  10. Elihias

    Nope, sorry Jed. Not buying it till you show me a corpse :)

    Maybe a page with Gramps burying him?


  11. Mikey_Likes_It

    CoZ has dropped to 44 on TopWeb. It’s time to vote Chicago style folks… early and often.

    On your marks, get set, GO!

  12. jd.

    The thing that bothers me the most here is geography. I looked up the map of Erogenia nicely provided by our beloved storyteller, and it showws Normos to be along the river Fuln, pretty much slightly south from the center of the map (assuming north is above, south below and all that conventional stuff as I did not see any indication otherwise). Dell lies along the same river, quite further south. Meanwhile, Fox tribe territory is north from Normos, with Bull and Bear tribes in between.

    Which means that Tethik’s moving Darvik and family down south, inspired as it was at the time (Darvik being exiled, Dell Keep being as safe as one can hope in these times, and south being the last direction a Kivalian hunting party would look for Erogenians), turns out to make things puch more difficult for them now.

    If Tethik had taken them with him into Bull territory, where he went ( http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-301 ) right after hiring Morcai in Normos ( http://barbarianprincess.com/?comic=page-269 ), things might have been quite easier. He could still have hired Morcai to smuggle them (him included) along, but north this time.

    Which may be the main reason why Darvik did not answer “yes” to Mora’s question whether they were going to be all right.

    • 3Xp4t

      For the moment, I’m assuming that Tethik has other reasons for getting them to Dell. My strong suspicions would be that 1) the route to Dell was less obvious and thus safer 2) Thethik does, indeed, remember Darvik and so also do other people at Dell, so it is probably an enclave of people friendly and willing to pay old debts … leading to 3) known resources (to Tethik) at Dell would generally make it a much more secure bet to help this family out, no matter what they decide to do after reaching Dell.

      The knowledge of Kurya’s death may have come after too many plans were already in place, so keeping his word to see the family safe probably entailed sticking with the plan already in place rather than trying to change it or start from scratch at the last minute. For instance, Morcai probably would not have been a top choice to guide them back into Erogenian tribal territory and there probably was no time to arrange an alternate, more appropriate guide for such a mission change.

      Given Tethik’s knowledge and preparations, I think we can assume that Ipola (at the least, as well as the Bear Tribe) are well-aware of this little side story regarding a lost Fox Tribe prince. I will imagine that some sort of Erogenian presence will be waiting them at Dell, which could also serve other political and strategic interests at a friendly Kivalian stronghold.

    • 3Xp4t

      Dang. I hit Post before one other point: When Tethik headed for Bull (NOT BEAR) territory, he likely had to travel fast and unseen. In fact, we know he had to travel fast for numerous reasons. His own mission would have been severely compromised by attempting to travel with this family.

      Now we also know that the Archbishop was specifically marshaling resources to find such “valuable” hostages … North was not an option. To keep his word, the sure bet (such as could be under these circumstances) would have to have been Dell given the players and the crisis-level time constraints.

  13. vrwhammer

    Jed, sooner or later you will have to let the cat out of the box about what our favorite special affairs operative’s condition is, so come on give. Love the story

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