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  1. Marcus

    The Father’s Footsteps.

    We’re walking into some of the Classic Heroic Themes here folks. Buckle your pants (so they don’t fall down).

  2. Karyl

    Now that is one fine piece of music– but will singing it limit how much alcohol they can be served?? Love this whole interplay here.

  3. Ganurath

    So… might that mayhaps be a certain father in the background of the first panel?

    • JustMe

      Good spot, looks like the bartender and Mentl in the picture.

  4. oldarmourer

    ah, the fermented finery of a well deserved respite from their troubles…

    now it’s just the question of the proper libation…decisions, decisions…

    cause they’re ready….willing and able 😉

  5. Prairie Son

    Was that an intentional John Wayne reference, JED?

  6. Professor61771

    Prairie Son Just Beat me to it but that was CLEARLY a deliberate John Wayne reference from my favorite John Wayne ever with his two sons. 😀 😀 😀

  7. LocalYokel

    “Festor’s” Lager? “Heikoken” Beer?
    HAH! Cute legal dodge JED!

  8. Lora

    Of course. 🙂 There must be some of the past mingling with the future.

  9. Zrin

    I live in Nacogdoches

    • Erogenial

      I lived in Nacogdoches.

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