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  1. AdamZero

    Okay, so time wise this is happening maybe an hour after Nan’s attack. Maybe, Kevin’s clearly gotten Nan to hospital and she hasn’t passed yet….


  2. The Old Hack

    Broken neck is not good. But at least she is alive.

    If Epona can mend a broken back, maybe Mentl can heal a broken neck. We can hope.

    • Reservist

      If a broken neck means being alive, but tetraplegic, one might as well prefer death than 40 years, if not more, of being a total dead weight of some sort.
      Stephen Hawking? He’s an exception. And at some point, he was still able to walk and was still totally autonomous. Illness got him. Some tetraplegics like him managed, unexplainably by today’s medical standards, to gain back all of their abilities. But they are exceedingly rare.

      • The Old Hack

        My wife may not be Stephen Hawking but she has a good heart and a sharp brain. As far as I am concerned, that places her two functioning vital organs ahead of those who consider her a mere dead weight.

    • Jason

      My (then) 80-year-old great-aunt fell down the stairs and broke her neck. They said she wouldn’t pull through. Six months later she’s entertaining guests in an assisted living bungalow, able to move around fairly well with a zimmerframe.
      My concept of how bad a neck break is is perhaps skewed, since my reaction to that was, “she’s young, I’m sure she’ll be fine, right?” On the other hand, old ladies from the north of the UK just do not quit, so my great-aunt had an advantage Nan does not…

  3. 3Xp4t

    “Only mostly dead” is actually pretty great news at this point. But, clearly, it’s gonna take a miracle. Hopefully Mentl can provide the mojo and Tula can provide the guidance he’ll need to pull it off.

    As far as timeline, it seems it’s the same day, although the “today” depicted in today’s strip could still be a “day later.” Or so. Getting someone to the hospital with a broken neck and having gone through at least preliminary diagnosis and passing the info along … I’d say it really can’t be less than about 3-4 hours.

    One very interesting aspect is that Kevin is a bit of a positive wild card here. If they were to hook up with him “quickly,” he wouldn’t be surprised by magic. Better yet, he might even be a resource to help Tula out.

    Recall that he turned Tula down because he’s married. I’m hoping that we get to meet his wife. Sounds like it would have to be an interesting relationship, possibly Erogenian or Erogenian-like in nature; as in: are they on a Golden Path?90 (Bonus to me for being able to toss in a Dune reference ;-) ) I’m also beginning to suspect that Kevin might be (at least partially) the missing ‘key’ that Tula has been so desperately searching for, the ‘event’ that the Book is looking/waiting for.

    But, where’s Zero …?

    • Paddy

      I’d dispute that 3-4 hour minimum. A broken neck is going to get you a fast response, which means the paramedics turning up literally just minutes after you call. They’d slap a neck brace on and move her to hospital fast, getting her there, even with slow and careful driving to avoid further injury, in something like 15-25 minutes after the injury took place from an urban location like this.

      Not much trumps a cervical spinal injury (besides massive haemorrhage or total airway obstruction), so she’d be sent for immediate x-ray and possibly ct on arrival, and seen by the emergency docs ASAP. Giving a pretty definitive diagnosis from the imaging in an hour from the time of injury.

  4. Paddy

    This is looking increasingly like a coordinated attack on Mentl’s friends and contacts, to hurt him on a deep psychological level.

    Got to wonder about the safety of his other friends and family.

  5. Speedy

    A broken neck can be anything from dead, (Go through pockets for loose change) to “meh!, back to the game of footy”.

    I have heard of people having fractured vertebra in their neck and not knowing till the x-ray told them to “STOP FREAKING MOVING TILL WE GET THE NECK BRACE ON!!!!!!!!!”

    In any case, JED would never kill a favorite character… would he? (oh.. wait…)

    • Paddy

      Yep, absolutely. The vertebrae of the spinal column have two major roles – as structural support and as protection for the spinal cord (the major interface between your brain and most of your body). A fractured vertebra in the neck might compromise either, neither, or both of these. With severe compromise to the spinal cord in the mid-to-upper neck you can be dead in minutes due to paralysis of your diaphragm. And with only a minor fracture to a vertebra you might have zero neurological deficit.

      Nan would fall somewhere between these two cases, since (a) she’s alive and (b) she did not appear to be capable of motion immediately after the injury.

  6. EmmaC

    … You know I just hope Zero has just passed out somewhere from all the beer…
    And thank you JED, now at least I know about Nan…. But now I am worried about Zero…

  7. Matti

    I’d like to tell you about a web comic. It has two girls, sisters, who find out they have magical talents and their family tree isn’t what has been told to them. They go on journey to find truth about their heritage. And at least other sister gets to go to another world, Asgard.


  8. Hwyla

    I do rather wonder whether there will be any response to a knock on the door or does Mentl have a key to let himself in? At least if it appears that Zero isn’t home, they might try a call and be forewarned by the phone ringing without anyone to answer it? Because right now with her ams full of Tula, Zona won’t be of much use unless she drops her (unlikely).

  9. Me? I just like the way Zona’s butt looks in the last panel.

    Yes. The author and creator
    is a completely shallow dweep.

    “- And: LOVING IT!”
    M. Smart, C.A,#86

    • Freelance

      You say that as if admiring a well-shaped rear is something to be ashamed of.

  10. Mikey_Likes_It

    Taking things in order of importance: Nice to know that Nan is only ‘Mostly Dead’. So, now where is Billy Crystal with that chocolate coated miracle pill?

    As for Zona’s back end; yeah, looks great, but so does a Bengal Tiger. (Shiver!)

    I can already hear C.A,#99 with her famous one liner, “Oh, Max!”

    As an aside; CoZ is hovering around 30-33 on TopWeb, so until further notice, Chicago voting rules are in effect (early, often, rinse, repeat)

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